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Fix You (2/?)

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She laid down in her bed, eyes closed yet not asleep. She’d slept fitfully all night, unable to be brought under for long. She rolled over the cool sheets to look at her phone. It lit up and she reflexively screwed her eyes shut. “Fuck!” She said as she scrambled to turn the brightness down. When her eyes adjusted, she noted the time. Five minutes until her alarm. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” She said, hitting her head down against her pillow in between her frustrated screeches.

Oh well. She lazily and reluctantly rolled over and stumbled into her bathroom. After she had relieved herself, she washed her hands and took in her appearance in the mirror. Her hair had a crease in it leftover from yesterday’s ponytail. She fussed with it, carding her fingers through it, brushing it out, tousling it hopelessly. It didn’t make a difference. Back into the high pony it went. She shrugged to herself apathetically. Brushing her teeth and dabbing on the bare minimum in makeup to cover her dark circles, she reappraised herself. Satisfied with the result, she dressed in black scrubs and tied her stupidly ugly nursing shoes.

She made it to the morning huddle with five minutes to spare. She took a big gulp of her hospital coffee and listened to an endless stream of announcements. “Remember guys, we really need to be lifting safely. Use a gait belt and a buddy if necessary. This saves your back and keeps our patients safe! Let’s make it through the rest of September without any patient falls!” Her friend, Mary Margaret, said as she brought the meeting to a close. It was Mary Margaret’s first shift as a charge nurse thanks to her newly acquired bachelors degree.

As the team dispersed, Emma sought out the nurse who would be handing off patients to her. After setting her coffee down at her desk, she made her way over to a tall blonde in light blue scrubs who was restocking the extra large gloves outside his patient rooms. “Hey David! How’d it go last night?” She asked politely.

“It went alright. Thanks for asking Em.” He smiled. “I’m assuming you have my patients?”

“Yep. So was it a peaceful night?” She inquired a little too hopefully.

“I wish I could tell you that. Of course Ted was on his call light all night long. If it wasn’t the temperature of the room, it was the volume of the TV. He even asked me to find his mints from his bedside drawer.” He shook his head incredulously. “The guy will complain about literally anything.”

“Oh” Emma laughed. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m honestly relieved to hear that. I thought he only did that to me, because you know, I thought he was a pervy old man.”

“Well that may still be…maybe I’m his type too. We are both beautiful blondes.” He raised his eyebrows and laughed deeply. “Okay, so other than that, everything was actually pretty quiet. Mr. Jones didn’t get much sleep. He was in a lot of pain, of course. And I had to change his IV site last night, he reported a burning, itching sensation. It was in the basilic, I moved it AC.” He took a deep breath. “When Dr. Whale rounds, you really should encourage him to order a psych consult. He had a few night terror episodes.” Emma’s heart clenched in her chest. She schooled her face to be neutral and nodded solemnly.

“Sure, I’ll recommend Dr. Hopper. He specializes in PTSD.” Emma nodded. “Thanks Dave.”

He returned her nod. “You’re welcome” he said to her with a smile, although if she had to guess, she’d say he was looking behind her toward Mary Margaret at the charge desk. Their dalliance was not exactly the biggest secret in the hospital. And gossip travels fast between bored nurses.

“Go ahead. She’ll be up to go yell at pharmacy for bringing the wrong meds any minute now” She nudged him gently. He looked like he might argue for a second then thought better of it, running off to the raven haired beauty’s desk.

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Kylux, hospital AU

12 - Hospital au

Being charge nurse meant a lot of responsibility that he was capable of, but not that he necessarily wanted. Before as an assistant he just had to worry about shit on his gloves. Now he made sure everyone did their jobs and would rush around when something outside of the assistants scope was presented.

He thinks honestly, the worst part about it is when Kylo lands himself a two week visit to the hospital, and he’s not allowed to see him. Even being the charge nurse, the assistants will go above him to get help if Kylo has an infection or needs a patch up for a forming ulcer.

It’s nerve-racking in the least and at the most downright insulting. Even when he packs a lunch for both of them and tries to take a break in Kylo’s room, the assistants bar him from entering and even mention that Kylo is on mechanical soft and thickened liquids because he’s been having trouble swallowing.

So he eats the two sandwiches and salads alone, goes back to his station and grumpily helps until his shift is officially over.

Then he goes home, doesn’t bother to eat, peels off the scrubs, showers and lays down in the bed that is too big for just him.

The next day they’re ambulating Kylo. One nurse has her hands tucked steadily against him in a gait belt, and the other is coming up behind him with the wheelchair.

Kylo is walking pretty unsteadily, and he notices a large gash on his face (he heard they had trouble keeping infection out of it at first), and he read on the report that Kylo had suffered severe burns and lacerations, and that’s probably why he’s walking so stiffly with a grimace on his face.

Hux lowers his eyes, knowing they won’t let him interact with Kylo. Besides just seeming him up and walking is relief enough. He files paperwork, and when he comes back, Kylo is right in front of his desk.

“Well, ladies, I think I might need to sit down, this man is taking my breath away.”

He must have been waiting to say that, because his whole body is shivering from exertion, and there’s more than a sigh of relief when he gets to sit down. When he’s sitting contently and the assistant had taken off the gait belt, his eyes snap open to look at Hux. “The doc said I get to go home Wednesday if I’m good.”

“Oh?” Wednesday is still three days away, but it’s two earlier than originally thought.

“Yes. So you better make sure the bed is ready for me,” Kylo says, winking. The assistants giggle while Hux rolls his eyes. Only Kylo would think about sex when he can barely walk.