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I know I’m a Hellenic blog,,, but I’m reading Adrian Goldsworthy’s Augustus for my Classical Civilisations A Level class, and this popped up while talking about the surprise of some foreign ambassadors to Augustus when they met him for the first time.

This is the thought that occurred; wonderfully presented by Ed, from Latin Camp, who needs credit for this amazing work.

Augustus of the Sensitive Skin.

Also in honour of his death, which occurred this day in 14AD.


“in her heart of hearts she knew it had always been to octavian that she owed allegiance. their power over each other and their mutual affection had in it a bond of blood and of destiny of two people fated to build and guard the accidental greatness that had fallen to their house through the alliance of caesar.” 

beatrice chanler, cleopatra’s daughter: the queen of mauretania

crocodile au

Things you should know about the Crocodile AU, written by @tibgracchus (to whom belong most ideas, including the very existence of this au) and me. 

  • It’s inspired by totally real crocodiles named Cassius and Brutus.
  • So, Cassius and Brutus are crocodiles, other characters may or may not be crocodiles.
  • They fake the fight for territory (aka urban praetorship) so that Caesar wouldn’t suspect them of cooperation.
  • How does a crocodile get elected? Well, perhaps their right to be elected is secured by Caesar’s reforms: Egyptian influence, you know. Or Caesar just appoints crocodiles to magistracies like caligula w that horse.
  • It is unsure how a crocodile wears a toga, but a crocodile can definitely wear a flower crown.
  • portia like brutus tell me what’s going on!!! but brutus can’t talk bcs he’s a crocodile

Yet I insisted, yet you answer’d not,
But, with an angry wafture of your tail,
Gave sign for me to leave you

Imagine. Please.

  • Sebek is Roman religion now.
  • In case if Cleopatra is also a crocodile: *cicero voice from beyond the grave* mark “crocodilefucker” antony is a danger to the republic, and more importantly, a furry,
  • Octavian is a tiny lizard all those crocodiles can’t take seriously.
  • Aaaand Philippi poster by @tibgracchus:

I coloured a bust of Augustus, trying to follow Suetonius’ descriptions:

“He had clear, bright eyes […]” (I’ve also read they were steely, grayish blue)

“[…] his hair was slightly curly and inclining to golden; his eyebrows met” (I was not ready for the unibrow and for that I am sorry; it’s the only characteristic I deliberately ignored)

“It is said that his body was covered with spots […]" 

Inspired by that great Cleopatra post (of which I don’t have a link handy, sorry, I’d be thankful if someone could give it to me!). I’ve always wanted to do this!