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Rules: List your 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order) and then tag 10 people.

i was tagged by @genderbinaryisforlosers ty!!

1 Hau from Pokemon
2 Tom from Star Vs the Forces of Evil
3 Rarity from My Little Pony
4 Airman from Megaman
5 Gaius from Fire Emblem
6 Toriel from Undertale
7 Waluigi from Mario
8 Zim from Invader Zim
9 Elliot from Mr Robot
10 Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter

idk if Lucas counts since hes me so I’ll put me as a footnote

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Rules: list 10 favorite characters from any medium (books, movies, video games, etc…) and tag 10 people 

How dare you make me chose only ten

No particular order because I’d literally never be able to pick an order

1. Jesse McCree (Overwatch)

2. Xander (Fire Emblem Fates)

3. Niles (Fire Emblem Fates)

4. Lon'qu (Fire Emblem Awakening)

5 Genji Shimada (Overwatch)

6. Gaius (Fire Emblem Awakening)

7. Ryoma (Fire Emblem Fates)

8. Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening)

9. Lavi (D. Gray Man)

10. Hanzo Shimada (Overwatch) 

These are mostly all Fire Emblem but honestly what did you expect

Anyways, I’ll be tagging @bubblybikerides @ultraleafeon @fluffyemblem @arghenthia and anyone else who wants to do it! 

anonymous asked:

Idk if you've answered this already or not, but what are the heights of the main characters? (Magnus, Jonus, Cleo, Lucia, Lysandra, Felix, and Gaius)

Hmm, this is a question I can handle, I think.

Magnus: 6′1″

Gaius: 6′1″

Jonas: 5′10″

Lucia: 5′7″

Felix: 6′0″

Cleo: 5′2″

Edit: Forgot Lysandra! She’d be around 5′6″

Tales of Xillia Timeline

NOTE: A couple of entries need to be updated.

This is a timeline of the history of the world of Tales of Xillia, up until the beginning of the first game.

There are three versions of this timeline; one you can read in this post, and two that can be viewed in a spreadsheet - one using the localized terms, like the version written here, and another using the original terms for those who are more familiar with the Japanese version or dislike the localization’s policies when it comes to name adaptations.

  • Spreadsheets: [links taken down for revision]


  1. This timeline is spoiler-free when it comes to Tales of Xillia 2, so if you have only played the first game, you can read this without fear. There are, however, spoilers for all of Xillia 1.
  2. Trames is the name of the Rieze Maxian calendar and Primia is the name of the Elympion calendar. If you are reading this on Tumblr, hover above the Trames date to see its Primia counterpart.
  3. Sources: Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia Official World Guidance Book, Tales of Xillia Perfect Guide, Tales of Xillia Fan’s Bible, Alvin Chronicles. More details in the spreadsheets.
  4. All of the credits&reposting rules apply!

Many thanks to bleakdaydream and renachan82 for proofreading, and to everyone else who has helped me in this endeavour, readily answering questions and providing advice when needed. And reminding me to sleep. You know who you are ;-)

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