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Just finished the Captain America serial

I liked it. It has nothing to do with anything Steve Rogers, but in that way it kind of reminds me of the concept behind “Justice League Gods and Monsters” a cartoon from a while back, like different people behind the names with different origins and different powers. Not sure how to explain this better than that. So if you take it as an AU, it’s pretty neat. And Grant Gardner is a better Cap than Steve is in the comics these days.

Side note now I want a “Justice League Gods and Monsters” version for Marvel. Just because I think it’s neat.

Also, Gail was a lovely lead, and honestly progressive, especially for the time. Like compare her to how Vicky Vale was treated in the 1949 Batman and Robin serial. Gail solves mysteries, tricks crooks, exposes the villain to Captain America, and guns crooks down. Cap even says that the city owes her more than it does him. And she worked with him from the start. She is hardcore.

So yeah, it was a fun little golden age serial. Tagging @lucrezianoin since it was your post told me it existed.

  • MARVEL: Uses Peggy Carter as love interest for first "Captain America” movie. Not Golden Girl. Not Gail Richards. Peggy Carter.
  • MARVEL: Has Steve flirt with Sharon Carter in second “Captain America” movie. At end, he considers asking her out and tells Black Widow so out loud.
  • MARVEL: In second “Avengers” movie, Steve’s whole arc is about not having a home, being a bit jealous of Clint’s family. He urges Bruce--again out loud--not to wait to make a move.
  • MARVEL: In third “Captain America” movie, he kisses Sharon Carter.

Re-Reading Ultimates 18.1 and I came across this page, it’s Thor mourning the death of his people and the fact that he had to kill his son.

STEVE: Thor, I know what you’re going through is-

THOR: Do you Captain? I was a god now I am fallen. My kingdom, my family destroyed. I struck down the last of my people… My only son.

And yeah well Ultimate Cap lost his whole life and almost everyone in it (he still has Bucky and Gail) but how can he possibly know the pain of killing his own…

Well damn…..

I wonder if Humphries had this in mind when he wrote that.

Here’s hoping Tony doesn’t have to kill his brain tumor son because he went evil.