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FT Chapter 495

This week’s reaction…

The 10-year Anniversary cover:

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The overwhelming number of soldiers:

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Happy staying strong for Natsu:

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The team diving straight in:

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Some random soldier saying they can win:

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The team tearing it up:

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Wendy and Charles showing up:

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Everyone else coming to help:

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God Serena!corpse arriving and attacking:

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Pokemon Go! GajEvy:
I can really see the two being in their respective teams and being really competitive with each other about it!
Also I really want to see a fanfiction where they make a bet with each other over who can catch the most Pokemon so if you happen to write one please send it my way!

If you really want to you can repost this on other social media, edit it, or use it as a banner/profile picture etc. just give credit and tell me! (I like to know!)

. Between the Lines . 112

Mirajane was gentle as she settled the injured Kinana beside a sleeping Yukino, smoothing her hand over her friend’s cheek gently. Laxus watched from nearby, confused, and she explained quietly, “Long story short, Kinana is actually Cubellios and a good friend of Cobra’s, so he’s sort of shifted to our side.” She brushed her hands down her skirt, and then glanced up, tired. Her eyes scanned the Clock. “Lucy…”

Laxus placed a hand on her shoulder, his gaze sharp as he gave it a gentle squeeze. “She’ll be alright, Mira. I’m sure that idiot will get her out of there, even if she was absorbed into it. He has a way of getting what he wants and you know it.”

She sighed softly, patting his hand with gentle fingers. “Thank you,” she murmured, and then turned to the Thunder Legion with a fierce look. “Why don’t you three go and help them? We’ll be alright- Freed?”

There was a moment of complete silence as he glared at them.

And then Laxus was in front of her, lightning cackling as he destroyed a rune before it could even be completed. Bickslow jumped back, and Elfman grabbed his youngest sister out of the way to avoid being trapped.

Evergreen didn’t move fast enough and within seconds was reduced to screaming on the ground, writhing as pain like no other raced through her veins. Freed didn’t so much as flinch, only smirked and turned on Bickslow, who went to work on avoiding his blows with a bellowed, “What the hell is going on?!”

“It’s the Clock,” Mirajane breathed, horror filling her. “It’s power-”

“Bickslow,” Laxus said calmly, glancing over. “You and the others good to watch him and protect the ones that need it?”

“Yeah,” Bickslow called back, grinning wildly as he avoided another blow. “Go on, we got this, right, Ever?”

“Shut up,” she moaned, her body trembling with pain.

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