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Me VS Overeating

I eat when I’m bored, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m stressed…I eat whenever there is food within my reach. One bite turns into a frenzy that I cannot will myself to stop. I wish I could say this problem has gotten better over time, but to this day I struggle with it.

Going out to eat can be so bad. I go in telling myself that I am going to pack half of the ginormous portion away for the next day, but next thing I know I’ve shoveled the entire meal into my mouth and somehow found something extra to eat. Next thing I know, I’m over 1,000 calories deep into the one meal and my idea that the day has been ruined has entered my mind. 

With this mindset hatched in my mind, the rest of the day is pretty much just a frenzy of eating whatever food I can get my hands on. Calories don’t count when you’ve already ruined the day, right?

Chips, cookies, muffins, pasta, anything that I would not normally eat in surplus. Anything that I consider even slightly unhealthy. I eat as if I will never eat those foods again, even though I know I will. 

I think to myself that if I eat all of these foods when I’ve already been bad, maybe I won’t want them so much when I’m trying to eat completely healthy. If I eat ice cream and waffles with a side of pickles and fries maybe, just maybe, I won’t want those foods anymore. But let’s face it, that’s simply not true. I love those foods, and I’m always going to love those foods. And there’s nothing wrong with that in the slightest. 

What’s funny though, is that if I eat healthy for an entire day I don’t have this urge to eat everything in sight. If I start off my day with a healthy breakfast, I’m often really dedicated to keeping the day healthy. 

I am, in most cases, really horrible with self control. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and there’s no getting it back until the next day when I can start fresh and new. This is a major issue for me, and something I truly need to work on. 



Okay so I thought I was rocking my Nirvana T-shirt this morning and was going to post this selfie earlier, but then I bought my textbooks and pulled out my ID. It was then I realized how far ive come in my weight loss agenda.

One year ago this January, I began my first semester at my college. I took my photo ID (left). I immediately got it back, and hated it. This photo made me want to change my life. I was once 160 lbs. In the left photo, I was 290lbs.

One year later, and I have gone from a 2XL (3XL for comfort) in both shirts and pants to wearing a large, and once again taking selfies (right).

I still have a long way to go, but Im proud that Ive made it this far. I can sport 36 skinny jeans, and a large shirt, and Im slowly getting my confidence back.

If I can do it, you can do it. I believe in whoever wants to get healthier but gives up too soon. Dont give up, you can do it!

It’s so strange to look back at the summer before coming to college…my life has changed so much since. I can honestly say I did not partake in the freshman 15 and have loved living where I have constant support from friends, a gym membership, and healthy food readily available to me. It’s been a long road, but I’m sure glad I took it.

Push, pull, legs workout

So here’s the scenario, your pushed for time this week and need to hit every muscle in the body..HARD!

Push, pull, legs is a very simple yet extremely effective 3 day split. Push workouts include chest, shoulders & triceps, pull back & biceps and legs quads, hamstrings & glutes.

The reason this is such an effective way of training is the way in which it focuses on multi joint compound lifts, which in turn hits multiple muscle groups. It’s back to basics with the excersises and there’s only four excersises per workout, so you can perfect your form and focus on progression in repage and weight on the bar.

This is the way I like to execute the plan however you can adjust the intensity accordingly. For guys trying to pile on some good quality muscle try these rep ranges, for women trying to tone up maybe lower the weight and increase the repage. Have a play about with it and see what works best for you.

Pull workout (Monday)

Barbell deadlifts - 5x 5 reps
Barbell rows - 5x 10 reps
Wide grip pullups - 5x to failure
Barbell curls - 5x 12 reps

Push workout (Wednesday)

Barbell bench press - 5x 5 reps
Barbell incline bench press - 5x 10 reps
Barbell military press - 5x 12 reps
Dips - 5x to failure

Legs workout (Friday)

Barbell back sqauts - 5x 5 reps
Barbell front sqauts - 5x 12 reps
Barbell straight legged deadlifts - 5x 10 reps
Barbell walking lunges -5x 12 reps (each leg)

So go on give it a try! Follow thefitnessvault for workouts, nutrition, training tips, motivation and more for men and women


We all know ThanksGiving and Christmas is a Time of Love and FEASTING on Delicious Tasty Foods But theres always the Inevitable weight Gain.

 How Can we stop it? Do you just accept it? Well No worries Today I give yall some SUPER EASY tips how to Keep The Fat off 

while still having some Solid Fun times with the Family and loved ones.

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