gail albert halaban


A few of my favourite photographs from the series ‘Out My Window’ by Gail Albert Halaban. I don’t advocate being a creep, but I am always so interested in what my neighbours are up to.

“In the Big Apple, also known as ‘the city that never sleeps,’ people spend each day aware of an invisible danger or threat that lurks behind the windows and walls of each of their neighbours  apartment. This is why Halaban collaborated with all the residents pictured in the series below, set up the lighting, and the shot, so as to unveil what goes on in the lives of the people you spend so much time in close, unknowing proximity of. The artist says the photos immortalise a “defining urban experience. Secretly becoming familiar with the neighbours’ most intimate moments.”


Hopper Redux, Gail Albert Halaban.

At first glance, Albert Halaban’s Hopper Redux series is simply a voyeuristic glance across an American street. However, the collection stands as a return journey to a place where the photographer had spent much of her childhood, in which the city is approached through Hopper’s objective eyes. — Aesthetica