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Victor actually IS the jealous type!!!

Remember this scene from episode 2? 

Victor was obviously pretending to be asleep while posing sexy for Yuuri. I mean c’mon I was thinking the same thing even when I didn’t know the ending of episode 10. So anyway, Minako was talking how Victor showed up for Yuuri then he “woke up” 

At this point he’s still calling him Yuuri and he’s pretty calm and has a genuine gentle expression on his face. But that changes quickly

An unfamiliar woman sitting next to Yuuri and explaining how Yuuri gains weight fast. She seemed to know Yuuri too well and that triggered Victor’s sudden attitude change

His expression shifts to his fake pissed off smile

And then starts insulting Yuuri

This is the exact expression  when he tries to hide his anger so he smiles ,  but oh boy. he was so pissed 

It’s understandable, I mean Yuuri seduced him and left him hanging for many months without contacting him. He sees a video of him skating his routine, flies to Hasetsu just to see the playboy being with a very attractive woman. If it were me I would be thinking the same and calling Yuuri a PIG.

When they’re finally alone, he doesn’t misses a chance to ask him if he has a girl he likes. A GIRL, because of MINAKO 

Then he asks him again because he didn’t receive and answer, Yuuri wimped out. After Yuuri says he doesn’t, Victor asks him if he has a “koibito” which is a neutral term for lover. So again, the first time he asked him if he has a girlfriend is because he thought Yuuri and Minako might be an item. 


(Victor: What’s up with this kid? He made a costume inspired by one of Yuuri’s? I don’t like this.) 

(Victor: Okay, Phichit, you might have spent more time with Yuuri than me, but he’s mine now so back off) 

Actually this was the most obvious one hahaha

His eyes aren’t smiling!!! 

Some people will say jealousy is bad and unhealthy well I agree to disagree because, Victor’s form of jealousy is still in the safe zone. It just proves how madly he’s fallen for his Katsudon. This will be my last post until episode 11 is out. By the looks of it, we will get to see a flashback from Victor’s past.

Jealous Victor is adorable and he needs to be protected!


Arurio Crossover series : Yurio in SNK world.

This headcannon is like the exchange between Armin and Yurio crossover their universe. They’re like tourists to the other.

This part, Armin trains Yurio about soldier stuff. Since Yurio is new, he can wear only trainee squad jacket. Yurio learns so fast. He gains physical skill from figure skater career though.

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Happy New Year 2017!! See Armin’s  part next year.



We all know ThanksGiving and Christmas is a Time of Love and FEASTING on Delicious Tasty Foods But theres always the Inevitable weight Gain.

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The 40 piece Chicken McNugget is the most substantial meal available at McDonald’s, according to calorie counts published by the fast food chain. At 1,880 calories, enough energy is packed into 40 chicken nuggets to provide lunch for a family or group of friends, and close to the daily average recommended caloric intake for an individual.

This article is about 50 of McDonald’s menu items that have the most calories so you can avoid them and maybe eat healthier.
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