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Hebrew slang of the day #46

Did him davka - Asa lo davka - עשה לו דווקא

A phrase meaning that person a did something even though person b would prefer they didn’t, usually against person b’s wishes after person a was told specifically not to do it. Basically, to do something out of spite and spite alone.


“He asked me to make him coffee, the sexist jerk, so I did him davka and put salt instead of sugar in it.”

“הוא ביקש ממני להכין לו קפה, הסקסיסט המגעיל, אז עשיתי לו דווקא ושמתי לו מלח במקום סוכר בפנים.”

Hebrew Slang of the day #47

White night - Laila lavan - לילה לבן

An all nighter.


“Have you heard the Get Down got cancelled?”

“Yeah, I’m so angry about it - I did a white night in order to watch it all over again.”

“שמעת שדה גט דאון בוטל?”

“כן, אני כל כך כועסת - עשיתי לילה לבן כדי לראות את הכל שוב.”


Top 10 coolest female movie  characters 

1.  Gogo Yubari

2.  Lady Snowblood 

3. Coffy 

4.  Gail


6.  Hammer girl 

7.  Lady Vengeance

8. Jen Yu

9. Foxy Brown 

10. Catwoman