gail zabowski


My cousin Gail recently dropped this off on me, and just in time for a class I was teaching on the Cold War. This is an official Government publication on what to do in case of a nuclear attack. It was printed in November of 1966 and sent to my Uncle John. It was a joint publication between the Department of Defense and the Office of Civil Defense, which was a forerunner of Homeland Security (for those of you too young to remember). 

The book has various things one should do to help survive a nuclear war, ho ho. Things like planting shrubs to lower the amount of fallout affecting your house / shelter. Or other handy tips like items you may want in your shelter. Also, the longest the book mentions you could be in there was two weeks?!? That’s it? And even if it was just two weeks, some of those shelters look a wee bit cozy. Then again, they appear to be just barely underground so most likely the occupants wouldn’t have to worry about it since the initial blast would vaporize them.