xlisaleinx  asked:

Just saw they both followed the NYT and BBC (👏🏼) - apart from making me go „aww“, it also reminded me of that rc interview they both did individually at the s3 premiere and basically gave the exact same answers to the question which three things they thought were needed to make the world a better place or something along those lines. When the lady told Sam that Cait had given the same answer, he smiled and said „I guess that‘s why we get along“ (ish). Do we have any gifs of that moment?! 🤔

Okay I couldn’t find any gifs so I just quickly made some. Such a couple!!! 💗


“This is the first generation that will be able to look back on their entire life story documented in pictures on the internet, and together we will discover the after-effects of that. Ultimately, we post photos online to curate what strangers think of us. But then we wake up, look in the mirror at our faces and see the cracks and scars and blemishes, and cringe. We hope someday we’ll meet someone who will see that same morning face and instead their future, their partner, their forever. Someone who will still choose us even when they see all the sides of the story, all the angles of the kaleidoscope that is you.”