• Random arrogant guy: My girl is the fucking best I tell you, she cooks for me and it the hottest human being I ever seen.
  • Gajeel: *chuckles*
  • Guy: Oh? You think that's funny?! Do you have a girl?
  • Gray: Pipe your mouth, we all do.
  • Guy: Oh okay, well then tell me Mr. Fuzzhead, what makes yours so special.
  • Natsu: I start *clears throat* She is a spirit user mage, she has endured adventures with me even those far beyond her level at the beginning. She endured being kidnapped and beaten. She got a lot stronger though, I saw her summoning mini planets to attack people with and now she can use the spirit's power for herself while summoning them. She took care of me while I was unconscious and dying twice and she never ran away even when the situation looked bad.
  • Gray: *takes his shirt off* Mine is always by my side, she is the most loyal girl you ever meet. She has baked me cookies, cupcakes, cakes. She helped me ease my pain of losing my family by defeating a necromancer demon that used my father as a weapon. She stayed with me for 6 months and understood why I vanished for a secret mission. She even tried to sacrifice herself when the only option was "kill or be killed".
  • Gajeel: *eats a piece of iron and gulps it down* Even though I was a complete asshole at the beginning and I hurt her a lot. She accepted me in her life, she cares a lot for me. When I was nearly drowning she gave me air and when I fought alone she summoned iron for me to eat. She saw me nearly die in a vortex and wanted to jump in to save me. When we met again, Gihiii~, she kicked me and tackled me. She is a bookworm so she is probably one of the smarter ones you ever met.
  • Jellal: Nobody is tougher than mine. *Puts down his cup of tea* She had endured getting her eyes stabbed out and years of sadness because I was possessed and threw her away. When we met again she tried everything to help my memories back to normal. She even let me get arrested when I said that she should let me. It wasn't easy for her. What I heard, she got tortured and survived that. The guys are even scared of her because she is probably one of the most powerful girls out there.
  • Gray: Didn't she cut a meteor ones?
  • Jellal: Point proven.
  • Guy: ...
OMG Guys look!

I’m pretty satisfied with my ship in the spoilers *w* YAY for Gajevy! BUT LOOK WHAT I NOTICED! Look at Gajeels suit!!! 

Heres a zoom in

Gajeel has never worn this suit before in the manga or the anime, but I have seen this before from a very popular gajevy artist that I’m pretty sure all of you know as rboz (and I think Mashima is a fan to ;))

See! Look!!!

:D ahhhhh I think Mashima liked the outfit so much he added it to the final chapter X3 plus Levy being pregnant has made my year!

Hope they add more details in the anime!

One of my favorite things about fairy tail is the men’s collectively bizzar fashion sense.




The fuck are you wearing?

The fuck is this?

What is on your shoulder, Gajeel?  The fuck is that made of, feathers? From what?

Why is the armor only on your shins?

Why is your shirt only sleeves?

Are those pants really necessary? Or functional?

This whole outfit is a shit post.

Seriously, is this supposed to be a vest or a jacket?

Bickslow has two different versions of this shit

additionally, Bickslow has tattoos on both his face and tongue, which seems questionable and excessive, but I digress.

What era do you think this is, Freed?

Literally, no one questioned this as casual, everyday wear.

I mean, COME ON!

Then there’s Gray who can’t keep his shirt on, and Laxus who can’t put his arms in his damn sleeves, but this post seems long enough.


Gajeel, Levy and Lily from Chapter 544! They are finally reunited (this time for good, hehe)!!! ^^ Gajeel’s smile while he’s looking at Levy is amazing! Levy is so relieved and happy!  And Lily is so happy, too! Just look at his precious eyes! The three of them share such a beautiful hug, filled with joy and relief! Jet and Droy are also extremely cheerful, which once again shows how much their relationship with Gajeel has developed over time! The last panel with all of them in it is amazing! 

  • gajeel, to levy: lmao ur such a squirt, a small ass shrimp. should i put u in my pocket ??? can u even reach the table ???
  • -
  • person, to levy: om g ur so small ??
  • gajeel: u better back the fu ck up or get smacked the fuc k up . dont ever talk to levy like that
  • Wendy: Just because I am still young doesn't mean you can always come to me and talk about your problems.
  • Mirajane: Is that way you made Erza and Jellal hold hands. Pushed Levy into Gajeel's arms. Threw Juvia into the air so Gray could catch her and stole Natsu shirt so he would be half naked in Lucy's house?
  • Wendy: You don't understand how often they talk to me about how they don't know to start a relationship.

Gajeel, Levy and Lily from Chapter 537. ^^ Levy is so relieved that Makarov is alive and thus she is crying tears of joy. 


Kurogane and the Blue Fairy

So these are two of the amazing pics that we made with the talented Paul Sciò Photography

Iron Dragon Slayer and Solid Script mage in action~♡

Levy McGarden by Cinnamon Nya Cosplay
Gajeel Redfox by Cino Cosplay