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Ctenofeds are a unique and complex organism found throughout the planet’s oceans. Though physiologically unique they in fact all come from the same mother. Ctenofeds are broken up into 5 “subspecies”.

(A)The Eurybia, (B)The Ceto, ©The Phorcys, (D)The Gaia and (E)The Pontus.

The outcome of any brood is not fixed. Temperature, location and diet of the larva play a vital role in the morphology and subsequently the specie of a Ctenofed

Gaia are all female and the only sexually reproductive member of the specie. She can lay up to a million microscopic eggs during a single laying season. They will be released into the waters and left to the whim of the currents. Gaias are veratious hunters. They exclusively feed on the other members of their genus aside from the Pontus. They are cabable of traveling between the 2 of the 3 levels of the ocean zones easily. The Ink well (deep ocean) being too cold for her.  Eggs that are incubated in the ocean surface(1) and upper levels of the twilight zone(2) will produce Gaia. Gaia are exclusively hatched during the warm water periods as this time offers a large amount of prey items for growth.

Pontus are the exclusively male counterpart to the Gaia. Reliant on warm currents pontus larva can only form in the ocean surface and need an omnivorous diet. Once formed They can swim between the ocean surface and upper levels of the twilight zone. While not parasitic, during the mating seasons, Pontus will latch onto their “brides.” This is to prevent other males from breeding with her.  

Not much is known about the behavior of the Phorcys, ceto or Eurybia.  Developing larva of the Phorcys and Ceto are solely found in the mid twilight to the deep inkwell levels of the ocean. While the Eurybia can be found throughout.  Ceto being most abundent in the inkwell zone, Phorcys in the twilight.

See Through My Eyes || AU

Gaia’d been blind her whole life. But she certainly didn’t have a bad life. The girl knew she was sheltered, but occasionally she was taken out into the town with her nurse.
(And…occasionally she snuck out to their vast yard during the night)
After she was born, her bet a part of her father broke because his daughter was blind. Then when her mother died, he turned into a completely different man.
She wasn’t a secret to the town, but townspeople usually never saw her. It was rumored she was very beautiful despite her eyes. She was made to wear a cloth blindfold like thing to keep her eyes hidden from people. She was told her eyes really made people feel uneasy.
Now, she’d been of courting age for years now, but her nurse pleaded for her father to wait before giving Gaia away. Now, at age seventeen, he had to start to let suitors in.
Gaia, well, she was afraid for change and rarely left her room. She avoided her father.
She didn’t want to be sent away, but she had to comply like a good daughter. @nosefornews