gaia was right

highlights of 4x08
  • niylah and harper <3 <3 gal pals
  • marper cuteness
  • jasper is so funny and honest why don’t more people listen to him
  • throwback to “whatever the hell we want” and DAY TRIP
  • also luna is right about everything always
  • raven standing up for emori!!!
  • sea mechanic is gonna rise
  • LMAO Roan coming in with the casual lean 
  • But honestly his little sigh at the prospect of a party #me
  • I mean honestly that’s what she should have done tbh but still
  • Oh nvm 
  • Gaia and Luna have the right idea man how many hints does the world have to give them before they all realize they’re not meant to survive 
  • My boy Monty!!! So smart!!! 
  • I feel like this is a National Treasure movie 
  • They found the bunker!! Jaha was right!!!

Samuel and Coque at Santuario Gaia
Samuel was rescued from the dairy industry by Gaia Sanctuary. He arrived at the sanctuary when he was just a few days old. Cows, as any other female mammals need to give birth in order to produce milk. They’re artificially inseminated to achieve continuous pregnancies and the subsequent milk production destined for human consumption. Right after giving birth babies are separated from their mothers and caged. This is to avoid them drinking the milk meant to be for humans. If the newborn is a male, he will be sent to the slaughter house within a week, whereas if she’s a female, she will be reared to join the production chain. Cows average lifespan is around 25 years, but when they’re exploited to the point of total exhaustion they’re sent for slaughter when they’re just 4 years old. There are plant-based alternatives to all animal products. Make the connection. Go vegan.

I hate everything about you (Part 1 of 2)

Pairings: Roan/ Reader

Warnings: Violence (lots of it), Blood, Hate, Sexual Situations. 

Request:  Roan and the reader being from skaikru. She stays in polis with O after Alie is destroyed and when O goes to help Gaia the reader bumps into roan and winds up in his chambers (based on the song I hate everything about you by three days grace?)

A/N: Here you go Anon, hope you enjoy the first part (yes i did find inspiration and turned it multi part) 


“Octavia we have to go” you hissed, not at all comforted by the reassuring look she threw your way. You could hear the sounds of shouts from down the corridors and the thundering pounding of feet.

They were looking for Gaia, and somehow you had found yourself one of the only people still around who were stupid enough to put yourself between the warriors of Azgeda and the girl who had stolen the flame from King Roan.

“Octavia” you snapped once more “get her on her feet. We have no more time”

“Alright” Octavia looked apologetically at Gaia. “Y/N’s right Gaia, we have to move and quickly. They can’t find us here”

Gaia got to her feet swaying a little with the effort of staying upright. The girl wasn’t looking so good, and it didn’t look like she was going to be able to keep up with the pace needed to get her out of the way. Octavia and you exchanged looks “We need a new plan O”

“I’m thinking” she insisted as the sound of shouting came even closer. “Wait” she went to the corner of the corridor listening closely “Y/N that’s not ice nation”

“What?” you went to listen as well leaving Gaia pressed up against the wall. “But Indra said…”

“I know what Indra said, but listen”

You did as Octavia asked. She might be right as the voices filtered through to your brain. You didn’t recognise any of the people shouting. “Looters” you guessed. Octavia turned with a small smile on her face, one that you recognised as not having any good consequences for those involved with it. “What are you plotting now O?”

“We can’t get Gaia out of here, not without being seen or being stopped”

“I know that” you hissed “that’s the big problem”

“What if we don’t get her out?” Octavia asked she placed a hand over your mouth to stop your next question “Think about it Y/N, what if Gaia loses the flame?”

“I’m not giving it up” Gaia instantly protested but you had started to catch on with Octavia’s plan. It was risky but hell it might just be the only choice you had left right now.

“We need a scape goat O” hand going to the sword resting on your right hip you griped the pommel. “Get Gaia out and hide that flame, I’ll find us a head to hang our problems on”

“Y/N, you don’t have to” Octavia protested “I can…”

“Indra trusts you more than me, for that matter so does Gaia. Take her Octavia”

The crashes from around the next corner put paid to anymore conversation as Octavia grabbed Gaia’s arm instructing her to lean on her as they moved down the corridor. Octavia stopped at the end turning to look at you, your eyes met as you pulled out the sword. She nodded at you once before vanishing leaving you standing before a suddenly swelling crowd of looters.


There were a lot of bodies on the floor in front of you, a lot of blood covering your hands, smeared over your arms and dripping from the tip of your sword forming a growing puddle on the floor. There was still shouting coming from other areas of Polis and you weren’t sure how much longer your luck was going to hold out and you would remain unfound.

Looking down at the floor you quickly checked the bodies, for this plan that you and Octavia had hurriedly put together you needed a scapegoat, a trophy head. With Octavia leading Gaia out of Polis that left you in charge of finding said head.

Taking a deep breath you knelt randomly beside one of the dead thieves. You couldn’t look at his face, couldn’t see features that only moments before had been alive. You quickly placed the blade of your sword against his neck and pushed. You weren’t squeamish as a rule, the blood covering you a testament to that. Sawing someone’s head off though was a new low even for you. The only way you got through it by humming in your head a nonsensical song your father used to sing to you at night, what felt like a lifetime ago on the ark. Once it was done you grabbed the hair of the head picking it up and getting to your feet just as the next pack of looters came charging around the corner into the corridor. The leader stopped dead upon seeing you stood there, sword in one hand and severed head in the other.

“Skaikru demon”

You weren’t about to hang around and find out exactly what this group of looters were planning on doing with a Skaikru demon so turning you ran.

It didn’t take long for you to get completely lost in the warren of corridors and rooms connecting Polis. You had never been to this section of the camp without Octavia to lead you and with the mass of shouting and pounding footsteps you were utterly lost.  

In your confusion unfortunately it seemed that you had managed to trap yourself. Shouting could be heard from in front of you and from behind you. You were effectively sandwiched between two groups of people who didn’t seem to be feeling particularly friendly towards you at the moment. There were only two options that you could see, stand and fight. A stupid notion when you were hopelessly outnumbered. The other was a small nondescript door just down the corridor on your left.

Taking option number two you grabbed the handle of the door praying it was unlocked. Luck apparently still favoured you as the door opened with little resistance. You tumbled through it slamming the door behind you and leaning against it breathing hard.

You looked around where you had found yourself. The room wasn’t large but more chambers came off this one. You could hear footsteps outside of the door yet none of them tried the handle of the one you were leaning against.

Still gripping the head and finally noticing the multitude of small cuts and abrasions on your body you moved to check the other rooms, needing to know if you were alone.

You stopped frozen only moments later because it seemed that your luck had finally deserted you and god had it chosen a bad time to do so. In front of you still dripping water from a very naked chest stood the King himself. Roan of Azgeda, the one man in the world who you both loved and hated equally at the same time.

He noticed you at about the same time, eyes first taking in the blood on your body following the trail down to the head still clutched in your hand. You followed his gaze down noticing for the first time that it had blonde hair. Not ice nation then.

“Your thief my king” your voice returned in a mocking tone as you threw the head down at his feet. You wouldn’t say it but you were relieved to not have to hold onto it anymore.


“The flame is gone. That is the culprit”

“The flame is gone?”


Roan didn’t seem overly inclined to believe you. Roan’s thoughts though weren’t your main worry at the moment. It seemed one of those minor cuts hadn’t been so minor because your eye sight was starting to blur around the edges in a dangerous way. Black spots dancing around the edge of your vision.  

You felt yourself suddenly sway alarmingly, arm reaching out to balance yourself against the wall, stopping you falling to the floor. Roan kicked the head out of the way coming to grab your elbows roughly. He took the sword you still held in one hand and dropped that down to the floor as well.


You thought the blood might be coming from a cut on your stomach. If you concentrated that was where the main source of pain seemed to be coming from.

“It’s my stomach” you hissed, pressing one hand against it, the minimal pressure caused you to gasp in pain. Yes, it was definitely the cut there that was the problem. “Shit” 

Somehow the wall had gone from your main source of support to a very minimal one. Roan was taking more and more of your weight as you wobbled dangerously.

“Y/N?” he tried again louder as he gently shook you.

It was no good though you weren’t going to manage to answer him. Your body was no longer under your command. You must have lost more blood than you thought because the blackness was moving from the edges of your vision to the middle. The last thing you heard was Roan’s curse as you passed out like some sort of helpless damsel in his arms.


You woke slowly, your brain felt coated in cotton wool and you were struggling to make your vision focus on any one specific place. It was like floating in clouds.

“So sleeping beauty awakens”

You turned your head at the sarcastic voice coming from the far side of where you were laying. If nothing else Roan’s ice blue eyes would always make your brain suddenly concentrate and the world snapped back into vision. You were laying in a bed, his bed your brain supplied. In a bedroom that wouldn’t have been out of place in an old world elegance novel, apart from the multitude of weapons laying around and mucky leather clothing.

Roan was sat lounging on a chair across from the bed looking over at you, he’d found a shirt since you passed out but you apparently had lost one because you could feel the cool touch of sheets on your naked skin.

“What happened?”

“You lost a lot of blood” his nonchalance was both worrying and frustrating. “Nothing that won’t heal”

You pushed up to your elbows happy that nothing in the room started to spin at the movement. You then realised that the sheet had moved with you displaying your naked breasts to Roan, you quickly grabbed it pulling it back up to cover you. Roan simply rose one eyebrow at you.

“Relax, after all I’ve seen everything you have before”

“I hate you” you hissed at his cocky smirk. “I truly hate you”

“No you don’t” he crossed over the room leaning down over you face so close to your own that you could feel his breath on your skin. “Where’s Octavia Y/N?”

“How should I know, I’ve been unconscious”

His hand came up to wrap around your throat squeezing dangerously. “Where is Octavia?” he repeated voice low. “Tell me Y/N”

Roan didn’t scare you though, he may incite many other different emotions in your body but fear was definitely not one of them.  “And what are you planning to do if I don’t?” you flicked your eyes down to the hand he had at your throat “are you going to hurt me Roan?”

“What’s the point” He snorted, disgusted taking his hand away as he sat down beside you “you’d like it if I did”

You sat up completely noticing the bandage on your stomach. He must have put it there, he wouldn’t have let anyone else into his rooms to undress and tend to you. If nothing else Roan was possessive and in your two’s twisted up relationship you had somehow ended up, in his mind at least, his.

You’d met Roan initially when Lexa was still alive and then again when he’d arrived in Arkadia with a bullet wound and desperate desire to help rid Polis of A.L.I.E, neither of those times had ended…well. In fact they had ended with you both naked and in bed together cursing each other for the whole episode. Roan was like a drug you were utterly addicted to. You knew he was bad for you, knew he wasn’t allowed and would probably get you killed but you just couldn’t stop taking hit after hit.  

“You bandaged me up?”

He grunted. “You brought me a head, you get that from finding said head?”

“Looters, they destroyed the flame Roan. He destroyed the flame”

“Even if we pretend I believe you, then where have Octavia and Indra vanished to?”

It was a question you couldn’t answer, even if you’d wanted to which you didn’t. So after your brain did a quick fire check of its choices you made probably the stupidest one. Leaning another inch forward you placed a hand on the back of Roan’s head and pulled, your lips met his and sparks exploded between the two of you.

Roan stiffened for a second before cursing and launching himself forward pushing you to your back underneath him.

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“Granted, these animals do not have all the desires we humans have; granted, they do not comprehend everything we humans comprehend; nevertheless, we and they do have some of the same desires and do comprehend some of the same things.The desires for food and water, shelter and companionship, freedom of movement and avoidance of pain? These desires are shared by nonhuman animals and human beings. As for comprehension: like humans, many nonhuman animals understand the world in which they live and move. Otherwise, they could not survive. So beneath the many differences, there is sameness. Like us, these animals embody the mystery and wonder of consciousness. Like us, they are not only in the world, they are aware of it. Like us they are the psychological centers of a life that is uniquely their own. In these fundamental respects humans stand “on all fours”, so to speak, with hogs and cows, chickens and turkeys.”
— Earthlings
Photographed by the wonderful Santuario Gaia Farm Sanctuary. (Please don’t remove the caption)

But has anyone discussed the Camps’ treatment of Nico after the war? I mean…

  • Everyone’s on the fence about Nico
  • Camp Jupiter’s still wary because he lied to them about being the Ambassador of Pluto and being Roman as opposed to Greek, but at the same time he helped heal the rift and Reyna approves of him, but nonetheless they still can’t forget the lie
  • And Camp Half-Blood knows he knew about the Romans but told no one, and that he lied to Percy about not knowing him, but at the same time he got their statue back, and was great
  • On top of all that, he’s the son of Hades and whilst Hazel’s the daughter of Pluto he’s so much more creepier because who actually has the power to control the dead
  • (And someone probably accidentally spread the fact that Nico had literally turned Bryce Lawrence into a ghost, like who in the name of Hades can do that??)
  • (It’s almost scarier than Percy when he gets fighting.)
  • So for the next few days, people are wary around him, particularly when Hazel leaves.
  • (Though no one misses the second hug that Reyna and Frank give him)
  • (Everyone in Camp Jupiter’s buzzing about the fact that Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano is hugging people, I mean, what’s the world coming to?)
  • Now, it’s just the whole of Camp Half-Blood scrutinising Nico, and aren’t they surprised?
  • Whilst they’re all cautious of him, they see the affection that the Seven and a few others shower him with (relatively) (it’s obvious he’s not a huge fan of public affection)
  • Jason’s hug makes them consider things, maybe a bit. I mean, he was one of the ones who killed Gaia, right? He can’t have that bad judgement.
  • And then Piper keeps bugging him about eating more (Hazel asked her to, but she probably would have done it anyway), and he does, and everyone’s wondering where the hell he keeps that food?
  • By this point everyone’s a bit more sure that he won’t get annoyed and turn the whole camp into a bunch of ghosts, but still, the guy’s creepy
  • The real change is mostly when people realise that Will ordered him to the infirmary instead of him just hanging out there for three days
  • And everyone wonders how someone who’s so scary can be ordered around by someone as mellow and normal as Will.
  • When everyone sees him teaching Cecil how to play Mythomagic and just being a giant dorky five year old about it (“That’s not how you do it”, “You’re such a moron, why the hell would you do that,” “Loser, I’m kicking your ass,” then they kind of question why they were ever terrified of him
  • (And then a monster finds its way too the borders of Camp Half-Blood and he pretty much melts it into the shadows and they’re just wonder if they should be scared of him or if they should cuddle him.)
  • (Honestly, this kid’s just switches between the terrifying son of Hades who can turn people to ghosts to that little dog that everyone can’t help but love.)
Baby Steps: Nightmares

There wasn’t a trace of light to find in the house. Everyone was, after all, asleep. Gajeel rather comfortably, while he was at it. Until, suddenly, his eyes shot open.

Someone was watching him.

“Wh- It’s just you,” he grumbled as, when he turned in his bed, he found his three year old standing there, in the doorway to his bedroom. “Baby. What are you doing?”

She came closer then, at his notice of her, rushing to his side of the bed.


“Of what?”


That got a growl from the slayer before he grumbled out something about getting into the bed then. Happy, as she’d gotten what she wanted, the little girl moved to climb right in, scaling him so that she could be in the center of the bed, between him and her mother.

“Now what are you scared of? Huh?” he asked as the little girl quickly got under the blankets and cuddled up to him. Gajeel just rolled over to face her with a frown. “Gaia?”

“Just scared.”

Grunt. Then, he said, “There ain’t nothin’ to be scared of and you know it. You got me around! How could anything ever get ya?”

“Mmmm…still scared.”

“Wha’s goin’ on?” Levy slurred from her side of the bed as she sat up some, rubbing at her eyes. “Gaj?”

“Nothing,” he told her. “Baby just had a bad dream or something. That’s all.”

“Not a baby,” Gaia complained as Levy just reached over to snuggle the girl closer to her.

“Stop whining,” her father said as he shut his eyes again. “And go to sleep. You ain’t scared anymore, right? So go to sleep.”

“Gajeel,” Levy complained as, regardless of his harsh tone, her daughter shifted out of her grasp to get closer to the man. “You could be a little more sympathetic.”

“Why?” he complained s Gaia snuggled against his chest to sleep. It was just way safer there. “There’s nothing wrong with her. And I’m tired. I have to get up and train in the morning. You hear that, baby?”

“Not a baby.”

Nuzzling his head against hers, he grumbled, “Shut up.”


“Shut up,” the three year old giggled back to him as Levy just shook her head and rolled onto her other side, giving them her back.

“You two are impossible,” she complained as Gajeel glared at the toddler, Gaia being oblivious to this (or rather enjoying it) as she patted at his face. “Honestly.”

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I think instead of investing in Dreams of Gaia right now, I’m going to get the Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild instead! About to go off to do 2 Starseed Expansion Spread readings! ♡

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If you're doing prompts, would you write some Percabeth post tartarus??? Maybe about what it was like seeing Percy's mom again? Maybe a Annabeth/Sally talk????

For you, my dear Nonny.

She woke up with a scream caught in her throat. Sweat clung to her, coating her feverish skin, plastering damp curls to her forehead and the nape of her neck. Her chest rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell, as her breathing slowed from its prior frantic, erratic pace. Annabeth forced her eyes open, almost afraid of what she would see, afraid of what would be waiting for her- or of what wouldn’t be. Darkness, it filled the room, but she could still make out the hazy shapes of a skateboard propped up against the wall, clothes spilling out of the hamper in the corner, the soft glow of the silver flowers in the windowsill, the arm draped over her waist.

Annabeth almost began to cry in relief. Home, well, as close to home as she could possibly be. She hesitated before lifting up Percy’s arm, moving it back onto the faded comforter which she slid out from underneath. She took a deep breath, wanting to laugh at the pure relief that flooded through her. He was there. He was with her. Together. She bent down to kiss his forehead, snorting at the small puddle of drool slowly forming on his pillow. She grabbed one of his hoodies off of the back of his door and tugged it on before quietly making her way into the hallway, shutting the dor behind her.

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Angel123: JUST PUBLISHED THE STORY!! It's called "Dreamer"! Enjoy the read! And tell me what you think. Hope I got it right.... :>

I left a review! It’s perfect! You got everything about Gaia right. Eeeeee, I’m blushing so hard. That moment between her and Don…HAH! And the kiss with Mikey, awwwww. ❤

Last week there was another truck accident. One of those trucks that carry animals to their horrible fate: the slaughterhouse. This time its passengers were 1,000 broiler chickens. 46 could be saved, and 30 of them are sleeping in Gaia Sanctuary right now. They have plenty of space, but they’ve chosen to sleep like this, all together.

Some neighbors from nearby houses took advantage of the accident and several chickens ended up in their hands. They just killed them right there and took their bodies home. The truck drivers did the same. They laughed at the activists. “We’re hungry too”. One of the neighbors snatched one of the rescue chickens from their hands, just like that. It was a nightmare.

Imagine how different things would have been if this truck had carried dogs. Imagine the petitions, the protests, the outrage, the tears, the judgment. But who cares about a broiler chicken. Or a thousand.

Tell me again how vegans are the extremist ones.