Bonus, in GIF format because we have the technology so why not 

I can’t believe these dorks are canon

I like to imagine that when their duties as the Avatar and the CEO of Future Industries require them to be apart for more than a few weeks, this is what their reunion would be like.

I think the time they spend apart is harder on Asami, since during the 3 years they were apart, she had a lot to deal with and not a lot of emotional support to lean on. Of course, Korra had more intense stuff to deal with, recovering from the poison and all that, but that means for Korra, the time she and Asami spent apart was time she spent recovering. While for Asami, it was just 3 years spent apart.

So yeah I think Asami would get very emotional at first when they have to be apart bc it reminds her of those 3 years and she would be so happy to see Korra again 

I Won’t Save You

Fanart for the amazing game Transistor by Supergiant games. While listening to the soundtrack the lines “I wont save you” from one of the songs really spoke to me. An interesting way to look at Red and her actions in the game. (not going too deep into it so not to spoil anything)

Pretty pleased with how this turned out, pretty much managed to do what I wanted to with the idea I had, so thats pretty cool :D

Can we just take a moment to discuss how well-realized of a character Kuvira is.

Her themes of wanting power and control are worked into her character so well. She often appears calm, collected, level-headed and on the verge of smiling whenever she knows she’s in control of the situation. And she makes sure she’s in control. With her demeanor, she almost weaponizes diplomacy. 

And she’s so calculating. I honestly believe she did love Baatar, and in the moment he radio’d her, she weighed his life against the strategic benefit of taking out Korra and her friends, and made the call. If you read her face, she does struggle with it, and after she fired the weapon, she needed a moment to collect herself. 

Again, this attitude is seen after the Beifongs take out her weapon. The moment she realizes it’s been disabled, it’s gone in her mind. She doesn’t care how long it took to develop or how it’s been so important in her conquest of the city, she instantly throws away the disabled weapon for a chance to take out the Beifongs.

And of course, it shows exceptionally well how she loses her cool the moment she feels like she’s losing control. 

So yes. Kuvira’s a horrible person, don’t get me wrong. But I love how well her character is written.

Also a shoutout to how good of a metal-bender she is. I mean, controlling the entire colossus, being able to sense the metal on Zhu-Li and the ability to feel people metal-bending? As much as Toph said she gives metal-benders a bad name, it’s hard to deny she’s one of the best.

Sorry for the rambling!

I have so many feelings over this show. Korra has grown so much since we first saw her. Watching the last episodes, I couldn’t help but feel proud. 

I didn’t realize how much I loved this franchise. 

I’ll concede that there are people who probably have perfectly good reasons not to like this show, but I’ll fight you if you claim it isn’t important.