His heart jumped as he saw Phoibe in the Sorrows adorned outfit. He always like people from tribes but even more if they wear their tribe outfits. He tries to smile but the smile ends up weird so he tries to say a compliment “I will say it right out. You look lovely in your tribe outfit. The colors really fits you”

//omg so cute /)^3^(\ 

(Lusy needs a child? Or Boyd? Or somehow Silus?)

(Boyd because its just hilarious that two people from different factions which literally hate each other get a child)

He grins at Boyd “Marvelous isn’t it? What do you think our chefs will when they found out, that we” He points Boyd and himself “Got a child" 

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Name : Hunter

Favourite method of murder : Boom! Headshot

Murder weapon : Anti-material rifle

Do you know how to hide a body? : Yes [] No [x]

Cannibal? (In case I should save you some leftovers) : Yes [] No [x]

Do you think I’m crazy? : Yes [x] (In a good way) No [] Not crazy enough []

Will you betray me? : No man

Tell me a bit about yourself : Great-fucking-Khan.  Good with rifles ifyaknowwhatimean

You and me hunter against the profligates. Sound like a good deal