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hey tiny headcanon time: Jesse was definitely pushing 220 in muscle at the time he left o.verwatch for good. a poor diet combined with an awful infection as a result of the injury that took his arm has dropped him to 180, and at his worst point, 165. he’s sitting at 190 currently, slowly gaining back muscle mass he’s lost in his wandering years.

Shepard, upon realizing that nobody knows they’re alive yet at the beginning of me2, takes advantage of their temporary anonymity and promptly goes to Omega to go on a week-long bender

Nine Odd Tricks to Maximize Your Weight Gain

Hello gainers of all shapes and sizes. Today’s post is about tricks you can use to maximize your weight gain. From lighting to subliminal messaging to your plate size and color, I’m going to teach you how to trick yourself into getting fat. This post makes references to psychological, chemical, biological and historical studies, all impacting weight gain, and makes it easy to digest. Let’s get right into it!

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Guys I’m crying. The picture on the left was from my wedding day. I know it doesn’t look like it in the picture but I was overweight and hated my body. My grandma’s friend had to alter the dress just so it would fit me. It’s a size 8. On the right is today. I got married July 11, 2015. (I’m already divorced 😂😑) I was really curious how much progress I had made since my weight hasn’t changed much, but my body has. I’m slimmer and more toned. I’ve gained muscle mass along with losing the body fat. I can’t believe I did this. And I’m not stopping. Stay strong lovelies. 😘❤️

Hannah Höch (November 1, 1889 – May 31, 1978) was a German Dada artist. She is best known for her work of the Weimar period, when she was one of the originators of photomontage.

Höch was a pioneer of the art form that became known as photomontage. Many of her pieces sardonically critique the mass culture beauty industry at the time gaining significant momentum in mass media through the rise of fashion and advertising photography. Many of her political works from the Dada period equated women’s liberation with social and political revolution.[9] In particular, her photomontages often critically addressed the Weimar New Woman, collating images from contemporary magazines.[10] Her works from 1926 to 1935 often depicted same sex couples, and women were once again a central theme in her work from 1963 to 1973. Höch also made strong statements on racial discrimination. Her most famous piece is Schnitt mit dem Küchenmesser DADA durch die letzte weimarer Bierbauchkulturepoche Deutschlands (“Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany”), a critique of Weimar Germany in 1919. This piece combines images from newspapers of the time mixed and re-created to make a new statement about life and art in the Dada movement.


Vera Shepard | Headcanon Meme - ♥ family headcanon requested by @zabka-zee & @mssticha


  • Colonists on Mindoir - Russian Earth Ancestry 


  • Alive. Born April 11, 2154, on Mindoir. Commander of the Normandy, 1st Human Spectre 


  • Father. Killed in 2170 Slaver Raid on Mindoir. Agricultural Scientist


  • Mother. Killed in 2170 Slaver Raid on Mindoir. Hidden criminal history as a former Element Zero smuggler, secretly sent to Mindoir for Eezo dust-cropping tests on colony human subjects. Responsible for daughter’s biotic abilities. 


  • Brother. Whereabouts after 2170 Slaver Raid unknown, presumed deceased. 
Ryden material: a timeline
  • 2005-2007: the Ryden Industrial Era, business is booming, material is manufactured at alarmingly rapid rates
  • 2008-2009: ryden economy crumbles until dramatically coming to a halt, even the dead whisper of it
  • 2010-2014: tumbleweeds pass where the factories used to produce. material is scarce…the people are hungry and cold…..children pray to the sun……he never answers back….
  • 2015: the Ryden Renaissance, the masses gain strength steadily, we the people are alive

A.M. cold measurement, empty stomach.

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