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COMING HOME (13a/13b)

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After they christened Holly’s shower and got dressed (Gail had to borrow a pair of wool leggings and oversized sweater that came to mid-thigh from Holly), Gail finally dug her phone out of her purse. She expected to hear from Gracie at some point during the day, but being a teenager, she typically slept until noon on the weekends.

So she was surprised to see eight missed texts and two voicemails from the girl.

Instantly worried something was wrong, she unlocked her phone and dialed her voicemail. Gail’s heart sank in her chest when she heard the teenager’s upset voice imploring her to pick up the phone. She checked the time on the messages, feeling slightly relieved when she noted it had only been about ten minutes as opposed to hours.

Gail immediately hit ‘call back’ button on the screen, bringing the phone to her ear as the line started to ring. Holly, being observant, noticed Gail’s worried expression and moved closer to place a comforting hand on her back.

“Mom, where are you?” the teenager answered without even saying hello.

“Gracie? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

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Lucky 13

NOTE: I really wanted to write Holly and Gail meeting.

Gail Peck was pissed. While that was not an unusual state for the brash blonde twenty-year-old, today she felt she had a very valid reason for her anger. Gail Peck had a routine. Most mornings she would awake hours before the start of her first shift as a campus cadet at the University of Toronto, shower and dress. She would then catch a ride to Cloud Nine Bakery on the south side of the city. It took nearly an hour to get to this particular bakery, but boy was it worth it.

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