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My bf doesn't watch porn (he's a sweetheart, you can tell the difference between a man who watches porn and a man who doesn't), but when I told him about how porn has a bad effect on a man's behavior towards women he said "not all porn is that hardcore. There are many kinds of porn of course, but not in all of them beat and rape women. I'm sure there's softcore porn that doesn't turn men into the beasts you say". I just didn't know what to say??? How could I prove him wrong next time?

All porn contributes to the idea of men being entitled to women’s bodies. It doesn’t have to be violent to create a lasting impact on its viewer. I would take a look at antiporn activist, one angry girl, Gail Dines, and Robert Jensen’s work. I have to say though, if he’s not willing to hear it now I have my doubts about you being effective by presenting him with evidence later. Good luck!


Top 10 coolest female movie  characters 

1.  Gogo Yubari

2.  Lady Snowblood 

3. Coffy 

4.  Gail


6.  Hammer girl 

7.  Lady Vengeance

8. Jen Yu

9. Foxy Brown 

10. Catwoman