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the most notorious thing about the rising signs

**Please notice that planets in the first house can affect heavily the archetype I’m describing, as well as the position of the ruling planet

Requested by @loveisxruthlessgame, hope you like it!

aries: even if they are not very loud or sociable you’ll probably find something that just feels “right” about them. You can see they are not the type to stand back and let you mistreat them. They can also surprise you (especially if they are a bit shy) when they make the first move with the security and daring nature only an aries can have. As to their appearance, they usually have wide foreheads that can give them a child like look and lean bodies (if you’re a girl you may not have exaggerated curves). 

taurus: their nose will probably stick up to you the most, they usually have wide, button noses and half lidded eyes. If not, their voice could also be the most unique thing about them, having a calming and aesthetic quality. These natives usually have wide bodies as well and a stable and slow aura about them. They have something that makes them appealing and attractive, even if no one can exactly pinpoint what.

gemini: you’ll immediately notice their fast paced nature, and if you’re more of the relaxed type you may not like it. They jump from one topic to the other, from one place to the other, they can’t be still for the lives of them! Gemini risings are usually lithe and not very tall, and there’s a sharp, foxy quality to their faces. They can go from super sociable and talkative to quiet and grumpy in a second. Pretty hands!

cancer: the first thing you’ll probably notice about these people are their eyes, maybe not because of their size or color but because of their expressiveness. Cancer rising’s eyes bring you calm and a sense of melancholy, you’ll probably wonder if they’re okay more than once. There’s also a sense of protection and receptiveness around them, whether they make you want to protect you or you feel protected around them. Round faces and traditionally feminine bodies!

leo: you’ll notice them as soon as they enter the room. There’s a confident aura around them and feline eyes that scan the place almost predatorily. Loud laughs and being unapologetically themselves is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a leo rising. Drama is their thing, so if you wanna be with someone chill, maybe leo risings are not for you. Their hair usually grabs attention the most but they can have strong noses as well.

virgo: virgo risings have a fresh, natural appearance to them, and it’ll probably catch you eye, as well as their fair features and feminine aura. Even in guys you can sense something very sensitive and gentle about them. They are very clean people and they expect the same from others. The best hands around with gemini tbh.

libra: their charm. They are effortlessly well liked wherever they go (even if they fuck up later) and are conventionally attractive most of the time. They usually have perky butts (god forgive me lmao) and delicate torso. Some of them just give a bad vibe and you don’t know why. Others seem very polite and have smiles to die for. Makes me think of bodies like Venus in The Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

scorpio: a brooding look is usually what separates them from the rest (picture Jon Snow tbh), as well as the mysterious “bad boy/girl” aura and a strong intimidation, you’ll probably be kinda afraid to talk to them. You feel attracted to them, even if you don’t know why, they got magnetism. Piercing eyes holy shit. Sex appeal, like duh. Look like they are hiding something.

sagittarius: these risings have an easy going, non judgmental (even if later you realize they are lol) aura to them. There’s an exaggeration to their appearance, they either have big facial features (big eyes, big lips, big everything), super curvy bodies, or super tall with long arms and legs. There’s always something unique about them, that would make you recognize them in a sec, wether it is their laugh, their voice, etc. Gain weight easily.

capricorn: i n t i m i d a t i n g. You know they have their shit together and they won’t take yours. They appear very controlled and with a strong presence, you immediately know they are someone you can rely on. Appearance wise they have a bone structure to die for and are usually pretty small and/or skinny. Can look pissed off even if they aren’t.

aquarius: unique appearance, they don’t look from this world and believe me you will know they’re an aquarius rising when you see them. They usually have assymetrical features and sparkling eyes. Besides that, their eccentric antiques will be another immediate indicator. A bit intimidating too. The type of person that dyes their hair in fun colors and dresses however they like without giving a fuck about other’s opinions.

pisces: another otherwordly rising, but this because they always look like they are somewhere else. Their eyes are dreamy and their features soft and sweet. You’ll probably idealize them and consider them the sweetest and most innocent people ever (even if they aren’t) as soon as you meet them. Just like cancer you wanna ask them if they are okay 24/7 lol. Their e y e s omg. Plump bodies and easily gain weight. Makes me think of freckles.

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Hi! Love your yoi cat au, always makes my day! :D just out of curiosity, what is cat yuuri's favorite food? or does he gain weight easily so that he needs a diet?

He likes lots of foods! Catnip and catgrass are some of his favourites, and cooked fish and chicken. Victor’s got him on a reward system for his favourite foods AHAHHA

the softest meow

Yuri on Ice interview translation - CREA 2017/03 (p34-35)

Second part of the YOI interviews featured on CREA. As for the one with Kubo, more than “interviews” they are like “mini articles” that incorporate what the interviewed people said. The interviews are with Kenji Miyamoto (choreographer), Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka (figure skating animators), Yuuko Sagiri (original costume designer), Keisuke Tominaga (music producer).

Random note: thanks to this magazine I was finally able to know that Sagiri’s name is “Yuuko”. When I translated her interview on Pash I did lots of research but wasn’t able to find out the pronunciation so I used Yuiko because that was what came out searching for the name alone, but now it’s confirmed that it’s Yuuko so as soon as I have time I’ll edit that interview to fix it. I swear all magazines should be obliged to provide the pronunciation of names, because sometimes it’s really hard to find out how the kanji are pronounced when it’s not famous people with Wikipedia pages and such…

By the way, the issue of Pash coming out today (Feb. 10th) has an article I was really looking forward to (the second part of Kubo’s detailed commentary on each episode), so I’ll probably spend the night translating it when I get home from work. Also because I want to post it before the YOI all night event on Saturday (I’m going to the live viewing).

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The reality as expressed by 5 people who created “Yuri on Ice”

Reality #2: Choreography x Kenji Miyamoto
“The footage taken with the camcorder was the key to create realistic and powerful anime scenes”

Profile: From Hyogo prefecture. After retiring from competitive ice dance in 2006 he started working as a choreographer and commentator. With director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT” for the first time he was involved in creating figure skating choreographies for an anime.

The choreographies for all characters’ programs were created by choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. He created them integrating the music with the information he received from director Yamamoto and Kubo regarding the characters and their programs. What was different than usual is that the songs for the FS were 4 minutes long instead of 4:30 minutes.
“In the anime characters need less strokes to speed up, so it’s possible to use less ‘transitions’, the movements connecting different techniques. I cut down on those and made the programs more compact.”
Miyamoto was filmed with 4 fixed cameras and 2 portable camcorders as he danced all the programs, then the footage was edited into a multiframe video based on which the animated figure skating scenes were created.
“I believe that the footage taken with the portable camcorder, that filmed me up close, is what made it possible to create realistic and powerful tournament scenes.”
After watching the finished anime, Miyamoto commented that the characters’ monologues during their performances are realistic.
“When you are performing lots of things are whirling around inside your head. In my case it wasn’t words but still pictures, like photographs. I was happy that they expressed the athletes’ feelings.”

Reality #3: Animation x Junpei Tatenaka & Eiji Abiko
“The performances look realistic thanks to Miyamoto-sensei’s choreographies”

Profile: Animators working for the anime production company MAPPA. Specialized in sports and action scenes. They both created animation for director Sayo Yamamoto’s “ENDLESS NIGHT”.

Animation of the figure skating scenes was created by action specialists Junpei Tatenaka and Eiji Abiko. “It’s the first time that we digitally create 2D pictures after deciding the camerawork. It was very difficult because we had to figure out how to do everything”.
Tatenaka, who was already a fan of figure skating, says: “For the moments I believed to be the ‘highlights’ of a performance I would add 1-2 extra stills. This way, I was able to draw out a little what in the live footage only lasted an instant.” They actually made jumps much higher than they are in real life.
“While being aware that real skaters wouldn’t jump that high, I still wanted the scenes to be striking, therefore I was always looking for a good balance between realism and what could be allowed in animation.” (Abiko)
They both agree that Miyamoto’s choreography footage was the most important factor that allowed them to create realistic performance scenes.
“When there was a key point in the music, Miyamoto-sensei would pose with all of his body creating a beautiful line, from his fingertips to the tips of his toes. It was very easy to draw.” (Tatenaka)

Reality #4: Costumes x Yuuko Sagiri
“I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL)”

Profile: Ballroom dancing costume designer working for the ballet & dance supplies maker Chacott. She has designed figure skating costumes for athletes such as Nobunari Oda and Akiko Suzuki.

Yuuko Sagiri, designer of the athletes’ costumes, created the designs giving importance to functionality that would improve a skater’s performance and to elements that would make the character’s personality stand out, just like she does for real costumes. She chose materials, cuttings and decorations that would actually be employed in costumes used for real performances.
“Normally I objectively watch an athlete’s past performances to understand their level and what kind of movements they are skilled at, and this is then reflected in the design. This time I based the design on the characters’ setting materials, the information I received from the director and the choreography footage by Miyamoto-sensei. I think the only difference is that there were no budget restrictions (LOL).”
Regarding Yuuri’s costume, she mentions that she wanted to reflect the fact that he is psychologically weak and gains weight easily.
“I added shining decorations on his chest so that his face would look bright even when he is tense. The cuts on the waist are to make him look slim.”
Actually, she also designed a costume for Yurio’s exhibition. Sagiri said that she created the design thinking of what “Yurio would really want to wear”. We’d definitely like to see him skate with that costume!

Reality #5: Music x Keisuke Tominaga
“I added melody to the beautiful lyrics that is ‘Yuri on Ice’”

Profile: From Kanagawa prefecture. Music producer. He founded PIANO INC. in 2012 and is the current representative director. His main works include the Pocari Sweat 2016 commercial “Kimi no Yume wa, Boku no Yume.”, the TV anime “Zankyou no Terror”, etc.

When creating the music for this show, music producer Keisuke Tominaga constantly asked himself whether it was music you could dance to.
“I would move my hands, feet, my whole body, sometimes even checking the rhythm like a conductor or a dancer. Figure skating has many elements that resemble ballet, so to express the elegant movements of the body I used many tunes in triple time like waltz and bolero.”
Most of the classical and orchestra tracks were created by Taku Matsushiba, while the vocal tracks and modern band songs by Tarou Umebayashi. They worked on the music as a team, always communicating with each other.
“The world created by Kubo-san and director Yamamoto was like realistic and beautiful ‘lyrics’, and I feel that our role was to create a ‘melody’ for those lyrics. In fact, when I joined together Yuuri’s FS song “Yuri on ICE” and Victor’s recorded voice for the first time, the lines sounded just like the words of a song, and I can’t describe how moved I was. I believe that this strong, deep expression that you would not be able to obtain with music alone is what realistically affects the viewers.”

Bonus in case you haven’t seen it already: Sagiri’s design for Yurio’s exhibition program.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p20-23)

I was going to post this last week but gave priority to the BD stuff. This will be the final interview from the booklet that came with January Animage! There’s still an interview with Kenji Miyamoto left untranslated, but it will be taken care of by @whiteboxgems​ whenever she has time! I’ll reblog it when it’s around.

This is actually 2 interviews, I’m posting them together because they were one after the other and (main reason) because the second one is very short.
A few notes below to better understand the interviews.

The first one is with Yuuichirou Hayashi, the one who created the ending (ED = ending by the way) footage. I have the feeling someone previously posted translations of the captions under the ED screenshots, but I don’t remember where and I’m pretty sure it was just the captions and not the interview parts, so here you have it complete. This one is pretty interesting because he explains in detail how they created the ED, and has some extra information on cut scenes etc. Definitely a must read in my opinion!

The second one is a short interview with Kayoko Ishikawa, the one who did the costume designs. Here you might think: didn’t Chacott design the costumes? I’ll explain. It’s more or less like with Mitsurou Kubo and Tadashi Hiramatsu: Kubo created the original designs for the characters, from scratch, and Hiramatsu transformed them into designs specifically created for animation, therefore with simpler lines, detailed expression sheets and so on. Likewise, Chacott did the original designs for the costumes, from scratch, based on the indications by Yamamoto and Kubo, and then the anime’s costume designer simplified and modified them so that they would be suitable to be animated. (Before actually animating them there’s a further step: the anime’s color designer is going to decide the exact colors, shadows and highlights included, that will be used inside the anime. I translated an interview with the color designer Izumi Hirose some time ago)

I usually don’t add pictures but this time I felt that it would be better to add them as an immediate reference. However, they are just for reference and are not meant to be visually stunning, so please bear with the quality because I just took photos of the magazine with my phone and quickly edited them.

Translation under the cut! (kind of image-heavy)

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All Boys Private School AU that Mason and I are doin’ right now. They’re juniors, and Sport has been rooming with Steph, a closeted trans girl, since freshman year. Both participate in as many sports as possible, Sport is actually the captain of a few of them. Sport also has ADHD which he keeps forgetting to take his meds for and Steph has to keep an eye on it for him sometimes.
She likes to wear a lot of pink, including a pink wig, when she’s not in school.
Robbie is the Treasurer of the Student Government, and he only just started interacting with the two after asking them to hang up posters for an assembly, and then an awkward shared shower confrontation with Sportacus. Sport didn’t notice, but Robbie is a trans man who hasn’t had top surgery yet, but he’s been on hormones for 2+ years at this point. Since the hrt is hitting him at a crucial growing point, he continues to get taller and gain weight easily, which frustrates him bc he has to keep getting new binders.
He likes to wear makeup when he’s not in school around the other guys, and he bonds with Stephanie easily over makeup, but his new friends won’t find out abt his struggles until later.
Him and Sport are really awkward around each other after steph leaves for winter break, and both stay behind at the dorms, so now they’re slowly bonding over stimming toys, and Robbie introduces Sport to fidget cubes.

Chubby!Yuuri Masterlist

aint missin no meals queenbeetle

Summary: Viktor can’t help it. Yuuri’s leggings are so tight these days, and it’s so hard to focus on anything other than how his clothing shows off all his new curves in all the right ways.And yet his new dance leggings were somehow even more captivating- sleek, black and oh so fitted. They hug each twist and turn, every dip and curve of Yuuri’s lower half. Paired with the tight white tee-shirt he wears, Viktor can very, very much appreciate the gentle tapering of Yuuri’s soft waist and the indescribable outward flair of his hips. Paired so right with his plush thighs, it all adds to the deliciously pear shaped force to be reckoned with that is Yuuri Katsuki.

Art of Seduction Viktuurio

Summary: Viktor is attracted to pudgy thighs, stomach, chest, chubby cheeks and love handles. Yuuri is attracted to muscled arms and legs, a strong jaw and rocking abs. In other words they are perfect for each other, not just emotionally.In which they’re both retired and while Viktor continues to work out and keep his body sculpted, Yuuri is growing softer every month, which only gets nudged along with Viktor’s great cooking.

Beautiful future_fishy

Summary:  “Yuuri, how about you finish your food, then we go upstairs and I’ll show you how beautiful you are in front of the mirror, okay?”

Comforting Gestures -  Carli

Summary:  Yuuri is feeling self-conscious about gaining weight again but Victor is there to support him and cheer him up.0

Deserving Xyliandra

Summary:  When Yuuri confesses insecurity about his weight, Victor takes his time in showing Yuuri how beautiful he is.

Desired -  Viktuurio

Summary:  In which Viktor finds out he really loves his retired Yuuri on the large and chubby side.

Early Mornings -  mahoushoujos

Summary:  In which Victor wakes up earlier than usual and lists down a few things that he loves about Yuuri.

The Feeling of Your Skin, Locked In My Head  -  CalamityK

Summary: Yuuri’s skin is so smooth, and the tiny bit of added weight he gains in the off season makes him plush and malleable under Victor’s touch.

fixation crunchrapsupreme

Summary:  Yuuri lets himself indulge during off-seasons, his body becoming softer and more plush once again, and Victor is incredibly distracted by it.

Gordito favorito -  Zumaldo

Summary:  Víctor siempre amó, ama y amará el regordete cuerpo de Yuuri.

Hashtag Perfect phoenixwings

Summary:  Most days Yuuri’s okay with his body, he really is. It’s a capable body that’s allowed him to skate, to win, to love. It enables him to hold Victor close, to teach the beginning skating class at the rink which he loves doing, to cook and cuddle and care. But sometimes the insecurity that was ever-present in his youth creeps back in and hits him tenfold when he thinks about how much his body has changed.

In Celebration of an Off-Season -   rougeandtonic

Summary: “Your coach thinks you’ve worked hard this year. He thinks you deserve to relax.”“And what does my fiance think?” Yuuri asks.Victor smirks mischievously and says, “Well, your fiance is looking forward to seeing your belly again.”

Keep Your Eyes On Me pensversusswords

Summary:  Viktor wouldn’t change a single thing about Yuuri.

Look At You ruru_u

Summary:  After retiring from the professional circuit, Yuuri finds that keeping his weight in check is next to impossible. With self-consciousness causing him to withdraw overtime, his husband desperately wants to show him how attractive he still is.

The Married Life - wbtrashking

Summary:  Victor is fond of spending a lot of time admiring Yuuri’s body in their bedroom after they get married and retire.

no small thing sublime_jumbles

Summary:  Yuuri wants that old feeling back, that sense of peace with his body. He misses that fondness, the way that being chubby felt comfortable, reliable, in a way that being thin never has. Thin is precarious, and it always gives way to softness in the end.

Often -  MickieJae

Summary:  Yuuri worries about his weight, Victor eats him out

Poke -  popcornnikiforov

Summary:  Yuuri has a bit of a dilemma at the moment… He loves katsudon. Katsudon has a lot of calories. He desperately needs to lose weight. He gains weight easily. Victor won’t stop feeding him katsudon.

Pudgy Goodness -  scatteredlettuce

Summary:  Yuuri has a hard time getting ready for a date with Victor, he can’t get on his pants..Cuteness and smut ensues. You can totally just read the first part, the smut isn’t that important

Reassurance -  PrussianVenom

Summary: Yuuri tried so hard to get rid of the weight, but its just not coming off. Its hard for Yuuri to deal with, especially with a routine like eros, Viktor attempts to tell him hes still perfect for it, Yuuri disagrees. A fat slob like him has absolutely no sex appeal at all.Viktor shows him otherwise.

Soft Like Satin garbage_dono

Summary:  Yuuri works up the courage to surprise Victor on their anniversary.

WHO IS CHIHOKO? pensversusswords

Summary:  Drabbles inspired by the Yuri on Stage event announcements. Viktor and Yuuri are jealous husbands, Seunggil is affectionate when drunk, and Viktor loves Yuuri’s off season tummy. All is good in the world.

Winter Weight future_fishy

Summary:  Yuuri had once mentioned to Viktor that he always gained weight in the winter, and now, curled up with Yuuri after having dinner with Yuuri’s parents, Viktor could see what he meant.

I’ve had a long week mental stuff wise so Victor+Yuuri headcanon dump talking about mental health stuff. this turned into a monster of meta. 


  • The first time Victor wakes up to Yuuri curled up at the edge of the bed whimpering he freaks out.  Victor’s instinct is to hold him close but Yuuri jerks away (probably without thinking) and curls tighter. Victor ends up staying awake even after Yuuri finally falls asleep. 
  • The next morning they talk about it, and Yuuri admits to having nightmares that sometimes trigger a panic attack in his sleep. How when that happens Victor should slowly wake him up (never jerk/shake him awake.) and touch him as little as possible until he’s awake. 
  • During attacks Yuuri hates being touched. It ties into the being weak thing, but he also feels hyper sensitive/surrounded afterwards and being wrapped up in someone’s arms is likely to trigger another panic attack. 
  • The first few times (He has 2 more attacks in Hasetsu and one a week into living in St. Petersburg.) Victor feels useless because he isn’t great at talking things out and is very physical, but the last thing he wants to do is make it worse. (Cough Cup of China Flashbacks Cough) so he slowly gets used to it, and 6 months into living at Saint Petersburg he’s perfected it into a science. 
  • Repeat Yuuri’s name steadily getting louder. See if he wants to be touched or left alone. If left alone, make him something warm to drink. (Nothing with caffeine though.) wait for him to come to you. Skip out on morning warm up since he’ll be exhausted/grouchy the next day.

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Yuri on Ice BD booklet translation (with Mitsurou Kubo interview) - Volume 1

The BD/DVDs were available in stores today, 3 days earlier than the official release, so of course I went to Animate to get my copy even if this meant waiting in line for almost 30 minutes, hah. I’m sure screencaps are being posted all over the net already, but I haven’t watched the BD yet because, guess what, I was translating the booklet.

The booklet has 3 parts:
1) Character introduction for Yuuri and Victor, which is mostly information we know already except for a few extra info (for example, I don’t think it was ever mentioned so far that Victor is fluent in French?).
2) “Topics”, in other words random curiosities. This is the same as above, information we already know plus extra tidbits.
3) Interview with Mitsurou Kubo, from which among other things you can understand that she is probably having fun reading all kinds of fan theories found on the web, lol (though mostly the Japanese ones I think).

Have fun reading, while I finally go watch my BD…

P.S.: I was actually meant to post the translation of an interview with Georgi Popovich’s seiyuu Wataru Hatano, but after being obscured by Victor’s birthday he also managed to be obscured by the early release of the BD… Poor Georgi. I will post that tomorrow or on Thursday possibly.

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Will the piglet become a prince?

Yuuri Katsuki
voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Height: 173 cm
Date of birth: November 29th
Blood type: A
Born in Hasetsu City

Past record:
Grand Prix Final 6th place
Professional Japanese figure skater

He finally manages to participate in the Grand Prix Final, but ends up last. Following that he is unable to display his potential in the Japan National Championships and his season finishes there. 23 years old. He is called “glass heart” and the success rate of his quadruple jumps is low, but the peculiar rhythm of his steps has a good reputation. He was rumored to be retiring soon, however after Victor Nikiforov becomes his new coach he decides to aim for victory at the Grand Prix Final on his last season.
He is a Kyushu boy who is actually very competitive. The source of all his problems is his lack of confidence, but he has made up for it by training hard and is currently the ace of Japanese male figure skating. Since he tends to gain weight easily, he has decided that he will only eat katsudon (900kcal), his favorite food, when he wins a tournament. His romantic history is top secret.

A new legend is about to start.

Victor Nikiforov
voiced by Junichi Suwabe

Height: 180 cm
Date of birth: December 25th
Blood type: private
Born in Russia

Past record:
5 times consecutive winner of the Grand Prix Final
5 times consecutive winner of the World Championships

The living legend that from the age of 23 years old has never lost a World Championship and has kept on surprising the world. He is not only considered a legend for his brilliant results, but also because he creates his own choreographies and is a pioneer always looking for new ways to express himself. He can perform 4 quadruple jumps, among which the quadruple flip that is considered his signature technique. His splendid and unlimited performing skills capture the hearts of skating fans and athletes from all over the world.
Beside Russian, he is also proficient in English and French. Although he is always smiling and ready to provide fan service, his innocent and uninhibited remarks coming from his absolute confidence never fail to create tension in the Russian skate federation. Christmas is celebrated all over the world as the birthday of Victor Nikiforov.


TOPIC 1: Poodle
Looking at the pictures of Victor and Makkachin, Yuuri also decided to get a poodle and named him “Victor”. His nickname was Vicchan. Now both his smartphone case and background picture feature poodles. His dog Victor lived out his natural life span when Yuuri was at the GPF, but Makkachin came to Hasetsu together with Victor! Yuuri’s first thought when he sees Makkachin is “so huge!”. Indeed, even though their faces are identical, Victor was a toy poodle, and Makkachin is a standard poodle. The size is completely different.

*His display background is also a dog
*His smartphone case is also with dogs
*His tissue case is also a dog
*Yuuri’s pet dog Vicchan
*The magazine picture that made Yuuri decide to get a dog

TOPIC 2: Blade
The blades each athlete uses are different depending on their personalities. Yuuri’s blades are a standard type. Yurio’s are a new lighter model said to make it easier to perform jumps. If you look closely, the shape of the parts under the sole that support the blade is different. Victor’s blades are golden. Even the sound he makes when he glides the ice is beautiful. The personality of each athlete can also be seen in the color of the edge case used to cover the blades when the skating shoes are not used.

*Edge case: 1) Yuuri, 2) Yurio, 3) Victor

TOPIC 3: Hasetsu City
A castle town by the sea in Kyushu. …Or so it’s called, but the castle is actually fake and has a ninja house inside. It’s famous for its marine products, however due to the decreasing population it’s somewhat of a lonely place. The monument in front of the station that Yurio found gross portrays the local “yuru-chara” (mascot characters), a squid and a sea urchin, which are not very popular among the locals either. The popular menus of Yuuri’s house, daytime onsen “Yutopia Katsuki”, are squid sashimi and katsudon. The sweet potato shochu “Makai e no Izanai” was also appreciated by Victor.

*A town with a castle and the sea
*Unpopular yuru-chara!
*Currently there’s only one onsen resort in the town

TOPIC 4: Russian yankee
Yurio’s fashion style is Russian but it also corresponds to the style of Japanese punks (“yankees”). Or the style of old ladies in Kansai. His favorite design is leopard print and tigers are his favorite animal (he owns a cat). His meticulous aesthetic sense, with shoes, clothes, edge case, suitcase and even disguise mask all in the same style, makes his fans a little uneasy. However, his most hardcore fans “Yuri’s Angels” consider him a fashion leader.

*He’s fashionable but doesn’t like cleaning up
*Attempt at a disguise?
*He wants to show the world

TOPIC 5: Ice Castle Hasetsu
Skate rink at the base of Hasetsu Castle, one of the few in Kyushu that are open throughout the year. It’s the place where Yuuri started skating and also his current training base. Thanks to his friends, the Nishigoori family, working as staff, he is allowed to use the rink to train even outside normal business hours, which is very helpful. It’s rare for a Japanese rink to have light coming in through a window, and to Yuuri this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The names of the mascot characters are Ikahime and Ikadono.

*The castle can be seen in the background
*Yuuri is lucky because he can have the rink all for himself
*The Nishigoori family

Original plan / “name” (manga storyboard) / character plan
Mitsurou Kubo interview

A story where Yuuri seizes things with his own hands.

The first time I met director Yamamoto, 2 years ago, she told me that she wanted to create an anime about the deep bond between a coach and an athlete. How to concretely shape the story is something that we decided after carrying out extensive research on figure skating and studying it. The director taught me a lot and I also checked out stuff on my own, while at the same time keeping in mind the feelings of an amateur, as it’s important to understand what would catch the heart of someone who doesn’t know anything about figure skating and has their first approach to it through an anime.

-The feelings of the creators emerge in their work-

The director doesn’t follow single athletes, she really watches everything, ice dance, single, pair, and she has respect for everyone, both past athletes, current athletes and even young ones. For example, she always calls all athletes with the “-san” suffix (common Japanese honorific), including the junior skaters. And not only in front of them, she does it when she speaks with me too. I think it’s the small things like this that emerge in your work. I believe that it’s important to act freely within our creation, while treasuring the feelings of respect and support for the athletes and without feeling superior.
However, you don’t really feel like enlivening the story with someone getting hurt. At least within the anime, you want everyone to stay safe from injuries. Since in real life it actually happens often…… But then, when the series started airing, I saw people worried that someone might get injured or die, and I realized that maybe it’s actually that kind of things that people look for in fiction.
If it were a long serialization it could have been possible to accurately portray someone going through that kind of hardship, but this time we only had one cour. That is why we chose to limit the worries of the protagonist Yuuri Katsuki to his talent and his psychological weakness, instead of having the people around him put a lot of pressure on him or having someone that disapproves of his choices. We wanted to show someone who has trouble progressing while being surrounded by kind people who don’t step too much into his territory, thus diminishing the enemies. I was careful because I didn’t want to make a story where he would put the blame on someone.
I was very happy when, after the show aired, I saw people comment that they can watch it over and over because they don’t hate any characters and so they don’t feel stressed.

-Having viewers get accustomed to the characters-

Indeed, what’s important is that characters are alive within this work. The first thing I thought when I found myself creating a story about sport is that if a saw a person completely unrelated to me that skates, no matter how well they skate I probably would not feel them “close”. If a person that isn’t really interested in real world figure skating watches it they would just think “oh, some skilled guy is skating”, like watching from a distance. I realized that if the viewers don’t become familiar with the characters they will never feel personally involved watching them in a tournament.
That’s why we didn’t jump to the matches right away but we spent 3 episodes getting the viewers accustomed to the characters as much as possible. If you can get familiar with the characters and personally experience how it feels when an athlete you really like is participating in a tournament, then you can finally be engrossed in the world of the series. I hope this mechanism works well. I really did my best, because I’m sure that the fiction will not strike a chord in the viewers’ hearts if we don’t create the necessary premises first.

-Is it the same for Katsuki-kun?-

Based on my experience working with shounen magazines, Yurio wouldn’t make for a good protagonist. He shines the most as a rival, but if you use him as a protagonist he is not going to push the story forward, he would probably send it more in a tragic direction. Yuuri Katsuki really pushes the story forward, he’s helped me more than once. Yuuri is indeed the type that doesn’t have confidence, but when you see the interviews of lots of athletes from the real world, who have developed through many battles, you see what a strong personality they have. When you see a skater who is very passionate about training say “I don’t really listen to what my coach says”, automatically you think that maybe Katsuki-kun too doesn’t really listen to his coach when he’s focused. When a kind and sensitive-looking skater says that the judges should “watch me more” in a very blunt way you think that maybe Katsuki-kun too, deep down, has that kind of thoughts about the judges. I like it when real athletes say things that I would never come up with. Still, I use what I hear as a reference when deciding how the characters would behave, but the decision is ultimately based on the personalities that I created for them.
Also, I didn’t want to make it so that Victor as a coach would give and teach everything to Yuuri. The driving force of this story is how Yuuri Katsuki seizes things with his own hands. When you have a coach that twists you around his finger you necessarily have to change yourself or to change something to understand how to move forward….

-The difference between manga and animation-

It’s the first time that I’m involved with animation, and first of all, in manga you cannot show music and movements together. Obviously. Recently I’m realizing how much manga actually rely on the imagination of the readers. If you draw someone saying “what an amazing performance!” and then spend a few frames to draw the pose in an impressive way the reader might actually be convinced that they’re indeed doing an “amazing performance”. I draw my manga adding details until I’m satisfied and consider them “completed”, but now I think that might not be true.
I feel that this work, that was born from the joint effort of animators, voice actors, musicians and many other people, is now standing on its own. I reckon that there are people who think “since real life skaters are so wonderful, there must be something deep in the world of the anime too”, and so they imagine new things. Among many different languages, sexualities and discussions, there are many people who are bringing out their creative ideas, and I guess to every one of them this work is becoming something special. When I take a look at people’s impressions there are so many things that surprise me, for example how different people will interpret something in completely different ways, and how some people look for deep meanings I didn’t even think about.
I have come to find it really captivating that these characters have left my hands and are existing somewhere else. When I see things like that I really feel like I would never get tired to hear the thoughts of people who say they love this work.
And at the same time, the feeling inside me that makes me not want to lose to anyone has also become stronger. I didn’t create these characters alone with my own power of course, but more than ever I feel that I am responsible for making these anime characters grow stronger than anyone else! Like Victor, I found motivation.

How to Get Fit for Cosplay

Let’s get one thing straight: cosplay is for everyone, no matter what you look like.

But if you’re interested in staying strong and healthy through three days of costume changes without falling victim to Con Plague, fitness is key. This focus on health is the idea behind the panel “Cosplay Fitness for Life.” Exercise too much and eat too little, said panelist (and certified fitness instructor) Jacen Ulfric, and you’ll be running out of steam by Saturday.

Here are Ulfric’s tips for looking good and feeling good while you cosplay:

1) Listen to your body

Different body types call for different workouts. Naturally small and have trouble gaining weight? You may want to try high intensity interval training. Naturally big and gain weight easily? You may find weight training more of your cup of tea.

“Your body type does not mean you can only do certain kinds of cosplay,” Ulfric stressed. “I am just trying to explain how you can be the best ‘you’ you can be.”

2) Make time to get fit

Ulfric said you don’t need to join a gym to work out. You just need to make time in your routine.

For example, you can work out while watching anime. “I have queued up Crunchyroll and worked out to One Punch Man. Everytime Saitama says something sounds boring, I do 15 pushups, 15 crunches, and 15 squats.”

You could also try a “gamer workout,” in which you do pushups  during loading screens or sit-ups every time you die. Your mileage may vary—Ulfric noted that if you work out every time you die in Dark Souls, “you may also die in real life.”

3) Set a goal

Want to keep up your new fitness routine? Ulfric recommends having a long term goal that you can continue to work toward so you don’t lose motivation.

For example, maybe you haven’t had the body confidence to try out your dream cosplay. You’re nervous about that skintight bodysuit or carrying that extremely heavy prop. Those are both goals that a regular workout routine can help you achieve—along with renewed confidence in yourself for sticking to it! 

—Lauren, AB Staff Blogger

Cancer Ascendant

Ruler: The Moon

Descendant: Capricorn

Midheaven: Aries 

1st Decan: Cancer (Moon) 

2nd Decan: Scorpio (Pluto) 

3rd Decan: Pisces (Neptune) 

 Cancer Ascendant 

A Cancer rising is a Moon child; ruled by the Moon itself. Cancer risings are sensitive to their environment and are reflective of other people’s emotions. However you approach a Cancer rising, they’ll reflect it back. Because the Moon is highly important and significant to a Cancer rising, sometimes they think with their emotions. Cancer risings are extremely protective and will fight back when threatened. Despite this, they are caring people and really are kind and approachable. Meeting a Cancer rising, is like reuniting with someone you haven’t seen in years. A Cancer rising can be seen as nurturing because of their warmth and kindness. Because Capricorn is on the descendant, Cancer risings tend to be attracted to Capricorn’s or Capricorn-like qualities. The most common Midheaven for a Cancer rising is Aries. 

1st Decan Cancer Ascendant 

(00.00 - 9.59.59) 

Cancer risings born between the degrees of 00.00 - 9.59.59 are the Cancer/Moon decan; the most common. These Cancer risings are the most reflective and the Moon is especially important to them. Cancer-Cancer risings may experience constant up and down waves throughout their life; low lows and high highs. Since they are the most reflective to their surroundings, they need to be wise in who they consider their friends. They absorb energy like no other and negative energy, obviously, will result in a ‘down in the dumps’ Cancer rising. I can’t stress enough the importance of the Moon to a Cancer-Cancer rising and they strongly feel the effects of a Full Moon and a New Moon. A noticeable physical trait of Cancer-Cancer risings is their breasts and their body in general: women tend to look “motherly” and curvy, and the men could have noticeable pecks and may be prone to gaining weight easily. These Cancer risings tend to be the shortest compared to other Cancer risings. 

2nd Decan Cancer Ascendant 

(10.00 - 19.59.59) 

Cancer risings born between the degrees of 10.00 - 19.59.59 are the Scorpio/Pluto decan. They can be the most intense looking and quite intimidating compared to other Cancer risings. Nonetheless, they experience the Moons tides more intensely than other Cancer risings. Cancer-Scorpio risings can have enormous will power and aren’t doormats. Because of Pluto’s sub-influences, Cancer-Scorpio risings can be very secretive and mysterious. They’re much more stubborn and reserved as opposed to other Cancer risings and this can be frustrating to others who want to get to know this Cancer rising. A noticeable physical trait of Cancer-Scorpio risings is that they can be much more taller than the average Cancer rising and can have intense or slightly darker features. 

3rd Decan Cancer Ascendant 

(20.00 - 29.59.59) 

Cancer risings born within the degrees of 20.00 - 29.59.59 are the Pisces/Neptune decan. By far the dreamiest and most creative of the Cancer risings. Cancer-Pisces risings feel the Moons affect more deeply than other Cancer risings. Because of Neptune’s sub-influences, Cancer-Pisces risings have an abundance of creativity and have good taste in makeup and fashion. They can also be great interior decorators, artists or stylists. Cancer-Pisces risings do well in the Art field and have a good ear for music and rhythm. These Cancer risings are the most sensitive because of the deep feelings they posses. They can be very romantic and greet people with warmth and assurance. A noticeable physical trait of Cancer-Pisces risings is their large expressive eyes, usually light in color, and their soft skin.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p16-17)

This is an interview with Chacott’s Yuiko Sagiri that was published on Pash! Dec. 2016 issue. Chacott is a brand that mostly makes dance costumes/clothing/accessories, but they happen to create costumes for figure skating as well. She was in charge to come up with the designs for the original costumes appeared in the anime.

Usually I only post text, without images, and I was wondering what to do with this article, because it’s not as easy to understand without pictures. They have most of them on their blog too, but they’re all in different pages and it would have been a pain to link, therefore in the end I decided to include pictures taken from the magazine. Please understand that the pictures are only for reference and are not meant to be high quality scans (in fact I just took them with my phone and fixed them a little).

Since the post is heavier than usual because of the pictures I tried to use a cut for the first time. Maybe I should do it for long interviews as well…

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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ascendant and appearance
  • also known as rising sign. this was already done but i got a request for it so here ya go.
  • aries: short height,aries rules the head so there is birthmark or something very prominent on their face,ex. nose,eyebrows,forehead.mars rules aries so there's high possibility of reddish hair or ruddy skin
  • taurus: wide smile,strong physique,taurus rules neck so neck will be prominent and it could either be slim or thick,hair is often dark and thick or curly. venus rules taurus so these natives are very appealing to the eye.
  • gemini: ruled by mercury so it can indicate that forehead is prominent(either big or small),fair skin,plump lips.average to tall height. gemini rules shoulders and hands so they are often lanky and slender.
  • cancer: plump lips,dreamy look,cancer rules stomach and breasts so both are prominent(could either mean big or small),arms are usually lanky and big like gemini rising but more powerful. Prone to easily getting fat on hips and stomach.
  • leo: possibility of light hair because leo is ruled by sun. dark eyes and strong hair. prominent teeth,broad shoulders and short neck.
  • virgo: prominent forehead because virgo is ruled by mercury. average height and slim physique. girl/boy-next-door type. prone to looking younger than their actual age and because of that they look fragile while in reality they are very capable. piercing and analyzing eyes.
  • libra: ruled by venus makes them very appealing to the eye. prominent smile which means they have plump lips or nice teeth or both. Average to tall height. Nicely shaped legs and thighs. Dimples.
  • scorpio: dark or red hair thick. penetrating eyes and prominent nose often pointy. athletic physique. average to short height. scorpio rules genitals so they might have sexy and provocative vibe to them.
  • sagittarius: tall height. rules pelvis and thighs so legs and thighs are prominent. sagittarius is ruled by jupiter and they are prone to gaining weight easily. wide smiles and sparkling eyes. lean physique.
  • capricorn: dark complexion and prominent eyebrows. small to average height. smaller eyes and chest. straight and dark hair. prominent teeth meaning very good condition or bad.
  • aquarius: tall height. they probably have one very prominent feature on their face,mostly it's forehead or cheek bones. they have androgynous look to them. they might have unusual vibe to them.
  • pisces: small to average height. hair is often light and wavy. soft expression. lean physique. may appear as fragile. may have mystic vibe to them because pisces is ruled by neptune. pisces rules the feet so they will be prominent resulting in either very big or very small ones. arched forehead and sleepy eyes.