The Patron Saint of Inspiration

In life, the Saint was said to have represented Generosity itself.

Ever selflessly, she inspired not only with her art, but with her very demeanour and way of life.

It is said that without her contribution, the Holy unity of The Six could have never been achieved.

Experts argue her inspiration transcended the mortal plane and touched goddesses.

To this day, many travel thousands of miles to lay eyes upon her effigy, the most grandiose of The Six.

Over the centuries, her name was lost to the course of time.

It is said that they who uncover her name will see a world beyond this one, a plane of boundless inspiration.

WIP-alistic! WIP-tastic! WIP-tacular! WIP-arooney!

Mostly for self-reference, so I have several stages of the process. I like looking at several stages of the process. I don’t know how much time I have invested in this at this point. I think close to 10 hours. Spend so much time on Spike’s face. And dem rocks…. dem rocks dude… Still gonna be tweaked majorly. So.. uhm… I guess this doesn’t reflect the quality of the final product? xD


Evening Flames Coverart timelapse video


Colourponies timelapse video