this isn’t my apprentice but BOY HOWDY did i really want to use this template at least once 
my art crush on danarune grows with every passing day, this style was so fun to try and emulate ;; 

Gaizka Novalendra’s Vocal Range

Total Vocal Range : D2 - B5 - C#7

Supported Range : B2 - G4

Vocal Type : Lyric Baritone

The highest note is when I’m practicing Mariah Carey’s Emotions. The highest belt is when I’m trying to sing Born This Way/Express Yourself by Ariana Grande (it sounds not very pleasant, but note is note as long as you sing them). And the lowest note is when my teacher measures my vocal range. I’m not a very well trained singer, so…  

ps: i posted this is to get myself into the community. :)


365 days of FC Bayern München


Bayern Munich crowned Champions League winners for the fourth time in their history:

The Bavarians clinched the win over Valencia in San Siro - Milan on Wednesday May 23, 2001. This game was an all-penalty game in which Valencia took an early lead with a penalty from Gaizka Mendieta in the 3rd minute. A few moments later Bayern were awarded a penalty which Mehmet Scholl shot but it was saved by Valencia’s Goalkeeper Santiago Cañizares. On the 50th minute however Bayern managed to equalize with yet another penalty shot by Captain Stefan Effenberg. The result remained 1-1 all through the normal and extra time of the game which led in the end to penalties.

The Bavarians won 5-4 when Oliver Kahn managed to save the last decisive penalty kick



This happened just yesterday (mila esker 7ilargitxoro7-ri!!). This man talking is Gaizka Garitano, Eibar football team’s coach during the press conference after the match against Almería in this same town (Andalusia).

A Basque journalist asks Mr Garitano about his impressions on the match in Euskara, and the coach starts answering in this language. But then another (non-Basque) journalist begins to mutter complaining about he can’t understand a word while the coach is speaking.
The Almeria team’s press responsible asks for silence and respect, explaining that after the ones in Basque Mr Garitano would answer every other question in Spanish, as usual. The Basque coach restarts his answer and the journalist restarts his complaints:
- Eibar coach: Is anything wrong?
- Journalist: Yes, that as you can see, we don’t get a thing.
- Press responsible: Come on, gentlemen. We’ve been in First Division for 6 years and when Barça came, we always did a question in Catalan and another one in Spanish. I don’t know why you’re doing all these gestures

Neither do we. But this is unacceptable. Well done, Gaizka Garitano, and kudos to that press responsible for calling a spade a spade: this is A LACK OF RESPECT.

UPDATE: ABC, a national newspaper, covers the story - quite incorrectly, because he didn’t answer two questions in Basque, he tried to answer just one and couldn’t - and finishes the article with this lovely sentence that has everything to do with sports: “Several times Garitano has publicly advocated for the independence of the Basque Country”. Because an article about anything Basque is never complete without a politic nuance. Independence = Euskera = Bad. EUSKERA IS A CO-OFFICIAL LANGUAGE. STOP STIGMATIZING IT.

FRANCE, Audon : President of the Bird Protection league (LPO) Allain Bougrain-Dubourg (L) is evacuated by inhabitants after clashing with the owner ® of a plot where bird traps were found during an action against finch poaching, on November 9, 2015 in Audon, south western France. AFP PHOTO / GAIZKA IROZ                        

FRANCE, Urrugne : A man surfs the Belharra giant waves some two kilometers off the coast of the French basque country town of Urrugne on January 7, 2014. Thanks to certain climatic conditions in autumn and winter, a strong swell hits the Belharra Perdun underwater spur enabling a 10 to 15 metre wave to form. This wave, Europe’s only giant wave, is only surfed by experts who are towed out by a water scooter. AFP PHOTO / GAIZKA IROZ