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I love how my friends were laughing at me the whole season for trying to get Gold in 3v3 Queue (which I managed), saying it is easier than 5v5. I made a bet for them to reach the same rank as me in 3v3 by the end of the season. And so far I feel like I will be a good 100€ richer next month.

hey bruh that’s great and all but I don’t see what gaining 100 E’s does for you

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Congrats on gaining 100 followers! Here's to 100 more! Also, prompt: Jerry/David, learning to see.

Thank you! 
Learning to see? See what exactly? Hold on here folks, I have no idea what i’m doing!


“’m right here, baby,” Jerry says, soft and sad and quiet, right in David’s ear. He starts, a little frightened. The room is a barrage of smells and sounds - David can hear the water running in the pipes and the sound of the cars on the highway half a mile away. He can hear the dry quality of Jerry’s breathing - of his own. He can hear emptiness in his own chest - his heart now cold and silent. 

Panic balloons in David’s chest. It feels like it’s crushing him, taking away his ability to breath. And then he realizes he doesn’t need to anymore. David’s eyes fly open, a strangled sound leaving his lips, and then he shrieks in agony. Light pierces into his eyeballs like glass shards. He closes them again, willing away the pain and slapping his hands to his face. 

“Easy! Easy!” Jerry says, and he sounds strained, stressed, maybe even afraid. David turns his head to track Jerry’s movements across the room; the rustle of the sheets when he leaves the bed, the slide of his socks on hardwood, the way the fabric of his jeans rub together when he walks. David has those thighs memorized, has every aspect of Jerry memorized; from the little wisp of hair that’s always falling into his eyes to the way he stretches and yawns just before the sun comes up. 

David thinks he’ll need it. It’s a bitter thought, and one with claws. It’s already sinking into him, changing and twisting every fibre of David’s being. The light switch clicks, and then Jerry speaks again.

“Alright baby, it’s darker now. Try opening your eyes.”

David bites his lip. Some sort of irrational fear is threatening to swallow him whole. He doesn’t want to open his eyes - he’s been taught his whole life not to look at the sun. Now Jerry’s asking him to, or at least it feels like that. 

“It’s alright, Davie,” Jerry coaxes. There’s the rasp of his jeans again, before the bed dips and arms wrap around David, cuddling him to Jerry’s chest. David finds himself amazed by the fact that they’re the same temperature now, as much as the fact that Jerry’s scent isn’t overwhelmingly powerful now, as David expected it would be. 

David rests his head in the junction of Jerry’s shoulder, caressing the soft fabric of his teeshirt, investigating the fibres underneath his fingertips. Jerry rumbles out a chuckle and kisses David’s hair. 

“C’mon, baby,” Jerry says, “Please?”

David opens his eyes. Slowly, halting, expecting searing agony again. But he’s only met with Jerry’s pale face, features pinched in a pained expression, eyes swimming with sadness and regret. 

“Wha’?” David asks.

“Your eyes are black now,” Jerry answers, “You’re hungry.”

David reaches with trembling fingers to massage the space around his eyes, smooth and soft. His gaze flickers around the room, from the sheets to the walls to the window - from the thread count to the pores in the paint to the tiny bubbles of air trapped in the glass as it cooled. 

Jerry leans into him, kissing David’s cheek, “You’ll get used to it,” he says, “I promise baby. It gets easier, the sensitivity goes away.”

David closes his eyes again, turning his face so he can press it into Jerry’s throat. His hands shake still, and his brain spins with all this new information. 

“I’m scared,” David finally says, admitting the one thing he never has, not since he was a wee tot in Mam’s arms. Jerry kisses him again, forehead resting against David’s crown, “I know. It’s alright. I’m here.”

5SOS (y/n) Imagine: Opening Act

“rt if you think they should date or fav if they’re just a hookup”

“They need a ship name!”

“(y/n)’s SOOOO talented I bet they sign her band to Hi or Hey”

An absurd fan edit of Ashton proposing ends your daily Twitter search. It’s only been 3 weeks since Ashton and Calum reached out towards your band on Youtube, and you’re now gaining 100′s of followers a day. They scheduled a “business” meeting (where you played human Jenga longer than you actually negotiated business) last weekend at their L.A. rental home.Somehow the fans took more pictures of you meeting Ashton in the driveway for 5 seconds than you’ve ever taken in your entire life. 

The lead singer of their previous opening act has a family wedding to attend in Europe, so they are unable to make the next 3 shows on 5sos’ tour. Your band is a mixture of pop music and rock- almost a female version of All Time Low without the secondhand embarrassment of their emo stage. You’re the lead vocalist, alongside your older twin cousins who play bass and lead guitar. Your drummer was an ex-boyfriend who ended up being a better percussionist than he was a boyfriend. Your band has played a handful of sold out local shows, along with a state-wide college campus tour (which has generated enough interest for a fan base). Ashton and Calum were made aware of your band’s undeniable stage presence after a bunch of your loyal fans repeatedly dm’d them your best tour video that has had over 6 million views so far.

“Venti or Grande?” 

“Venti!” you reply back to Ashton. He asked you to make a coffee run with him this morning before the afternoon concert rehearsal begins. The rest of the band was either sleeping off last night’s booze fest or grabbing some greasy chinese take-out (looking at you Michael Clifford). Ashton waits at the edge of the barista’s corner for your drink, while you grab a spot to sit outside.

“I didn’t know if you’d be hungry or I grabbed you a muffin and a lemon cake slice, or a cake pop..I think it’s birthday cake flavored! Anyways, I can eat whatever you don’t want,” Ashton sets all of his purchases on the wooden table.

“I’m game for that lemon cake and let’s split that cake pop while we’re at it.”

“How does one split a cake pop?” 

“I’ll bite half, you bite half? Like on Lady and The Tramp when they share the spaghetti!”

You roll your eyes at Ashton as he licks part of the cake pop suggestively, you decide to take a bite out of it while he’s still holding it up to his mouth.

“No fair! That bite was totally more than half,” Ashton complains before eating the rest of it. 

The next hour and half slides by as you both scroll through your phones, showing each other places you want to visit thanks to tumblr. As per usual, a security van comes to pick you up just in time for rehearsal. On the way back to the arena you notice your name is trending alongside Ashton’s on Twitter. “Starbuck’s Lovers!” is the caption on an insanely zoomed in photo of you eating part of the cake pop. Another photo of Ashton taking a selfie of you and him has already been edited and angled to appear incredibly intimate. A bunch of your fans are already tweeting potential ship names for the relationship they think you and Ashton might be in. Ashton leans over the seat and reads a few of the tweets.

“You take a fellow musician out to coffee and suddenly you are getting married on stage tonight! They wouldn’t do this if I went to lunch with Pete Went..actuallly they still probably would have.. I love our fans, I really do, but sometimes they make things more dramatic than a soap opera.” Ashton comments on a few of the extreme tweets. 

“Some of them are sweet though- like this girl said she loves both of us because of our music and she hopes that we could make each other happier.”

Ashton nods before sinking back into the seat in front of you, he gazes out the window and you can’t help but notice his smile reflected onto the window. 

Once you start practicing your set with your less-than energized band, you notice that a few of 5sos’ crew members are hanging around backstage along with Michael and Ashton discussing tonight’s setlist.Once you finish your final song, you head backstage to chat with them. Michael is messing around with Ashton’s drum kit and it’s driving Ashton crazy.

“MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD! This is not Step-Brothers, I swear to god if you defile my set I will not play tonight.”

“Chill out Ash! I’m just hitting the drums with your stick things not putting my ball sack on them.” Michael’s smart ass comment causes Ashton to get off his chair.

You can’t help but laugh as Michael hits the drum one final time before running towards the stage exit. 

“He is such an ass- Let’s draw a dick on his concert outfit for tonight,” you laugh as Ashton grabs the costume box and finds Michael’s favorite ripped skinnies. You hand him a silver sharpie you have from editing your own setlist. He draws a rather large spaceship on Michael’s pants and you add a few meteors for good measure.

“That totally looks like a dick..”

“We have 6 year old fans, so shut up (y/n) it’s a spaceship.”

Ashton hands you the marker back, but he grabs your hand first.

“Hey!” you start to smack him away as closes his palms around you.

“Uhmm..see you tonight.” Ashton walks off as you start to wonder why he held your sweaty hand for so long.

(Fast forward to the concert)

You were nervous to perform to such a huge crowd, but the energy of your bandmates and the funny signs helped you power through the setlist. Just as you were about to sit down and perform your final, slow ballad the lights switched off. The lights were supposed to dim, but not turn completely off, unsure of what to do you decide to sit on your stool and hope that the crew fixes the mistake soon. An orange spotlight comes on and you start to realize that the crew didn’t mention this new addition to the lighting. Just as you start to begin your ballad, Ashton drags his own stool onto the stage and along with his personal guitar he showed you last week.

“What is going on?” you whisper as you start to strum the beginning of the song.

“Just go with it! And give me a few verses,” he winks as he joins in on his guitar.

“Traveling doesn’t mean I’ve left my heart. I’ve just began finding it, help me find myself by finding you.”

“I’ll find you..I’ll find you if you find me,” Ashton sings the response.

“Miles are what I want, sunsets are what I collect, and I can see the journey in your eyes, so let’s adventure…”

“I’ll find you when you find me..I’ll find you” Ashton drags the notes out longer than his last part.

“The road is only scary when I’m alone,” your voice starts to waver a little as you notice Ashton paying full attention to you. It dawns on you that he must have planned this awhile ago, because everyone is watching your performance backstage- Michael even gives Ashton a thumbs up.You finish the rest of the song and struggle not to laugh as Ashton makes up his own verses about your favorite song to sing in the shower (something that you’d shared with him earlier during a game of 20 questions). As the song ends it’s obvious that Ashton has something to say before your band comes back on for the final bow. 

“(y/n), I know we haven’t known each other this is kinda a long shot- I want to to ask you something in front of all of our loving, wonderful fans so you can’t turn me down,” he laughs as most of the fans scream and clap, finally realizing what he is doing.

“Will you grab another coffee with me sometime and maybe a little dinner or a movie.. we could save the world, go swimming, or whatever you want? It doesn’t have to be Starbucks, I just want to take you out on a real date sometime,” his boyish smile is directed towards the ground and you can tell that he’s actually nervous that you’ll turn him down.

Much to all the fans’ dismay, you lower your microphone headset down and whisper a coy “yes” into Ashton’s ear so that they can’t hear what you’re saying. Ashton however gives away your answer when his faces lights up like a suburban house in December.