gaius's face

@vallite-queen AND I CANT GET ENOUGH OF STAHL so heres a blush meme ft. precious cinnamon roll domestic boyfrienD AAHHH


in honour of fe14 coming out soon, out-of-context awakening bros! Bc although i am super hype for the game i’m not as hype for the characters yet haha, tbh I’m worried they’ll be reduced to single quirks again

henry’s the hippest hoppest mafia boss yall ever did see, stahl’s a university student, gaius is an idle teen, donnel’s horsing around as usual. lonqu’s doing his potato thing and libra’s the friendly neighbour who likes to come over and cook for u

Protect him

(I know nothing about this character except for the fact that anocurry adores him so he must be protected)


So based-on-fiction and I are happy to say that the second printing of Dark Wings Digest has come in and is now available for purchase online through our etsy! The second run has fixed a few printing errors from the first (gaius’ face in the centerfold doesn’t have the white line down the middle anymore) and overall looks great! So if you were interested in buying a copy but missed your chance at Aseliacon, weren’t able to come/ won’t be at relatively small cons in the midwest over the summer, or just know someone that would like a copy you can pick one up at our etsy here! 

We ordered more copies this time around but supplies are still limited and it’s generally up in the air on when we can get more printed, so keep that in mind!

Our etsy also has all of our normal con merchandise on it! 

Once again thank you to everyone that bought a copy at aseliacon!