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Can we stop acting like eating healthy is only for people who wanna lose weight?

I’m sick of going for the healthy option and people saying “get something good! You’re already skinny” or when suggesting a healthy recipe to others and they say “I’m not looking to lose weight”


Eating healthy is literally so your body can be healthy. So you can feel better. So you can perform better. So you can take care of and nourish your body properly. I’m not eating spinach because I wanna lose weight I’m eating spinach because I want to live longer and feel better.

okay so in the world of mages the power behind spells comes from the Normals’ everyday use of language. common phrases, popular lyrics, etc. can be used as spells and the power it contains depends on how widespread the use of the phrase is. so like mages use “up up and away” as a levitation spell and it works really well cuz its a really commonly used phrase.

can you imagine the baby boomer era mages complaining about these newfangled spells the younger generation has that are so unpredictable yet exponentially more powerful than anything the mages had in the past. a student wanted to fetch his pet frog and uses “oh shit waddup” and every frog on the continent suddenly flies to him. another student points her wand at her shoes. “damn daniel” and they become blindingly white. simply saying “BODE” engorges a kitten to the size of a dragon. the Mage’s position is filled by a grouchy teen known as the Meme King. he runs a blog and is the most powerful wizard of all time.

Act III Scene 4, Shangela’s Sugar Daddy Soliloquy

Let us be free from passage of our time,

Hold still, hold fast, the sweetest of my heart,

Collect thyself before even in part

A read thou wouldst in my here face thus chime.

The sweetest of my heart, know i do not

A man with gifts and bounty after lust,

All that i own, I own as it is just

And with labour and toil i have these got.

A great empire have I forged for myself,

And thy, without doubt, always know that must,

Built from the very ground, the very crust,

Still no man whom would jewel adorn each shelf.

No man to bathe my form in finest gold,

And this way it has been for time long passed,

A prince or wealthy man could I gain fast,

Should i desire his riches to behold.

One wonders, what aspect i must possess,

To heavy-pocket men so well attract,

Tis’ as i sicken! A plague i have well backed,

With sickening looks a plague i quickly press.

Thou art not the maiden who ever could,

The men of age and fortunes great soon bed,

As this woman thou never could be said

To be, nor be you ever even would.

Child, all on earth possessed by Shangela,

With sweat and blood with effort I have gained

A labourer and warrior ordained,

My work from Earth I am the handler.

you fucking


Sex Tape (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Word count: 1.9k 

part two: peaches and cream. part three: toys.

Summary: “Well, it’s my last day home.” He said, stating the obvious as you came closer to him. You nodded, silently urging him to continue before he bent over and picked a box up off of the ground which you didn’t even look at. Your eyes were too focused on his face as he continued to smirk, “I just want to remember it, that’s all.” 

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so in seventh grade, my band class had a creepy obsession with our band director. in my friend group, we called him dad and the entire clarinet section called him nigel (think - nigel from the wild thornberries). so towards the end of the year, my alto sax friend changed all the apps in his phone to a picture of our band director. that started the god awful trend of #spreadthebraue so after that - i posted on my instagram a photo of mr. b and tagged it with said tag. then about 15 other kids in my grade reposted it. it was hell.

then i got the bright idea to start an instagram account called “same picture of braue” i posted on it for the last month of school and it gained followers quickly.

fast forward to the last day of school when we were having a ceremony for students who did something special (idk i was asleep half the time) when mr. b was handing out awards for band students, he called up me, my alto sax friend, and my three other percussionist friends (we were an iconic friend group lemme tell you. whenever we would have to play in groups - we would all play as a quintet)
so we went up to the stage and mr. b explains why we are on the stage. he never got to finish because as soon as he says “spread the braue” my percussionist friend whips out a giant peanut butter jar that has “spread the braue like butter” labeled on it with a picture of his face and then hands it to him then motions for the rest of us to walk off stage.

so then last week, i stopped in the band room for my forgotten tuba mouthpiece that i was emailed about and then i saw it on the wall. mr. b had set up a shelf with the peanut butter jar on it and a plaque that read:

7th grade band class students - Matt -last name- (alto sax), savannah -last name- (tuba), asher (percussionist - the one who handed him the jar), diana -last name- (percussionist), and josh -last name- (percussionist) - started trend #spreadthebraue and @samepictureofbraue on instagram

long this the band class of 2017


Arurio Crossover series : Yurio in SNK world.

This headcannon is like the exchange between Armin and Yurio crossover their universe. They’re like tourists to the other.

This part, Armin trains Yurio about soldier stuff. Since Yurio is new, he can wear only trainee squad jacket. Yurio learns so fast. He gains physical skill from figure skater career though.

Check out Previous headcannon and Series cover

Happy New Year 2017!! See Armin’s  part next year.

Language, Cupcake! (Dean Ambrose) One Shot

Originally posted by temomi

Characters: Dean Ambrose X Reader

Prompt Request: Request by @thenameskaelyn

168: “You’re in trouble now”
170: “Bend over”
179: “First one to make a noise loses”
181: “If you’re bored; Wanna have sex?”

Warnings: Smut. 200000000% ALL smut. #noshame

Word Count: 3.3k

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So a strange animal appears in Minako’s house and begins speaking to her, and what does Minako do? She gets pissed. How dare this cat barge into her home when she’s only wearing a towel? How dare this cat talk? I mean, that’s so rude! Here she’s trying to have a relaxing night at home, and this feline comes trespassing on her property, breaking laws and good sense. Unbelievable!

Arty took that fall like a champ. Chucked from a second-floor window? NBD.

In fact, look how pleased he is! He’s so proud of his violent teenage daughter. And look, if Artemis has been wandering around with only himself and Moon Siri to talk to, he’s probably accidentally set off a lot of alarm bells with other humans. He’s probably seen people scream in terror when he lets a word or two slip. Or just as bad, watched the denial kick in, as they quickly try to explain away the magic right in front of them as some kind of prank.

Minako does neither. She has a moment of initial shock, but quickly regains her balance and reacts to Artemis as though he is a perfectly normal threat. She not only immediately accepts the existence of cats that talk, but makes a series of logical leaps from that knowledge.

Just look at this handy flowchart I drew up to show the mental leaps that Minako made in the span of maybe one and a half seconds.

Perfectly logical if you sit down and think about it! That’s the thing about Minako. She seems ridiculous and airheaded, but only because she’s moving at the speed of light. And maybe her snap judgements aren’t always correct, because she’s moving through this thought process too fast to gain all the relevant information. But she reacts based on the information she has at hand, and she commits to it.


                                                        Issa Sad Day😩😩

      Guys, I have some news to share. Unfortunately, when I had my co-worker take pics of me on our lunch break, I realized something shocking. 😱 The further my stomach grows, the more my ass shrinks. I got major booty know when your stomach sticks out further than your booty do?😢 

      So here I am, a big-bellied broad with no ass coming to say Hi👋🏾. How are all of you doing today? I’ve kinda been MIA, not because I been busy, but because I’m lazy as shit. && preparing for the baby has consumed my life. && I don’t wanna bombard you guys with baby updates every 15 mins!

209.2 last Wednesday –> 207.8 Thursday –> 207.2 Friday –> 209.6 Monday –> 207.8 yesterday –> 208.6 today

Here’s an SDS for @asphaltcompaction93 and @meishamodifying in the bathroom at work because I like the wallpaper. I truly don’t think my eyes are nearly that dark, so please excuse that I look like a demon. Thanks for tagging me!

Yesterday I ate:

- none, fasting

- 8 oz. chicken breast from home with lettuce from the work lunch, which was fine, but work lunch was tacos, so then I piled my salad high with guac

- 8 oz. chicken breast with 2 T Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch dressing (still non-dairy, just as good as the Zesty Ranch, and has fewer calories), three eggs, and two slices of American cheese melted on top

- one square of Lindt 85% chocolate
- the last of my Nush cakes, thank god, although I’m going to miss them

Gained back part of my big whoosh yesterday, but you know what? I’m still down a little from this time last week, and that’s all that matters.

I’m truly, TRULY sticking to my meal plan today and can’t wait. Dinner last night was so filling I had to take a break halfway through, so I think my stomach is getting used to the smaller portions I’m trying to give it. Not that 8 oz. of chicken for lunch is small, but it is compared to what I used to eat.

I tag my DietBet pals for an SDS! @lizzielosing, @westcoaststartinganew, @lchfjourney, @one-forty-five, @niki-noo, @meishamodifying, @biancadoeshealthy, and @surgeofadrenaline!