One of my favorite paragraphs I have ever written.

Adam’s town was small, so it did not take him long at all to walk the distance from his house to the boats’ resting place. Adam gazed up for a moment. It was a gray day. Not the kind of of gray the depresses, but that elicits some sort of inherent apathy that can only be coaxed out by a shade such as Gainsboro or similar, strikingly dull colors that don’t deserve the chance to be held aloft above the clouds.

(This is a paragraph from the story)

Town research links

Mostly related specifically to Barbour county which is kinda the focus for my fictional location area. 


Farm photo blog

Church/community website

Barbour county Wikipedia page,_West_Virginia

Some possible names:

Leigh Falls

Jarvis Creak

Fort Bridge

Charles Creek


Ashby Falls 

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