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Jericho CD

So this is the playlist my sister and I created for the tv show Jericho. Some of the songs were actually used on the show, others are just ones that we think fit the series.

1. All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers - Not only the first song used in the show but also a great fit lyrics wise, the line “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” becoming a bit of a mantra towards the end when they’re all fighting for their town. I also love that it says “Is there room for one more son?” right when Jake is coming in to town on the train.

2. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - Obviously, the radioactivity from the nuclear bombs, but also more specific parallels such as even talking about prison buses, raising flags and revolution.

3. Winter Ghosts by JBM - A more eerie sounding one, talking about the storm coming after the blasts and later talking about the difficult winter that follows. The end talking about trying to comfort one another and fonder memories of “a life that ain’t coming back.”

4. Make A Move by Icon for Hire - This is a song more about the end of the series when Jennings and Rall is taking over and “trying to make it look like it’s all somehow getting better.” And its about how the townspeople of Jericho know something’s not right but “Everybody’s so scared, we don’t want to go there, we don’t want to make a move… I play along like I don’t know what’s going on.”

5. Fallen by Vib Gyor - This is a really hopeful song about when everything’s going wrong, the way the citizens of Jericho must feel, that they realize they have to just keep going with life, not give up. It can also be specifically about Jake with the lines “I won’t fall this time, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be right here by your side,” with his history of leaving.

6. Don’t Tread On Me by Kit & The Outlaws - Tribute to Johnston Green and his favorite flag. Good old rock and roll track.

7. The End Is Where We Begin by Thousand Foot Krutch - An Emily/Jake song. Beginning talks about how Jake has changed and then that the end of the world is where their relationship begins.

8. The Last Time by Taylor Swift featuring Gary Lightbody - Ok, I know some people don’t like Taylor, but hear me out, this is a GREAT song for Emily/Jake, it fits them perfectly. It’s two people with a painful history, the girl is tired of dealing with the guy who leaves and breaks her heart then comes back. It’s also got this really great guitar part in the middle that sounds very “Jericho.”

9. Feel Again by OneRepublic - This was our “happy song” for the cd the way there are random corny happy songs at chill moments in the show, haha, but it’s a good one. It can also be about Stanley/Mimi, about how both of them, specifically Mimi, have had a hard time in relationships but when they find each other, their hearts learn to feel again.

10. I Can Help by Billy Swan - An oldie but a goodie, this is Jake’s song. Everywhere he goes, the man is helping anybody and everybody.

11. Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg - Lyrics don’t really fit the show except talking about grey mornings and sirens, kinda hinting at disasters, but the sound is really good for Jericho, especially the guitar break in the middle.

12. 9 Crimes by Damien Rice - The saddest song on earth, the song that played when they found Mimi beat up and Bonnie dead. Sorry for the sad feels.

13. Kountry Gentlemen by Family Force 5 - Even though Kansas is technically in the Midwest, this funk rock song about guys from the South makes me think of when the guys (and girls) of Jericho are fighting off New Bern, protecting their land.

14. Ghost Towns by Radical Face - Another eerie song, this one about life in a new, broken world. “I’ve got no need for open roads ‘cause all I own fits on my back.” Can also be about Roger, Emily’s fiance, because he was sent out on his own with the other refugees and the song talks about, “I miss you but there’s no coming home with a name like mine.”

15. Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars - Song for Robert and Darcy Hawkins and their strained relationship. “Oh I don’t love you, but I always will.” Especially fitting is the man’s line, “You only know what I want you to,” and the woman’s reply, “I know everything you don’t want me to.”

16. Uprising by Muse - Song about the end of the series when everyone starts suspecting they are being fed lies and decide to stand up.

17. Taking Care Of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive - Another one that fits what we think of as the “sound” of Jericho, a song just about their everyday lives and getting things done.

18. This Is War by 30 Seconds to Mars - The pending revolution, the war to come.

19. The Jericho Suite by David Lawrence - 9 minute version of the score from the show.

Hope you like it! And feel motivated to share your own song ideas and make your own cds!

Morning warm up doodle of Madame Lefoux from Parasol Protectorate. I imagined her rather differently than what the manga portrayed. More handsome than cute.

Black Canary: Reading List

For those of you still in mourning over the death of Dinah Laurel Lance from the CW’s Arrow. I have some news, perhaps not new, but it is news. Dinah Laurel Lance lives on in DC Comics. Whether you purchase the books at your local shop, on Amazon or check them out from a local library here is a list of recommended graphic novels for all your Black Canary needs:

Chuck Dixon:

  • The Birds of Prey, vol 1
  • The Birds of Prey, vol 2

Gail Simone:

  • Birds of Prey, vol 1: Of Like Minds
  • Birds of Prey, vol 2: Sensei & Student
  • Birds of Prey, vol 3: Between Dark & Dawn
  • Birds of Prey, vol 4: The Battle Within
  • Birds of Prey, vol 5: Perfect Pitch
  • Birds of Prey, vol 6: Blood and Circuits
  • Birds of Prey, vol 7: Dead of Winter
  • Birds of Prey, vol 1: End Run (Brightest Day) 

Paul Dini:

  • Black Canary & Zatanna: Bloodspell

Dwayne McDuffie:

  • Justice League of America: The Second Coming
  • Justice League of America: The Injustice League
  • Justice League of America: Worlds Collide

J. Torres:

  • Green Arrow/Black Canary: Road to the Altar

Judd Winick:

  • Green Arrow/Black Canary: The Wedding Album
  • Green Arrow/Black Canary: Family Business

Brendan Fletcher

  • Black Canary, vol 1: Kicking and Screaming

That wraps up this list but if you need more great reads, be sure to check out Gail Simone’s Secret Six and Dwayne McDuffie’s Static. For those of you eager for Greg Rucka’s return to DC Comics. Be sure to check out Greg Rucka’s The Question & Gotham Central (and of course his Wonder Woman).


I miss this take on Dinah and Ollie - the one where she’s grown and moved past him and made her peace with everything. Of course she still loves him, because he did mean a lot to her, and they had been through a lot together. At the same time, she’d grown past it. She loved him, but she wasn’t in love with him anymore. It was great character development and a wonderful way for Dinah to kind of complete the journey that Gail Simone had started for her when she took over writing duties on Birds of Prey. No more being kidnapped, no more being gagged, one of the world’s finest martial artists, a superhero in her own right. She was the bad-ass she was always meant to be. 

And then the writers did away with all of it, because suddenly in Green Arrow/Black Canary, Dinah’s easily apprehended by a street thug and can’t find her way out of it. Dinah hasn’t been the same since then, no matter how much they change up continuity. It’s sad, because she’d finally realized her potential. She’d finally lived up to it, only to have it all taken away by people nostalgic for the past…none of which worked out well.

Merry Christmas, Mistletoe

“I expect the entire lawn to be cut evenly by the time your father comes home. Do you understand, Gail?” Before Gail can get a word in, her mother thrusts the object into her hands. Gail regards it cautiously, eyeing with certain disdain.

“A trimmer. You’ve given me a trimmer?”


“You have seen how big the lawn is, right? Where’s the lawn mower?” 

“Broken until your father can get around to fixing it.”

“Why can’t Nathan do it, he usually does the grass?” Gail wasn’t particularly fond of her neighbour, but in times such as now, she was wishing he would turn up as per usual to complete these tedious tasks. She knew exactly why he was running around desperate to help out, after all, as he was hoping his liaison with the Peck family would help kickstart a career in policing, something she also knew wouldn’t happen because of her parents perception of him. 

“Why do you think it’s broken, Gail? Now enough with these silly questions. We have company arriving tomorrow evening for dinner, so we need this lawn looking as perfect as can be. Think you can do that, sweetheart?”

“Yes mom.”

“Very well. It’s all plugged in, now on you go. Make sure to mind the plants now, darling.”


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You feel like you have a voice in this show. I have opinions and I get to talk to the writers about them and they listen. Not all my ideas are great. I once asked if I could wear a green wig and dance around like a robot and they said, ‘Absolutely not.’
—  Charlotte Sullivan (talking about Rookie Blue)