Gaius and Anna: S Support


Anna: Gaius? Gaius!

Gaius: Hm? Oh, hey Red.

Anna: Gaius! I wanted to te- is something wrong? You seem down. 

Gaius: Just got some things on my mind.

Anna: Penny for your thoughts?

Gaius: Pfft, like you’d part ways with a penny to save your life.

Anna: H-hey! I mean, you’re right but you didn’t have to say it.

Gaius: I’m just teasing, Anna. What’s really on my mind is…you.

Anna: Me? This should be good.

Gaius: I want to try my hand at robbing your store again. 

Anna: Oh? Why is that? 

Gaius: Honestly? I miss your company. You’re witty and crafty. and cunning to shame a thief. Literally. 

Anna: Oooh, I like hearing you praise me, please continue.

Gaius: Oh hush. I jus-

Anna: You know, we can just spend time together like normal people. You don’t have to rob me.

Gaius: Oh..uh…yeah, we could. I do enjoy a good chase though. But, I wouldn’t mind spending some time with you in a cafe or…um…

Anna: It’s not like you to be so tongue-tied, Carrot Top. But I think I know what you’re trying to say. On the count of 3, let’s both say what we’re thinking, okay?

Gaius: Deal.

Both: 1…2…3!

Gaius: I wanna marry you!

Anna: *smiling*

Gaius: H-hey! You tricked me! You were supposed to sa-

Anna: Ahahaha! Sorry, couldn’t resist! 

Gaius: Ugh…

Anna: You’re awfully cute when you’re flustered Gaius. 

Gaius: …Cute enough to marry?

Anna: You know what? You just might be. I love you Gaius. You’re handsome and crafty and fun-loving! Just my type!

Gaius: I….love you too. Well, that went better than expec-

Anna: This does mean you can’t rob my…our store anymore though.

Gaius: Fiiiiine. 

Anna: But that doesn’t matter! You’ve already proven you’re the best thief in the world! After all…

Gaius: Please don’t.

Anna: You’ve stolen my heart!

Gaius, blushing: Ugh. I love you Anna.


The fellowship of Tim Burton’s Merlin
And the commission for @deathcomeswithakiss
Tim Burton’s Merlin