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OK so I got a couple of messages of people who were very angry with me directly copying the original bjdrecastpositive list, mostly because they don’t want anything to do with recast drama from either side. Fair enough. They were added without their consent to the original list and me copying it doesn’t take that away. I do apologize for that!

So I am going to start my own list of BJD blogs on Tumblr, and you can send me a message to be added! The list will serve as a purpose of finding other BJD blogs to follow with a focus on anti-recast blogs. More babble on the page itself.

Add yourself here!

bjdrecastpositive can keep their anti-recast meanie list, we’ll be over here actually building a stronger community lol

reblog if you’re *actually* active, trying to find more people to follow :)
Blog and/or artist promotion!!!

I’d like to open up the opportunity to promote fellow blogs and artist blogs on mine. I currently have 252,000 followers world wide and it’s growing continuously. 

If you’d like to promote your page, blog, or website (art/history related only please. This can be any kind of art, not limited to what I normally focus on) get in touch and we can discuss!

If you are a company, gallery or museum, we can discuss sponsored posts (for a tiny fee).