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“Unheard of for so many to step forward and greet a possible former enemy of the world. You have my acceptance. I only hope our future holds some meaning,” The bard’s words were spoken with gratitude, but he was already pondering over the mysteries that he could learn from so many unfamiliar faces.

I say it all the time and she’s gotten anonymous confessions before but Gaianflower is a wonderful Aerith roleplayer who not only brought all of us together but also dragged me into this fun.

If she hadn’t talked to me when I started out my shyness would have won over and I’d be a boring user on tumblr rather then a roleplayer. When I write my prompts I write Aerith like how she roleplays her. I’m proud to call her my wife IC and OOC. (We’re not married though. Just saying.) 

She is Aerith OOC too with all her part on bring us all together and how she adores flowers and helping others out.

As much as she hates when I say it she really is the best Aerith out there. –fairxtroublestarter

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I think that castle-prodigy-ienzo is both an amazing writer, and an incredible Ienzo. I find it incredibly impressive when somebody plays a minor character, and she has given so much body to Ienzo, too. She has made a character whom was not really featured in the game all too much really loveable and very fleshed out. I think that deserves all the praise and recognition possible.


» gaianflower

Kicking the stand, of his own motorcycle, Fenrir’s, down, the blond swordsman found himself to be in front of a church. This wasn’t a mere ordinary church, it was one of Cloud’s most favorable place to head to whenever he felt trouble or in distress. Whenever he felt solemn or the angst recurred in his mind, he would find himself to feel the need to return to the church. 

The entire aura of the church was calming and very inviting for the ex-SOLDIER. He always found himself at peace whenever he was alone, isolated with the flowerbed that surprisingly grew despite its own surroundings. 

Even if the church’s atmosphere was favorable for the black-clad male, he wasn’t able to feel completely happy with the burdens weighing heavily on his heart. The aches he felt whenever he reflected on the past mistakes he had made– the sins he committed. He was a failure, unable to save his own friends from their own death. 

And Cloud hated himself for that.

Taking a step forward, Cloud brought himself in front of the doors of the church. Taking in a small breath, Cloud pushed one of its large doors open, immediately taking in the fresh air and peaceful aura. He took it all in, letting the serene feeling seep in as he stepped through the wooden floor boards.

It was until his first step had been taken that Cloud’s eyes partially widened. Who was that all too familiar figure that often appeared in the swordsman’s memories? She seemed so distant– yet too familiar. He knew he had a good relation with her, since he was only overwhelmed with subtle positive feelings rather than sad ones. He felt relief wash over him after realizing who it was-

It was Aerith.

Though while some of us roleplay for different fandoms than others… gaianflower, soldierandscientist, knightofechoes, littlemarlenewallace, seidhmadr, xionthepuppet, virginiaxpepper and others I’m likely forgetting at this hour— all of you are my family. We’ve laughed and cried together both IC and OOC and you’ve put up with my shit a lot. You’re all wonderful, perfect people and the best friends and family I could ever have. I love you all so much, you beautiful writers of beautiful characters. I cannot even begin to go on about how much I adore each of your backstories and headcanons— that would take up too much time and space and you all know what I’m talking about anyway. -castle-prodigy-ienzo

  • ✗ expendable pride. says:
  • *RUDE
  • Aery ღ Charlotte says:
  • *|=
  • *Because he didn't want to beat up a little girl>
  • ✗ expendable pride. says:
  • *HE'S A TURK
  • Aery ღ Charlotte says:
  • *...Rude doesn't hit women. |=
  • ✗ expendable pride. says:
  • Aery ღ Charlotte says:
  • *> n > Why am I marrying you.

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“Whoooooaaaa….Where did y'all come from? It was pretty empty ‘round here just a while ago. Lost or somethin’?”