EDIT: We’ve got places secured for all of them but our elderly cat, Sam. He is disabled and can’t jump on or climb furniture, but otherwise is able to function like a normal cat.

Hey, everyone–sorry my blog has been dead for a while now. (I swear it’s not because I’m dead.) I’ve had to quiet down because life’s giving me trouble, but now things have become a Real Emergency–no one I know personally can help, so this is me ringing all the alarm bells.

My dad and I are being evicted. We have to vacate the house tomorrow. (Today being 09/18/15.) We don’t have a home to go to, but we do have friends to stay with. Our five rescue cats don’t, and living out of a sedan with five cats sounds hellish, for both cats and humans.

We are in Miami, Florida, and will be going up to Orlando/Ocala. If you live anywhere near those areas, or anywhere in between, please please please consider taking one of my cats in temporarily–for a few weeks, at the very longest. When we come back for the cat we will give you $5 per day for their room/board.

Two of them are kittens around a year old, two are adults (6 years), and one is an older cat, maybe 10 or so. The younger ones are all female. The older cat is disabled because his previous owner let him go outside and get hit by a car, and he can’t run or jump, but he can still get around and use the litter box. All of them get on with other cats, but only the oldest has ever seen dogs/kids much. I don’t think the others would have a problem, they are very nice cats, but it would be a new one on them. They are all indoor cats, and a couple of them you probably couldn’t get outdoors.

If you can help, for the love of God don’t message me on Tumblr, I’ll probably never see it. You can call/text me at 786-897-3148 or email at redmarshall93@gmail.com

If you can’t help, please reblog–I really, really need someone to help me.

American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)

You can really see the nictitating membrane (third eyelid) of this gator. The nictitating membrane is not perfectly clear, but the gator can see through it enough to swim without bumping into things. 

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, FL

hi here’s another donation post lol. sometime last night someone stole my bike. This is probably the worst thing that could happen to me right now. My bike is my only reliable mode of transportation. I can take buses but I’m really, REALLY worried about catching buses early enough for my opening shifts at work. I am not in school right now and literally work to survive/live. Aside from just needing transportation, biking is basically my only luxury in my life rn as a poor cr*zy woman and I do it every single day. I just spent $80 two weeks ago on a bike post, seat, and a lock system after someone stole them while I was in a coffee shop. I CANNOT afford a new bike and I desperately need help. This is extremely miserable. I don’t have any pictures but this is the model http://www.diamondback.com/bikes-womens-city-womens-serene-classic in light green. I have a water bottle holder attached and my u-lock locked on. If you live in GAINESVILLE please keep an eye out. I would be grateful for any donations, my paypal is shoshannamiller@aim.com. If I do end up finding the bike (i’m contacting UPD, pawn shops, posting in fb bike groups, as soon as I get off work) any donations will go to my living expenses which i also cannot afford. thank you to the people who have already helped me in past posts, it means a lot


The scene where Danny Rolling aka The Gainesville Ripper killed his first two victims in 1990. He hid out in those woods I took a photo of and entered the stairs in the back of Apt. 113 in The Williamsburg Village Apartments. He went on to kill 3 more students in the area. I had the sickest feeling in my stomach being so close to where two girls were raped, tied up and stabbed to death. Displayed for photos he took, one victims head removed and placed on a mantle. There are still people living in the apartment complex, I hear that particular apartment is now used for a model, for showing the layout to potential buyers.