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TV Meme : Pilot (1/1)

Battlestar Galactica

Are they the lucky ones? That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? We’re a long way from home. We’ve jumped way beyond the Red Line into uncharted space. Limited supplies. Limited fuel. No allies. And now no hope! Maybe it would have been better for us to have died quickly back on the colonies with our families instead of dying out here slowly in the emptiness of dark space. Where shall we go? What shall we do? “Life here began out there”. Those are the first words of the sacred scrolls. And they were told to us by the Lords of Kobol many countless centuries ago. And they made it perfectly clear that we are not alone in this universe.”

fangirl challenge - [6/10] tv shows → battlestar galactica

It won’t be an easy journey. It will be long and arduous. But I promise you one thing. On the memory of those lying here before you, we shall find it. And Earth will become our new home. So say we all!


Baltar/Six gifs: 302, Precipice (deleted scene)

I don’t think you understand the very real peril this city is in. At the end of the day, the Cylons are machines. Despite all the layered psychology, the emotional complexity built into their programming, they are only machines at heart. The contradictory impulses, the cheap sentimentality that clog up human decision-making are not meant for the Cylon. They calculate where we gamble, and they analyze where we only hope and trust. Their hearts only reason, while ours only feel. Once their careful, deductive calculus informs them that the costs of maintaining this occupation heavily outweigh the benefits, then they’re gonna make a very logical, very rational decision, and they will terminate this experiment – swiftly, certainly, and without pity.

Leon x Reader: Proper

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“And what are you boys up to?” You asked as you strode up to the training grounds.  You sat on the railing next to Merlin as your brother turned to you with a smile.

“Good morning, Y/N,” Arthur said before turning back to his opponent, Elyan in this case.  “What are you up to this morning?” He grunted as he blocked Elyan’s blows.

“Nothing, actually.”  You replied.  You watched as your brother knocked Elyan to the ground the same time Leon knocked Percival down.   Arthur helped Elyan up and walked over to you.  He snapped his fingers at Merlin, and pointed to his armour.  Merlin sighed, hopped down from the fence, and began helping Arthur remove his armour. 

“Gwen and I were planning on going for a ride this afternoon.  You’re welcome to join us,”

“That sounds wonderful, if you don’t mind me coming along.”

“Of course not,” Your brother assured you.  “Let’s meet back here in an hour, alright?” You nodded, and he and Merlin returned to the castle.  Elyan, Percival, and Gwaine all went with him, until it was only you and your friend since childhood.

“And how have you been Leon?”  He smiled.

“I’ve been well, Your Highness,” The title saddened you.  He seemed to notice.  “Are you alright?”

“Why don’t you call me Y/N anymore?”  He sighed and looked down.

“Because you deserve more respect than that,” He told you.

“We used to be so close though.  What happened?” 

“I…It’s just…” He sighed again.  “It’s not proper.”

“Proper?” You scoffed.  “Since when do we care about proper?  Aren’t you the boy that pranked the cook with me?”

“Well yes, but—”

“Didn’t you and I hide in the library to read at night?”

“Y/N, what’s your poi—”

“My point is you didn’t always use to be like this!  Are you saying,” You swallowed.  “Are you saying you don’t want to be friends anymore?”

“What?  Y/N, how could you—”

“Because it seems to me like you don’t care anymore.”  He stiffened, and you knew immediately that you’d struck a nerve.  “Leon, I didn’t mean—”

“You think I don’t care?” You didn’t answer and he scoffed.  “Fine.”  He bowed. “Your Highness.”  You felt like you’d been struck.  He turned and stalked away, not sparing you a second glance.  You stared after him sadly.  You knew it was too much to hope he’d like you too.  It was obvious.  With a sad sigh, you stood on the lower fence rung to hop down.  Unfortunately, you didn’t notice the patch of mud below your feet.  Before you knew what was happening, you were flying back and your head connected with something hard.  Everything went black.

When you woke, you were in a bed.  Gaius was mixing something at his table, but turned around when he heard you groan.  He smiled.  “Glad to have you join us, Your Highness.”

“What happened?” You asked softly.

“You slipped on some mud and took a nasty fall.  You hit your head on the railing.  You’re lucky Leon was with you.  He ran all the way here.”

“How long have I been sleeping?”  He looked away from you.  “Gaius?”

“About six hours.”  You blanched.  “Don’t worry, everything’s fine.  You actually have quite a few visitors, if you’d like to see them.  Though I’m afraid I can only allow one at a time.”  You nodded and Gaius stepped outside.  You could hear some chatter, and then Arthur burst into the room.  He sat down in the chair next to your cot.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”  You assured him.  “I’m sorry about your ride.”

“That’s what you’re worried about?” He laughed softly.  “Oh, Y/N, what are we going to do with you?”  You shrugged and left.  He smiled at you, before slowly pulling a bouquet from behind his back.  “From Gwen.  She’s busy now, but she said she’d visit later.”  You smiled.

“Tell her they’re beautiful and thank her for me,” He nodded.  Gaius came in.

“Sorry, Your Highness, but the others want to see her too and  they’re staging a mutiny out there.”  Arthur laughed and stood up.

“Fine, fine,” He put the flowers on the bedside table.  “I’ll visit you tomorrow.”  He left, and then Gwaine came in.  He joked around and gave you a bowl of apples.  Next was Percival, who acted like a complete mother hen and kept asking if you needed anything.  Merlin gave you a card he’d made, and Elyan offered you a second bouquet.

And then Leon came in.  But he didn’t approach your bed.  He hung by the door, looking unsure of himself.  “I’m not contagious, Leon.”  You told him.  He laughed humourlessly before slowly approaching.  He sat down, but said nothing.  You decided to take the plunge.  “I’m sorry, Leon.”  His head snapped up and he stared at you incredulously.

“You’re sorry?”  You nodded and avoided his gaze.  “Y/N, you have nothing to be sorry about!”

“No I do.  I totally crossed the line.  I know you care, and I shouldn’t have  said that to you.”

“Do you want to know why I stopped called calling you Y/N?” You nodded.

“Only if you want to.”

“I stopped calling you Y/N because I couldn’t go on like that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I couldn’t go on being your friend, knowing,” He took a deep breath.  “Knowing that it could never turn into more.”  You sucked in a breath.  “I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you’d react like this,” He stood up.  “I’ll leave you alone now,”  He stood up, but you grabbed his wrist before he could go.  He stared down at you, cautious hope in his eyes.  You pulled, and he slowly sat down.

“Do you want to know why I got upset?”  He nodded.  “I got upset because I thought you didn’t want to be with me anymore.  I thought you stopped caring about me.”

“How could you ever think that?” He asked softly.  You looked away and felt embarrassed tears sting your eyes.  You turned your head, but he gently cupped your cheek and turned you to him.  “Y/N, I care about you more than you can possibly believe.   I never want to leave you.”  His voice became softer.  “Y/N, I love you.  I was coming back to apologize, but you were on the ground.  You weren’t moving; I thought—I thought,” He took a breath.  “My heart stopped.”  You watched him sympathetically.  He leaned down and pressed his forehead to yours.  “I’m so glad you’re alright.” 

Without thinking, you craned your neck and brushed your lips against his softly.  He stiffened, before jerking back.  You looked down sadly. “I’m sorry.”   You said.  He didn’t answer.  Instead, he leaned forward and kissed you more firmly.  Your eyes fluttered shut and your hand cupped his cheek.  When you pulled back, you smiled at him.  He smiled back softly.  “I love you too.”

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