gai shenanigans

I haven’t watched a single second of Yuri!!! on!!! Ice!! !? (because my schedule has yet to allow it), but I’m fascinated by what information i’ve gathered in the field.

  • Cute chubby boy with big brown eyes but also he’s not chubby?
  • Russian man with silver pinterest hair
  • angry preteen 
    • that’s the main squad
  • They chill in hot springs and anime balls?! 
  • Russian man has floppy dog that is sometimes a plushy?
    • I think Russian man might be a Magical Girl™
  • He’s also very concerned for Doe Eyes lips because I’ve seen like seventy gifsets of him rubbing his lips.  Which is great teamwork because no one wants to look like Leonardo DiCaprio from the Revenant 
  • Angry preteen is less than thrilled with how exposed he is to the gay shenanigans.  He’s like a bitter Armin Arlert.  The Alanis Morissette of anime.
  • Doe Eyes gets a sexy black leotard to match his pretty black hair, which is now slicked back (Regina George voice: Cady, doesn’t he look good with his bangs pushed back like that?)
  • He also told the press that he takes pipe from Russian man on the daily and everyone is like “Hmmmm, yes, this is good information for figure skating”
  • They hold hands
  • and hug
  • and they almost kissed I think but it was a Tease™ and ended up in a head butt. But also Doe Eyes licked his lips at him and Russian man nutted 

Listen, I’m just a dude surfing the web, but this show has made me the investigative journalist of sports anime. I hope you all get to see a blowie happen on ice, because that doesn’t even seem that farfetched for this show.

Another reason everyone hates the SMH team

they sometimes descend upon Annie’s en masse after practice having NOT showered and taking up all the space, and since Annie’s has horrible air circulation because it’s an old-as-balls building, the stench starts to fester. 

source: me, a student currently in a small coffee shop with a bunch of athletes from my uni who COULD HAVE EASILY JUST SHOWERED AT THE ATHLETIC CENTRE DAMMIT 


Based on this post.


I’d like to apologize in advance. That is all. -Hj


“Hey, Fentoe-jam!”

Danny jerked upright; he’d nearly nodded off right into his mashed potatoes.

Dash slammed his empty tray on the table next to Danny, giving him a wicked smirk. “Naptime’s over at the preschool, baby boy. You sure you’re in the right place?”

“Go away, Dash,” Danny mumbled, digging half-heartedly at his food. He felt like crap. The ghosts had been on a five-night harrassment spree, and until someone fixed the portal door, there was no end in sight. He probably looked like, crap, too.

“What’s with you,” Dash said, staring at him. “You’re even pastier than usual!

A crowd started to gather; the usual buzzards that liked to suck up to Dash every chance they got. Danny poked at his food and wished he’d gotten lunch detention with Tuck and Sam.

“You trying for the goth girl? Gross!”

They were getting into it now. Danny refused to look up.

“You look dead, creep!”

“Ha!” Someone called out. “Danny Fenton? More like Danny Phantom!

The entire cafeteria went dead silent.

Danny stiffened. He glanced around at the faces, slowly going pale, putting two and two together. Dash’s eyes widened. Paulina let out a little gasp. Danny’s sleep-deprived brain reeled between laughing it off and outright denial.

It was too late.

Suddenly, without a doubt, everyone there knew why the resident ghost had chosen his name. A ripple of shuffling feet and terrified glances swept through the crowd; and they’d been mocking the source.

“So…” someone else ventured finally. “Does that mean Fenton’s gay?”

That someone got an elbow in the gut. “Shut up, man! You know it’s not gay if he’s dead.”

A general murmur of agreement went up from the teens. They shuffled off in twos and threes, muttering excitedly; this would be all over the school before fourth period. Paulina gave Danny a dirty look and stalked away. Dash slapped him on the back and swaggered off.

Danny stared after them, baffled. What… exactly had just happened? Danny Fenton. Danny Phantom. Wasn’t gay if he was…

The sleep-deprived fog cleared. Oh. Oh. Crud.

By the end of the day everyone in Casper High would hear about Phantom’s supposed human boyfriend.

He dropped his head back on the table and groaned.

this photo is amazing for several reasons allow me to demonstrate:

Oswald is a beautiful birb shaking hands with a comrade.

Ed is his gorgeous first husband of Gotham (and is also wondering why this guy is taking so long shaking his husband’s hand AHEM)

-looks into the camera like he’s on The Office- Butch is done with their gay shenanigans and cannot believe that he, a heterosexual, is being denied a seat in the car (or like… at least a skateboard tied to the back?)

“I didn’t think you were interested in Mothman.”

“Mothman is my boyfriend.”

Yesterday I was feeling pretty lousy, so I spent the evening re-reading New Digs, a delightful College AU fic by SilenceoftheLlamas. This exchange in chapter 5 made me laugh, so I decided to draw it. ^_^