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“If tomorrow women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.” – Gail Dines 

Sometimes I care a little too much about things that don’t matter in the long run. I’m trying not to, and this definitely helps. As long as I’m healthy, that’s all that matters. I want to live happily ever after.

Okay, some of you wanted to know what I’ve been reading lately so here are a few of them, along with the cover art because sometimes I really like cover art.

I’ve included the links to goodreads so if any of you are interested in learning more you can follow up on them there (especially as whatever I say about the books will never do them justice).

In absolutely no particular order.

1. Uprooted by Naomi Novik

I basically bought Uprooted in a panic because I didn’t think I had enough books to last my holiday and the cover art was pretty. I ended up loving it because it was surprisingly beautiful. It’s not particularly YA and I wasn’t particularly bothered by the romantic relationship introduced but I enjoyed the fairytale aspects very much.

2. The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

A magical Library with librarian spies who enter into alternate worlds to steal dangerous or important books. A little bit steampunk in feel and not YA. It was lent to me while I was on vacation and I was a little unsure whether I’d like it, but I completely fell in love with the heroine and can’t wait for the sequel.

3. The Queen of the Tearling (& its sequel) by Erika Johansen

I totally loved this book (and it’s sequel). Originally I came across when I heard Emma Watson was attached to the adaptation due to its feminist nature. Considering the heroine is chubby and has to change what she eats in the books to get fit enough for war I am assuming the film adaptation will gloss over all of that and have Watson skinny from the start. Which is a shame. Also, this is one of the few fantasy books I’ve read where the heroine’s period is addressed. Everyone I’ve recommended it to has loved it. There is a same-sex relationship but it’s mostly background (though may feature more in the third book??).

4. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Magic smuggling through four alternate Londons: Red London, Grey London, White London, and the mysterious Black London. Male protagonist, but the female sidekick is brilliant and appears to be the protagonist in the upcoming sequel. I keep forgetting the title and calling it ‘50 Shades of Magic’ but don’t let that put you off. It was very enjoyable.

5. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

This book first came to my attention when a friend who works in publishing mentioned it to me and said it was getting a lot of buzz. It took me a couple of chapters to get into (and I couldn’t quite peg whether it was SF or simply F at first) but it’s a very interesting book and I can see why it received so much buzz (plus, apparently the author was only 22 when it was published).

6. Graceling (& Fire & Bitterblue) by Kristin Cashore

I really enjoyed this series. Each of the books follows a different heroine within the same world and all of them are fantastic. Plus, there’s racial diversity among the heroines and the supporting cast, and same-sex relationships feature. Oh, and Fire addresses the realities of periods in a fantasy world. TW for implied/referenced sexual abuse of minors in Bitterblue. Bitterblue is the darkest of the three but is all the more powerful for this. (Graceling remains my favourite though because I can’t help adoring the protagonist’s uncompromising independence.)

7. Shadow and Bone (& the rest of the series) by Leigh Bardugo

For some reason I resisted reading this series for ages. It’s a solid fantasy trilogy, borrowing certain aspects from Russian culture. Definitely enjoyable and I liked the bittersweet ending. The love interest Mal, was a tad irritating and you just know that if you met him in real life he’d probably be a jerk. The story was good enough to overlook that quibble though.

8. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I totally judge books by their cover art and an such would never have picked up this book if it weren’t for my publishing friend who convinced me to pick it up. I 100% fell in love with it and sent tvtheinternet a very embarrassing email about how much I loved it. It’s a retelling on Beauty and the Beast, except way better than that. Although, if you are not interested in love stories then this is not the book for you.

9. Throne of Glass (& the rest of the series) by Sarah J. Maas

I hate this cover art. Hate it. I completely ignored this book series every time it popped up as ‘Recommended’. I mean, it’s awful, right? But then I finished A Court of Thorns and Roses and realised I needed to read something else by the same author asap. Against my better judgment I figured I should give this a try. I have now ready every book in the series so far (including the novellas) and have sent multiple embarrassing emails to tvtheinternet about my emotions and these books.

What I particularly love is that the protagonist is so wonderfully arrogant, and deservedly so. She’s an assassin - she’s literally the best that there is at killing people - but she also loves luxury and expensive dresses and all the trappings of femininity. She loves food and music and disemboweling men. She develops superbly throughout the series and I can’t believe I have to wait a year for the next one to be released.

10. The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

I am hesitant to recommend this. Not because I didn’t enjoy it but because it felt like it could have been so much more. It’s beautiful and haunting and I love the idea of the floating circus, but ultimately the ending wasn’t satisfying. And yet I still think it’s worth reading.

Other books I haven’t read recently but recommend: Wool, Ready Player One, anything by Gail Carriger, The Night Circus, The Paradox Series.



Lesbian TV/Webseries/YouTube Couples :-)

I’ve been putting the list together for a while and I keep on adding to it! Please feel free to add any :-) I’ll watch them lol

Tv Shows
Clara & Marina
Marlene & Rebecca
Julia & Mariana
Pepa & Silvia
Arizona & Callie
Bianca & Marissa/Maggie
Spencer & Ashley
Emily & Paige/Samara/Maya
Frankie & Cat
Tilly & Jen/Esther
Gail & Holly
Bo & Lauren
Emily & Naomi
Brittany & Santana
Kerstin & Juliette
Patricia & Lucia
Karma & Amy

Jelly & Day
Rose & Rosie
Lucy & Kaelyn
Whitney & Megan
Katy & Eilis
Stef & Chloe

zkuniverse  asked:

Prompt - It's almost a month of complete radio silence from Gail. Holly takes a bullet for Traci from the suspect who hides in the crime scene 'cause Tranci means a lot to Gail.

Over the radio, Gail heard the code for shots fired. It always made her stomach lurch. She flipped on the lights and Dov hit the gas on the car. They flew through the streets readying themselves to provide support for their fellow officers.

Then, about five minutes from the location, Traci’s voice called for an ambulance because there was an officer down. Dov pressed the gas down harder, everyone who it could have been hit. Gail set her jaw and when Dov screeched to a stop behind Traci’s unmarked car, she was the first one out of the car. “Traci!”

The ambulance rolled up right behind them. The medics jumped out and ran toward the house. Traci emerged from the front door and pointed them inside with blood on her hands.

“Who is it?” Dov asked, stepped up onto the porch with Gail.

Traci swallowed and shook her head, “Gail can you go get me a towel?”

Gail looked at the blood on Traci’s hands and the look on her face. Gail immediately knew something was terribly wrong. She tried to step past Traci who stepped in her way. “Gail. Don’t.”

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a/n: and the winner is… well, you’ll just have to read to find out. :p but this one won BY A LANDSLIDE, so I hope y'all enjoy. (SPOILERY warning: I have lived my entire life in Georgia, aka the Deep South, where we panic and close everything for an inch of snow becuase we don’t have the equipment to handle it. I tried to research as best I could, but please excuse any winter weather mistakes. Thanks!)

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Gail blinked in confusion as everything suddenly went dark. “Oh, my God, I’ve gone blind!” she said dramatically.

Holly sniggered beside her where they sat on the couch. “It’s just the power going out, Gail.”

“You don’t say,” Gail replied dryly. She pulled out her phone and turned on the built in LED flashlight. She stood and walked to the window, pulling back the curtain to look outside. The sun had set in the two hours since Gail had followed Holly to her apartment. “It looks like an outage. I wonder how extensive it is.”

Holly came to stand next to Gail, peering out the window. “It’s really coming down out there,” she said, taking note of the heavily falling snow.

“I should go before it gets too much worse,” Gail said. “I don’t think my car has snow tires on it yet.”

Holly looked at her in shock. “Gail, you can’t drive in this without snow tires,” she exclaimed. “It doesn’t look like a plow has been through here for hours.”

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almost the end of summer and holly wants to do some outdoorsy things. problem is, gail is so so pale. so holly tries to come up with solutions (that gail points out won't work from past experiences) so that gail won't be horribly sunburnt. but holly prevails with some awesome idea and the two nerds get to enjoy the last bits of summer.

this prompt made me laugh so much when I read it, thank you. hope you enjoy:

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