gaiman and mckean

Original cover art by Dave McKean from the Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, published by DC Comics, September 1991. 

From the auction listing: “The wonderfully colored egg shaped stones are placed in a wooden printer’s typeface box, along with some sections of painted board that form the face of Morpheus looking out at you. The left half of the image was intended for the back cover, and indeed the driftwood was used, however, the sheet music was edited out in favor of a sheet of typed text reviews and quotes.”

anonymous asked:

What is that book you have on your head on avatar and why it is here?

That’s the Wanderer’s Tarot Guidebook by Casey Zabala. 

Why is it there? Well, because it reminds me of this: 

A card that holds great personal relevance to me. 

Truth be told though, it’s on my head because I was using my head as a temporary bookmark. I will sometimes do this unconsciously, and it cracks me up, because it so stupid, but it honestly is a thing I do… because I’m a dork :)