Here’s a font dump from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam! Interestingly enough, there is a seemingly unused file within ROOT/Msg named “gaizi.bffnt” that boasts a considerable amount of Pictochat symbols and characters, as well as other assorted icons – even the Wii logo!
Please clickthrough for full resolution + transparency.

trusted sidekick: a gaizy fanmix

listen on 8tracks | cover art

“i want to hold your hand” | tv carpio
“when you were mine” | tegan and sara
“she keeps me warm” | mary lambert
“haitian love songs” | cocorosie
“anything for you” | ludo
“put your records on” | corinne bailey rae
“cicadas and gulls” | feist
“just like heaven” | the watson twins
“we’re going to be friends” | the white stripes
“surfer girl” | cocorosie
“sea of love” | cat power