Science in Naruto
  • Eye and arm transplants - nerve regeneration - Madara, Obito, Danzo
  • Reconnecting limbs and severed torsos
  • The statistic for a person’s chances of surviving the curse seal is 1/10. This was determined after a grand total of ten people were administered with the seal.
  • Shizune transmutated Neji’s hair into tissue for his vital organs.
  • Kabuto blending a mixture to inject into himself.
  • Through his various experiments, Orochimaru lost his human body and became something that resembles the morphing of several white snakes. He has gained resistance to many poisons and amazing healing abilities. He lost his limbs.
  • Sasori is a human puppet with only a live beating heart. The heart is needed to produce chakra. Why does he not require any other organs? How does his heart gain nutrients to sustain itself and continue producing chakra?
  • Zaku was able to use his arms despite having pipes running through them.
  • Kushina, Minato and Tsunade can manage movement with their spines severed
  • Kushina and Minato are able to speak despite a large portion of their torso being destroyed.
  • Blood loss means little. The five Kages were severely injured. 
  • Iryo ninjutsu heals wounds and is later able to provide the user with chakra,


Learning effectively does not mean to write some pretty notes, to learn them by heart for your next exam and to forget everything afterwards. Learning effectively means to really understand and to gain knowledge sustainably.

1. Learn the theory. - Read the literature and other resources. Prepare your notes. Make sure that you really understand what the theory is about. (Have a look at my tutorial “HOW TO MAKE GOOD NOTES IN 4 STEPS.“)

2. Figure out the purpose of this theory. - Why is this theory so important? What are the consequences of this theory for your professional life as well as your everyday life? Can you find a connection to different theories? 

3. Practice! - Keep your theoretical knowledge (+ the practical consequences) in mind and try to apply them for example by doing a traineeship during your holidays. Belive me it’s worth the time!

“Learning is a lifetime process and you just keep going.” by Steve McAnelly 

Zebra Dove - Geopelia striata

Also knows as the “barred ground dove” and almost indistinguishable from the peaceful dove (G. placida) is a species of Columbid doves, native to Southeast Asia.
G. striata is popular in captivity and due to deliberate releases and birds escaping, it has gained sustainable populations outside its original reach: Big populations can be found Hawaii, the Seychelles and even in Mauritius. Here they feed on seeds, grass or like in the picture above, bread.

The slender birds have narrow tails and a zebra-like pattern on their wings and around the neck (explaining their name). The light-grey or blue (See picture) area around the eyes can be a sign of sexual selection, but study has found that tail-feathers and ‘coo”ing play, like in many dove species, the biggest part in the mating ritual.

Animalia - Chordata - Aves - Columbiformes - Columbidae - Geopelia - G. striata

Provided by Naomi ( midoromi ), Thanks!

Darren Is Hedwig Box Office, Week 4

Well well well…NOW we’re cookin’! :)

Week 3 sales: $448,280

Week 4 sales: $478,538

That’s a difference of $30,258 or +6.7%

Gross potential: Rose from 60.68% to 64.77%, meaning they made money about 4% more efficiently than last week.

Average ticket price: Increased from $86.09 to $89.93, a bump of $3.84. If the pattern in this category continues, we’ll see it meet the Hedwig average by Week 6.

Week 3 seats sold: 5207

Week 4 seats sold: 5321, or +114, nearly double the prior week’s gain.

Capacity: Rose 1.6%, from 73.9% to 75.5%. At that pace it will reach the Hedwig average by Week 7.

Analysis: The first third of DC’s run is in the books and frankly, he’s in perfect position for the start of the new theater season, AKA summer. The production is gaining every week at a sustainable rate and the smaller metrics hold up under scrutiny - in other words, it’s not a fluke. The ball is rolling steadily. The promo appearances etc. that started back in Week 2 are having their desired effect, and the continued praise on social media appears to have drawn at least some of the Hedheads out of hiding, so barring unforeseen disaster, I’ll see y’all next Monday with some more happy numbers!

I hate going to LA Fitness because they always heckle me about getting a trainer and every time I tell them I don’t want/need one. They proceed to do a body fat test that I don’t care about and inform me that I would look so nice at this body fat percent. I then tell them that my undergraduate studies were in culinary arts and clinical dietetics and I also dabbled in some exercise physiology and I’m fully capable of gaining, losing, and sustaining weight but I choose not to because I like the way my body looks. I’ve been more cut and I’ve been less cut. I’m down 5% body fat since the summer and I gained 3 pounds at the same time. I’m pretty sure I’m capable of eating correctly and exercising to gain the body I want without signing up for a trainer that I don’t have the money for…

  • Stream on Tudou as much as possible, please. We need to gain + sustain #1 until Monday.
  • SNS vote on Twitter. You can find the tutorial HERE.
  • Donate Laifeng votes. They’re important to secure our win. Read about it HERE.
  • Vote for B.A.P on Show Champion. Create more accounts if you have to.
  • Stream on Melon + TS’ YouTube channel. We need digital points to win.
  • Keep searching B.A.P on Naver, Daum, Melon, etc.

Please, BABYz. Let’s work harder than last week. We can do it, but only if we’re combining our forces and streaming/voting hard all day. B.A.P is so close to the first win for Carnival. They deserve it. Please stream + vote.