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Nickname: mm i don’t really have a nickname but sometimes my dad calls me “Baba” haha
Height: 5′6″
Ethnicity: half filipino, half iranian :) 
Favourite fruit: nothing beats a ripe mango my dudes
Favourite season: fall and winter!!
Favourite books: hmmm two books i read recently that I liked were City on Fire and Mysterious Skin, but my ultimate favorite has to be To Kill a Mockingbird
Favourite flowers: i absolutely adore roses!! 
Favourite animal: ive always had a soft spot for piggies 
Favourite beverage: … coke zero
Favourite Fictional characters: lmaoo all of these are gonna be from video games jacob and evie frye from assassins creed, gaige from borderlands 2… stuff like that haha
Number of blankets you sleep with: one really thick comforter 
Dream trip: aaah the greek isles or maybe a backpacking trip through SE asia :) 
Blog created: uhh maybe late last year? But I only started using this blog in like…. april of this year
Number of Followers: 134 :D 

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A short story of how  Lingrimm and I are playing Borderlands 2

Zer0 (me) and Axton (Lins) accidentally cause each other to duel every time we play. A special pleasure is to do so in the middle of a battle with some creepy bandits when you’re trying to cover up your friend. Gaige (Grimm) only has to resign herself with this masculine idiocy %)