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A brand new pantheon I guess??????

So I made a new pantheon for my d&d setting, except I’m not going to have just ONE pantheon because apparently I am an asshole that needs to make everything Realistic™

We have the first five gods (I like to think of them as the First Generation Gods):
- Urania, the archetype of the Sky, especially at night. She is the most worshipped deity in the flying mechanical city of Urania (yeah, the city is named like the goddess. That’s how much they like her). Neutral Good.
- Gaia, the archetype of the Earth. Her wife may have an entire flying city named after her, but she has an ENTIRE PLANET. Get rekt, Urania. Lawful Good.
- Azera, the archetype of the Sea. He represents the sea and basically all of water. He’s Poseidon but with a bi son - no, scratch that, I forgot that Percy Jackson exists. Lawful Neutral.
- Imbri, the archetype of Fire. The Lord of Fire or, as I call him, the Problematic Child. Chaotic Evil, but his son is Good and also Gay As Fuck.
- Calliope, the Keeper of the Book, the Storyteller, and the proof that I am, indeed, Homestuck walking trash. True Neutral.

Then we have the Second Gen Deities, the children of Urania and Gaia and the evil offspring of Imbri and his right hand lol:
- Nemal, the Deity of Time. They keep the time go and kick the asses of those arcane spellcasters that think they can fuck with time and get away with it. Lawful Neutral.
- Rimene, the Deity of Love. They are not actually Urania and Gaia’s child, for they merely “spawned” the instant these two dorky lesbian overdeities fell in love (and since it was before Time came to be, they were pretty much always there? Who knows). Neutral Good, because Love Is A Good Person.
- Echidna, the Mother of Monsters. I downright stole this from Greek mythology but who cares? Not This Guy. She’s the mom of a bunch of monsters, like demons, devils and some dragons. Neutral Evil.
- Elessèra, the Goddess of Lightning. Pretty much Azula from ATLA. Lawful Evil.

Then we get to Third Gen, with a bunch of children from almost all the gods.
- Une and Mane, children of Urania and Gaia. Une is the God of the Sun, Mane the Goddess of the Moon. They are both Lawful Good and the Moon Is A Lesbian.
- Uriel is the last child of Urania and Gaia. They’re the First Dragon, the ancestor of all dragons. True Neutral.
- Kurìma is the Goddess of the Deep and of the Darkness, child of Nemal and… themselves, I guess? She lives in the Underdark. Lawful Neutral.
- Kae is the Deity of Death, offspring (maybe?) of Calliope with their sibling Ise. They are represented with both male and female features. They send crows to get the souls of the dead and bring them to the afterlife. True Neutral.
- Ise is Kae’s sibling, the Deity of Secrets and Magic. They appear either as a cloaked figure with no face or as a dark cloud. They live in the Library of Many Things, their plane where almost all of knowledge of the Multiverse is stored. True Neutral, as their sibling and (supposed) mother.
- Ifae is the God of Wind, Storm, Chaos and Dance. He’s the son of Azera and an unknown member of the Fair Folk. He loves messing with mortals and is especially worshipped by sailors. Chaotic Good.
- Manasse is the son of Imbri. He represents the good, protective side of Fire. I imagined him more or less like Hestia from the Greek mythology, a quiet, young deity that’s always ignored. Neutral Good (family gatherings are kinda awkward for him).

Here, it’s almost over:
- Rakka the Necromancer is yet another Problematic Child. Son of Kae, the God of Death, said “fuck you” to their parent and decided to be the God of Undeath. He’s basically the emo cousin. Chaotic Evil.
- Amon, the Seer, is the son of Ise. Gifted with the power of prophecy, he’s blind. Basically Sapphire from Steven Universe. Lawful Neutral
- Èa the War-Mage is, as the name says, a War-Mage. She is kind of a minor deity so nobody cares about her. Chaotic Neutral.
- Aerreo, the Traitor, Hesva, the Terror, and Irane, the Tyrant, are the three children of Echidna. Aerreo is a Chaotic Evil fuckboy, Hesva is a very terrifying Neutral Evil goddess and Irane is the Lawful Evil High Femme of the three.

And now we get to the first mortals!!!!!!!!
- Uriel and an unknown lady had Savossa the Unburnt, the First of the Dragonkin. This True Neutral lady was quite the badass, her dragon parent being literally the First Dragon. Her descendants were all Dragonkins, and their dragon blood is still strong, even after thousands of years.
- Kurìma eventually became bored, living in the Underdark and separated from all the drama shit of her godly family, so she made Iokkur, the Stone-Shaper, the First of Dwarves. I considered giving him the title of the Stoner, but I guess it wasn’t really a Lawful Good title.
- Ìlima was the daughter of Amon and an unknown person. Gifted with the paper of prophecy by her godly parent, she always saw the future, but never submitted to it, being Chaotic Good. For that the First of Elves became known as the Doombender.
- Thalassa (“sea” in Greek) was created directly by Azera, the archetype of the Sea, and thus she was given the title of Sea-Born (creative, I know). She was the First of the Merfolk. As her father/creator, she was Lawful Neutral.
- Manasse, God of Fire, and Ifae, God of Wind, had a couple of twins (if you want to ask the logistic of their birth, the answer is Magic). Those twins were Essra, the War-Queen, the First of Orcs (Chaotic Neutral) and Lumen, the Dawnbringer, the First of Humans (Neutral Good). Then Elessèra cursed humans and orcs, and while orcs became the wicked race that now are, humans managed to keep their godly spark intact and broke the curse. However, after that, some humans shrinked in size, becoming the halflings.

Special mentions:
- among the children of Echidna were Demons and Devils alike. While Demons inhabit the Endless Abyss, Devils live in Hell. Among Devils, there were ten very powerful beings, the Archdevils. Each Archdevil had assigned a particular pocket dimension in Hell. One of them, however, fell in love with a wizard, a follower of Rimene, and redeemed himself. I don’t have a name for neither of them, but the Archdevil is known as the Redeemed and the wizard as the Lover and became lesser gods.
- the Fair Folk Is, and therefore Always Were. They are not gods - they do not possess the spark of imagination nor the power of creation - but they are very, very powerful. They live in the Feywilds, and are basically assholes that kidnap mortals to keep them as pets/ornamental plants/furniture/slaves just because they can. Like I said, assholes. Ifae is a good boy tho. Gnomes are their offspring.

Ctenofeds are a unique and complex organism found throughout the planet’s oceans. Though physiologically unique they in fact all come from the same mother. Ctenofeds are broken up into 5 “subspecies”.

(A)The Eurybia, (B)The Ceto, ©The Phorcys, (D)The Gaia and (E)The Pontus.

The outcome of any brood is not fixed. Temperature, location and diet of the larva play a vital role in the morphology and subsequently the specie of a Ctenofed

Gaia are all female and the only sexually reproductive member of the specie. She can lay up to a million microscopic eggs during a single laying season. They will be released into the waters and left to the whim of the currents. Gaias are veratious hunters. They exclusively feed on the other members of their genus aside from the Pontus. They are cabable of traveling between the 2 of the 3 levels of the ocean zones easily. The Ink well (deep ocean) being too cold for her.  Eggs that are incubated in the ocean surface(1) and upper levels of the twilight zone(2) will produce Gaia. Gaia are exclusively hatched during the warm water periods as this time offers a large amount of prey items for growth.

Pontus are the exclusively male counterpart to the Gaia. Reliant on warm currents pontus larva can only form in the ocean surface and need an omnivorous diet. Once formed They can swim between the ocean surface and upper levels of the twilight zone. While not parasitic, during the mating seasons, Pontus will latch onto their “brides.” This is to prevent other males from breeding with her.  

Not much is known about the behavior of the Phorcys, ceto or Eurybia.  Developing larva of the Phorcys and Ceto are solely found in the mid twilight to the deep inkwell levels of the ocean. While the Eurybia can be found throughout.  Ceto being most abundent in the inkwell zone, Phorcys in the twilight.

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I can't help but be bothered by the fact that it HAD to be Roan calling Clarke out. Couldn't have it be Indra/Gaia, because it'd be written off as irrational or too angry. Nah, it HAD to be the white guy, who is basically their L equivalent now as the "reasonable" grounder.

I’m not even trying to joke right now, but historically white audiences understand messages like the one that Roan delivered tonight better when they are delivered by white people. So if Gaia or Indra had delivered the speech, it’s likely that it would not have resonated as much as it did with the audience/fandom. 

It also helps that Roan was just on Clarke’s said last episode, which makes his turn around more obvious. 

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4, 39, 63 + Ares, Gaia :D

4. What is your favourite word?

I have two!

бытие - (bee-tee-yeh) which has no direct translation into English (a word for it), but it basically means meaningful existence.

переподвыподверт (peh-ree-pod-vee-pod-vert) which again has no one word of meaning but translates to something done in an incomprehensible way.

39. What type of music do you like?

I’ve answered this before in a different post, but I like metal and classical music.

63. Which is cooler: dinosaurs or dragons?

Definitely dragons! Dragons still exist!

Ares: What small things make you angry?

Papercuts, book covers that are creased or ripped, broken book spines, the use of real Russian Cyrillic letters to make the title of something, like a book or film poster, instantly look Russian. Hell na. You may think that ЯED OCTOBEЯ looks cool and Russian but what it says to me is yaed octobeya. IT’S TIME TO STOP.

Gaia: Where’s your favourite place in the world?

My room, away from the bullshit of life.

i wish gaia’d get in serious legal shit for ripping off everything. they used to say they couldnt reference a series with items unless they had permission obviously like they had plenty of items from series that they officially were allowed to recreate

but now they legit rip any and everything off under the protection of parody law :^^^/ that money they make stealing everything but adding a minor twist is the only thing keeping gaia funded u know and it never sits well with me like they rip off not super well off series and probably make more profits than they do for their new releases than that series is currently getting

I saw this circulating simblr, and I just had to contribute to its circulation throughout tumblr.

If I were a month I’d be December 

If I were a day of the week I’d be Friday (basically because the weekend starts)

If I were a planet I’d be Earth (Unless of course, you consider the moon an appropriate response.)

If I were a god or goddess I’d be Gaia (A goddess relating to the moon or Earth, would certainly be most suitable, thank you.)

If I were a sea animal I’d be a Sea Turtle 

If I were a piece of furniture I’d be a Bookshelf (it seems appropriate for a bibliophile.)

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Zack was still curled up in bed, his eyes closed as he grumbled lightly. His eyes shot opened suddenly, quickly getting out of bed, rushing to the nearest bathroom.

He almost didn’t make it as he hunched over, vomiting, arms around the toilet bowl. After he was done, so so he thought, he mumbled “ D-Dear Gaia..“ He was suddenly vomiting again, his arms moving around his stomach, not knowing what was going on.