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okay so in the world of mages the power behind spells comes from the Normals’ everyday use of language. common phrases, popular lyrics, etc. can be used as spells and the power it contains depends on how widespread the use of the phrase is. so like mages use “up up and away” as a levitation spell and it works really well cuz its a really commonly used phrase.

can you imagine the baby boomer era mages complaining about these newfangled spells the younger generation has that are so unpredictable yet exponentially more powerful than anything the mages had in the past. a student wanted to fetch his pet frog and uses “oh shit waddup” and every frog on the continent suddenly flies to him. another student points her wand at her shoes. “damn daniel” and they become blindingly white. simply saying “BODE” engorges a kitten to the size of a dragon. the Mage’s position is filled by a grouchy teen known as the Meme King. he runs a blog and is the most powerful wizard of all time.

Sex Tape (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Word count: 1.9k 

part two: peaches and cream. part three: toys.

Summary: “Well, it’s my last day home.” He said, stating the obvious as you came closer to him. You nodded, silently urging him to continue before he bent over and picked a box up off of the ground which you didn’t even look at. Your eyes were too focused on his face as he continued to smirk, “I just want to remember it, that’s all.” 

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Arurio Crossover series : Yurio in SNK world.

This headcannon is like the exchange between Armin and Yurio crossover their universe. They’re like tourists to the other.

This part, Armin trains Yurio about soldier stuff. Since Yurio is new, he can wear only trainee squad jacket. Yurio learns so fast. He gains physical skill from figure skater career though.

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Happy New Year 2017!! See Armin’s  part next year.


                                                        Issa Sad Day😩😩

      Guys, I have some news to share. Unfortunately, when I had my co-worker take pics of me on our lunch break, I realized something shocking. 😱 The further my stomach grows, the more my ass shrinks. I got major booty know when your stomach sticks out further than your booty do?😢 

      So here I am, a big-bellied broad with no ass coming to say Hi👋🏾. How are all of you doing today? I’ve kinda been MIA, not because I been busy, but because I’m lazy as shit. && preparing for the baby has consumed my life. && I don’t wanna bombard you guys with baby updates every 15 mins!

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I'll jump on the boat of pregnancy, Leggy pregnancy plz

Preggo!Peggy Ft. Laf

  • It is completely on accident. Like, no plans, just woops
  • Peggy had stopped taking her birth control pills and Laf didn’t notice soooo
  • Peggy starts getting sick and gaining weight
  • Laf starts putting five and two together and suggests Peggy take a test
  • Pregnant Peggy isn’t sure what to do
  • Laf buys pregnancy books and they attempt to sort this out themselves
  • Immediately Laf wants to keep the baby, and Peggy agrees because she loves the idea of a tiny, dreadlock-y mini Laf 
  • The love is short lived because Angelica nearly breaks Laf’s balls for the whole mess. But decides it would be healthier all around to let laf live another day
  • Peggy gains weight fast, she‘s a smol, round, cute preggo who wears nothing but crop tops and maxi dresses while she’s pregnant
  • She develops some high blood pressure problems which trigger’s laf’s dad senses
  • Laf does most of the taking care and the nesting, Peggy is kinda of just chilling, playing with toy cars on top of her bump and wondering random lil things like “if the baby kicks me in the bladder, will I pee myself?”
  • Peggy=young playful mom to be
Reunited - One

A/N: First part of my new Jensen x Reader series. I mean no harm towards Jensen, or his family, this is purely fiction. Thank you to my beautiful beta @thorne93.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Readers mom, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: None I think. Maybe a swear word or two. Alcohol

Wordcount: 1958

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You were sitting at your favorite coffee shop, waiting for your friend who was running late yet again. You loved her to pieces, but the girl was never on time.

About fifteen minutes later she finally arrived, storming through the doors looking stressed as always. “I’m so sorry, (YN),” she said, slightly out of breath. “I was just leaving my apartment when my mom called. I tried to hurry it along, but…you know how chatty my mom can be,” Rose said while searching her bag. “Fuck, I left my wallet,” she sighed before sitting down on her chair.

“It’s fine,” you assured. “I got you a coffee… although it might be cold now. You like iced coffee right?” you joked.

She sat down across from you as the two of you got caught up. She had just started her new job as night manager of a nice hotel, and you had been swamped lately with your own business, which was good, but it meant that you didn’t get to see her as often as you wanted.

“We need to have a girls night,” she suggested. “I have next friday off, what do you say? I’ll bring wine,” she said suggestively, bouncing her eyebrows.

“Swap wine with rum and you have yourself a deal,” you countered.

“Oh my god!!! I almost forgot,” she exclaimed loudly, making a few people turn and look at you. “Guess who moved back to town?”


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If I may elaborate more on thin privilege, my mom was overweight for a long time. She had five kids and a demanding job of course she was gonna be. Anyway she decided to get in shape but while doing so she injured her knee. When she went to the doctor they told her to loose weight. She lost I think around fifty pounds, nothing changed, it actually got worse. She went to a new doctor and they told her she had a torn meniscus, which had only been getting worse in time. Because the doctor had assumed it was because of her weight she had to have surgery, and spend money she didn’t have. It’s slowly getting better but she’s still in excruciating pain everyday. This isn’t unusual. I’ve talked to women all over the country who are overweight and have gone through similar experiences. It’s hard to loose baby weight, it’s hard to eat right and find the time to exercise. I have friends who hate going to the doctor because every time they go they hear “you need to loose weight.” Like yes, they’re trying. Instead of discussing how to loose weight we need to be discussing why people gain weight. In today’s fast paced world women aren’t given long enough maternity leaves. If they don’t work overtime in the office they might not get that promotion, so of course they don’t have the time to work out. And unhealthy food is cheaper, so of course poor people will gain weight faster. Thin privilege is also about wealth, about time, about going to a doctor and not having them cut down your self esteem. :) thanks!
50 McDonald’s Menu Items With the Most Calories
The 40 piece Chicken McNugget is the most substantial meal available at McDonald’s, according to calorie counts published by the fast food chain. At 1,880 calories, enough energy is packed into 40 chicken nuggets to provide lunch for a family or group of friends, and close to the daily average recommended caloric intake for an individual.

This article is about 50 of McDonald’s menu items that have the most calories so you can avoid them and maybe eat healthier.
But, depending on your goals, this could actually be an article about what McDonald’s menu items to help you pack on more weight.
Take a look before hitting the drive-thru

i used to gain followers hella fast back when i was obsessed with promoting myself constantly but now that im actually invested in my blog and bein real and not mass-queueing ALL MY FOLLOWERS ARE LEAVING ME. oh well i can’t complain, let’s call it karma