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Trying to become comfortable without wigs and full face makeup. I feel like I look younger and my smile looks fake. My locs make my head look rounder and I’ve gained some weight but I don’t feel as ugly as I used to so that’s a step. I’m not happy with the way I look and I’m not happy with my life at all but I don’t want to give up anymore. This has been a rough ass year for me but I want to vibrate higher. I want to find happiness. I want to be free..

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Fic: Squish

Summary: Dan gains some weight, but it doesn’t change how Phil sees him.
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3K
Tags: Body Image, Weight Gain, Getting Together, Blow Jobs, Self-Esteem Issues, Hurt/Comfort
Trigger Warnings: Weight-related stuff and body image issues


It had already been going on for a while the first time Phil mentioned it, but Dan had been avoiding the conversation as best he could. The shame was just too much.

It was a Wednesday, and he’d gone shopping, but had brusquely dismissed Phil’s offer to come with him before running out the door and locking it quickly behind him. When he returned, he’d found Phil sitting on the sofa in the lounge with a serious expression on his face.

Dan, shopping bags in his hands, faced his friend and asked testily, “What?”

Phil sighed and brushed a hand along his fringe, tucking a bit behind his ear as was his nervous habit. “Could I talk to you for a minute?”

Dan looked away, then nodded reluctantly. How could he refuse Phil? “Let me put these bags in my room and I’ll be right back.”

In his room, he stiffened his spine, knowing what was coming. Phil was finally going to bring it up. Dan was dreading the conversation, but he’d known it would come eventually.

He went back out into the lounge and sat on the sofa, his jeans binding his waist painfully. Well, he’d be able to fix that as soon as they’d gotten this over with.

Phil didn’t hesitate, looking very concerned. “Dan, I know something’s wrong. You haven’t been acting like yourself and you’re just looking … unhappy. I’m worried the pills aren’t working anymore.”

Dan flinched. “Oh, they’re working. Believe me, they’re working plenty.” It had been a month since Dan’s doctor had recommended he give anti-depressants a try. He’d just been having a particularly hard time lately, and the pills had seemed to help. He was thinking about death less often, spending less time lying face down in the hallway feeling hollowed out and empty. But … the side-effects.

Phil was watching him, obviously concerned. “Then what’s going on? You always like me to come with you when you go shopping, but today you really blew me off when I asked.”

Dan gritted his teeth. Here we go. “I was going out to buy new jeans, okay?” he snapped. “Because these ones are too small now. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that I’ve gotten fat!” The doctor had cautioned him that the medication might cause him to gain weight, but he hadn’t taken the warning seriously. What were a few pounds? He was no slave to society’s beauty standards! So he’d been surprised at how much it bothered him when it happened.

Phil looked taken aback. “You’ve gained weight?”

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All Sweaty

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Pairing: Dean x plus sized!Reader, Sam x friend!plus sized!Reader
Word count: 1,102
Warnings: Swearing, low self-esteem

Part 2 of Fat and Beautiful

“Why can’t you be both?” He asked you. “Just because you’ve gained some weight doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. Who says you can’t be fat and beautiful? Fat isn’t a bad word, Y/N. Not at all.”

You wrapped your arms around him. “Maybe. It’ll take more than just that to feel okay, though. I think I’m going to move back in my old room for a few days. I can’t take sleeping next to him in next to nothing and him not touching me.”

Sam nodded. “Anything you need, sweetheart.”

You cried yourself to sleep in Sam’s arms, and he made sure you were really out before slipping from your arms. After he covered you up, he went to find his brother. He couldn’t stand to see you hurting, and he knew that Dean wasn’t doing this on purpose. Running his hand through his hair, he quietly shut the door. His shirt had a wet spot on it, but he didn’t care about that right now.

Sam found Dean in the library, feet up on the table, leaning back in his chair. The laptop was open on his lap, but from where Sam was, he couldn’t see what his brother was watching. Dean spotted Sam from over the back and shut the top, putting his feet down. “So?” He asked, looking worried.

Sitting, Sam shook his head. “She feels like shit, Dean.” He told him honestly. “Says she doesn’t think you’re attracted to her anymore.” Dean stared at him, confused. “I’m not gonna sit here and tell you word for word what she said, I’m not gonna tell you to go wake her up, but I will tell you that it’s bad enough that she’s moving out of your room for a few days.”

“What?” Dean felt like he was punched in the gut. “Why?”

“Why don’t you let her talk to you?” Sam suggested. “Or maybe think about how you’ve made her feel unattractive.” He added before getting up to get himself a cup of coffee, leaving Dean to think things over.

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Papyrus x Overweight!Fem! Reader Headcannons:

-He will not call “it” the f-word. “Fluff” “lovely handels” “cuddle material” the list goes on.

-It fascinates him. His all bones, and while they are amazing for combat, they aren’t as snuggable as your wonderful squishiness. His constantly trying to wrap his arms around you, in public or private, so best prepare yourself.

-He will (force) ask Sans to “fix” the scales in the bathroom. Instead of numbers, it will read “your pretty!” “Your made of 100% cutie material!” “Wowie! Your awesome!” And other such uplifting phrases.

-That, t h i n g called “diet food” mysteriously disappears whenever you bring it home. Followed by plates of homemade spaghetti taking there place.


Hey guys sorry I’ve been offline for so long! My moms been sick and I’ve been working three jobs to support two households. I’m going through a lot and I’ve gained some weight but I feel good about these selfies and I’m back to blogging. Thanks for all the support!

updated feysand fic

“Feyre, were you listening? Now, Ianthe has arranged for the wedding dress to be altered as you seem to have gained some weight while under that bat’s curse.” Tamlin was pacing the vast ballroom as his servants dressed the walls with garlands of spring flowers. The wedding was to continue, but this time inside, within Tamlin’s protection wards doubled so that no-one could possibly interrupt it a second time around.

“Okay Tam,” I responded. My mind was far away, however, in a particular dream city. Velaris, the court of dreams. The one place that I felt completely at ease. But I could not go back, not until my mission was completed. I owed that to Rhys and the others. I played with the frills on the edge of the lounge I was on.

Rhys, I’m bored.

I know Feyre darling. There is only so much fun a person can have when they are re-planning their wedding.

Shut up. I hated this idea and you knew that but agreed anyway. I was all up for killing him in his sleep, but no, you wanted my to be sneaky.

Sorry, I just hate the fact that you are going to be married to him as well. I also find it very attractive when you’re sneaky.

I know you do, Rhys. At least this will make him trust me again so he can share his plans with me.

“Feyre, you’ve got to start paying attention. Now, we have to make sure that the protection on the house can last long enough for the ceremony. This time I won’t have any disruptions.”

He is going on and on and on. I might just kill him now before he bores me to death.

Feyre. Later.

“Lucien, what is bothering you? You have been on edge ever since Feyre came back to us.” I looked at Lucien sitting on a chair opposite me, who was indeed looking as if he might snap at any second. His golden eye glared at me.

“Nothing, Tamlin,” he said through gritted teeth. “I just need some air. Feyre, can you join me? I need to talk to you about some things. With Elain?”

Right. Elain was his mate, but there was no way in hell that he would want to talk to me about her. “Sure.” I got up from the lounge, eyeing Tamlin for any hints as to what was really the matter with Lucien, but he just went back to pacing. Typical Tamlin, not giving a shit.

Lucien lead the way out into the expansive garden. Even though I hated being here, I loved the garden. Full of roses and peonies, all blooming no matter the weather and massive trees that swayed in the soft breeze. It was beautiful here, apart from the monster that ruled over it all.

This should be interesting, Feyre. Remember, don’t waste all of your energy into angering Lucien up.

Pssh. As if…

“What’s up, Lucien?” I say with a sneaky grin.

“Don’t play all nice now, I know what you’re up to. Toying with Tamlin. He may be dumb, but I’m not. The only reason why I haven’t told him that you’re not actually in love with him is because I actually need your help with seeing Elain.” Lucien put his hands in his pockets, his ginger hair glittering in the Spring sunlight.

Bargain with him. Get you out and bring Elain to him. Or both come to Velaris seeing as Elain and Nesta are staying here.

Maybe, I need to see if he really cares about Elain before I am letting him anywhere near her.

Alrighty. What do you need help with?”

“As soon as I saw her come out of that bath, I knew she was my mate. She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I need to see her again.”

What do you know? Knew he was going to ask.

“I need to know that you truly care for her and that you won’t corrupt her. She may be older than me but she is much more fragile.”

“I know. I can feel that.”

“Good. So you also know me and how protective I am.”We were walking down the path that leads to the most beautiful part of the garden, the roses. Every color you could imagine, blue, red, white and black. It was a sight worthy of the Night Court. I stopped to pick up a black one, whose velvet petals reminded me of Rhys’s wings.

“I know that you’re only here just to gain information for Rhysand, but you could say a little more attention to what your ‘fiancé’ is trying to get you to do.”

I walked deeper into the rose garden, while Lucien stayed at the edge. “But, he’s so boring. I never noticed before, but now that I can see”, gesturing my fae eyes, “I can see the truth that he hides. He is a child, and if he doesn’t get his way, then everything goes to shit. You know that, yet you feel obliged to stay and serve him.”

“It’s not like that. He saved me, and I am in his debt. I don’t feel like I can just leave at the drop of a hat.”

“Would you leave for Elain? If she asked you to leave Tamlin, would you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well then, I don’t know if I can take you to see her if she even wanted to see you. She has no idea who you are and she has just been turned fae. She’s petrified.”

I stare at the black rose in my pale hands. Such a contrast of color, it would be easy to paint it.  

“I propose a deal. You get us both out of this darned Court and we will go away and be with the people we were meant to be with. That way we can both be happy and leave Tamlin to sulk.”

“I’ll think about it Feyre, you are asking me to leave everything Tamlin has ever given me. If I go, we will be committing treason in his eyes, he would go to the ends of the earth to get you again.”

“What, like it’s a bad thing to leave Tamlin? He is manipulative and over-protective. I forgave you for not doing anything while I was his prisoner, but I will never forgive him. I was wasting away and nobody noticed, except Rhysand. He freed me from this hellhole.”

“I saw, I just didn’t know how to help you without getting in Tamlin’s way. He warned me about getting too close to you, so I distanced.”

“Well, maybe if you had stood up to the tool, we wouldn’t be in such a pickle right now, with both of our mates too far away and there isn’t anything we can do yet.”

“Yet? What are you talking about?”

Careful, Feyre.

Don’t you have some business to tend to, including doing something in order to break that damned Cauldron?

There is only so much you I can do a day, darling. Besides, watching you make Lucien squirm is entertaining.

You have your secrets and I have mine. Now, let’s get out of this cursed garden before I vomit over its beauty.”

“You’ve changed, Feyre.”

Anger suddenly filled my head, how dare he tell me that I’ve changed, when he didn’t do anything to help against this change. I wouldn’t change it for the world, I would go through the pain all again just to get back to Rhys, but it doesn’t justify what Lucien did or didn’t do to stop me from breaking.

“Yeah, I’m happy, but I guess you wouldn’t know what that certain emotion looks like on a woman’s face.”

I stormed off once again towards my rose prison, leaving his mouth hanging open like a stunned mullet.