Need Couch - DC Metro Area (Gaithersburg/Rockville/Bethesda)

Urgent: 27 year old transgender woman and 25 year old husband seeking somewhere to stay in the area temporarily. For the past year we have barely been managing to live paycheck to paycheck. We are about to be evicted (either Monday 5/23/2016 or Friday 5/27/2016) because of a brief stint of unemployment and our landlord taking the opportunity to increase rent by more than 20%. 

My hubby is starting a new job in Bethesda today; I am self-employed as a graphic designer/consultant at the moment. We don’t have any money in the bank, but we should have a steady stream of income within 2 weeks. If anyone can help in any capacity, whether it be a couch for a night or two or a room for rent, please let me know ASAP.

If you can help at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me (e-mail, call, or text is fine!). Love you all <3.



everybody in the DC/MD should use $10 to buy the January-February edition of “Best of Bethesda” (Bethesda magazine). on pages 102-108 is the latest Aiden article. I just read it now, and although it (very surprisingly) didn’t bring me to tears, it’s a pretty good article. 

the only issue is that it’s missing SO MUCH and a few of the facts are askew. 

either way. it’s the fact that they’re still writing about him that is incredible and should be supported.

anyone in the gaithersburg/silver spring/rockville/bethesda/poolesville area willing to take in a mom cat and/or her kids?

my bus driver found them living in the sewers, her job destroyed the shelters she left for them and told her shes not allowed to feed them anymore

id take them in myself but i dont think my dad would like the idea of getting more cats in this tiny home. id rather find a home for them than leave them starving in the cold snow

Yummy Confection: Lilly Magilly's Cup Cakery

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I’ve been a fan of Georgetown cupcakes for a while, mostly because they’re a great stop on my day trips down M Street and because I love the cute fondant and the inventive flavors. Up until now, Georgetown Cupcake trumped them all, then came Lilly Magilly’s Cup Cakery. It’s a smaller selection in a quaint, cute little bakery in Gaithersburg so I never expected to find the moistest chocolate raspberry cupcake I’ve ever had. Held in an upside down Solo cup (the play on the word ‘cupcake’ wasn’t lost on me) with the trademark Lilly Magilly logo was a moist, delectable chocolate cake that had the perfect amount of sweetness topped with a simple fresh raspberry and yummy raspberry icing. While my sister indulged in a snicker doodle cupcake that was more for anyone with a real sweet tooth, I took my dear, sweet time tasting each of the simply delicious flavors that my new favorite DC Metro Area cup cakery put together in one little treat. The combination of chocolate and raspberry melted together in my mouth so harmoniously with a flavor jolt that shot through my veins unlike any other sugar high I’ve experienced. I have one word to describe Lilly Magilly’s Cup Cakery - Yum!

Cupcakes are $2.75 each, which seems to be becoming the standard price for these mini cakes these days.

Lilly Magilly’s Cup Cakery
220 Boardwalk Place
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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