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The Claudius Pulcher Siblings Ranked By How Good I Think They Are At Math

1. Appius Claudius Pulcher (cos. 54)

2. Clodia Metelli

3. Claudia Tertia (Marcii)

4. Claudia Luculli

5. Publius Clodius Pulcher

6. Gaius Claudius Pulcher

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Okay, the historical make me choose/talk about meme: Choose between Quintus Sertorius and Gaius Marius. Talk about 6, 15 and 19. Additionally: How did you get into the whole sexy Sulla thing? I mean there isn't as much content about him as about let's say Caesar. (But there should be.)

Choose between Quintus Sertorius and Gaius Marius.

gonna say marius here, because I just don’t know enough about sertorius, but also I just fundamentally admire marius. he was a novus homo, but won seven consulships completely through his own merit. he was undoubtedly a brilliant military leader, and a wily politician. he knew how to game the system. sure, he had his dodgy moments (*coughs* 88), but all in all I do admire him

6. A historical figure you think is underrated

answered this before but there’s so many people, so let’s go with…….. hmmm melania the younger. awesome 4th century woman, rich as heck, who converted to christianity and just gave away practically all her property (and she had a ton, just swathes all over northern africa and everything) and freed 8000 slaves at once, and went to live an ascetic, celibate life with her husband. what a ledge

15. A historical headcanon you have

not so much a headcanon as a CONSPIRACY THEORY (in the making), but at the end of 87, l cornelius sulla was at the height of his popularity. he had distinguished himself and his name in the social war. he had won the grass crown, the highest military honour. he had been governor of cilicia. he was the best candidate to fight the war against mithridates, and he was elected senior consul. he had the most votes, the greatest popularity, among the first centuries of the comitia centuriata

I also have no doubt that, if marius had desired that command, he would have stood for election too in 87. and yet, he failed to win the consulship - not just the senior consulship, but at all. he did not have the popular support.

why then, could marius pluck that command off him so easily? how did this surge of popular support come about? it must be something to do with the concilium plebis - but how? the comitia centuriata would have contained patricians, unlike the concilium plebis, but there would be in no way enough patricians to boost sulla to a majority if he was unpopular among the plebs. 

what did sulla do between his election and marius ripping his command off him? as it seems, nothing too controversial. he did divorce cloelia to marry metella, but no one even knows anything about cloelia and, since she was “sterile”, he seemed to be perfectly justified. there were stirrings, but marrying into the metelli would have politically secured him either way. not a viable reason, anyway, to strip a consul of his rightful command

just how powerful, then was sulpicius? how could he so thoroughly convince the people to do a 180, and unprecedentedly execute such a manoeuvre. which wells did he tap? did he appeal to the italians, and the italian question? or did he work on the romans alone? where were those who had voted for sulla? who had voted him in, anyway? how did this piece of legislation ever pass?

19.  Historical dinner party (who would you invite, who would you seat next to each other, what would you talk about- GO)

I answered this before with three combos, but let’s do combo 4: andrew wallace-hadrill and a bunch of completely random, unknown 1st century italian townspeople. let them just talk about anything and everything. after their meal, andrew thanks me with tears in his kindly eyes. ‘it was an honour to talk to them, I have learnt so much,’ he says. ‘and also, that was the best food I’ve ever et

How did you get into the whole sexy Sulla thing? I mean there isn’t as much content about him as about let’s say Caesar. (But there should be.)

I’m going to respond to the last part first and say ugh, yeah, I know right? I feel like the more roman history I do the more I dislike caesar. he’s so overrated, he’s a bit boring, I don’t like him as a person, and I don’t really care either way for anything he espoused. I’m glad he was stabbed, but also not because that’s the only reason why we won’t ever shut the fuck up about him, as a society

how did I get into sexy sulla? more like how do I get sexy sulla into me amirite

it started, as most things in my life do, with me taking a meme and going way too far. it’s colleen mccullough’s fault, anyway, her sulla is amazing and complex and I was like ‘what is this, sexy sulla?’ and then going ‘wow, I never realised he was this interesting and complex?’ and then falling deeper and deeper down the uh rabbit hole :/

encountering sulla outside of mccullough’s series has also made me more aware of this sort of duality imbued in him… I love mccullough’s sulla, but she does tend to (as most of the ancient literature does) filter him through the lens of the proscriptions, and I fundamentally disagree with that. on the other hand, reading keaveney’s sulla is a bit of a mixed bag, because I feel that his sulla is just way too nice and somewhat passive. I don’t think he’s “in between” exactly, I don’t think he’s super nice, and I don’t think he’s just like a “sexy-but-complex villain” character. 

I think, instead, that there is a great duality to his character. he can be wonderful, jesting, warm, loving, clever. he can be, simultaneously, vengeful, proud, bitter, cold-blooded, selfish. he is a complex man. he is human. to say he is more on one side than the other does him great discredit, in my opinion

Tales of Xillia Timeline

NOTE: A couple of entries need to be updated.

This is a timeline of the history of the world of Tales of Xillia, up until the beginning of the first game.

There are three versions of this timeline; one you can read in this post, and two that can be viewed in a spreadsheet - one using the localized terms, like the version written here, and another using the original terms for those who are more familiar with the Japanese version or dislike the localization’s policies when it comes to name adaptations.

  • Spreadsheets: [links taken down for revision]


  1. This timeline is spoiler-free when it comes to Tales of Xillia 2, so if you have only played the first game, you can read this without fear. There are, however, spoilers for all of Xillia 1.
  2. Trames is the name of the Rieze Maxian calendar and Primia is the name of the Elympion calendar. If you are reading this on Tumblr, hover above the Trames date to see its Primia counterpart.
  3. Sources: Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia Official World Guidance Book, Tales of Xillia Perfect Guide, Tales of Xillia Fan’s Bible, Alvin Chronicles. More details in the spreadsheets.
  4. All of the credits&reposting rules apply!

Many thanks to bleakdaydream and renachan82 for proofreading, and to everyone else who has helped me in this endeavour, readily answering questions and providing advice when needed. And reminding me to sleep. You know who you are ;-)

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Idk if you've answered this already or not, but what are the heights of the main characters? (Magnus, Jonus, Cleo, Lucia, Lysandra, Felix, and Gaius)

Hmm, this is a question I can handle, I think.

Magnus: 6′1″

Gaius: 6′1″

Jonas: 5′10″

Lucia: 5′7″

Felix: 6′0″

Cleo: 5′2″

Edit: Forgot Lysandra! She’d be around 5′6″