gaho: 4minute

Do you see how disposable girl groups are? Do you see now why it’s so important to stan girl groups. A boy group comes out with one good song and they gain a whole fandom, a girl group has 3 popular songs within a year and people listen to them religiously but don’t actually support them and it’s bs. Stan girl groups. Support their cute concepts. Get hype over their sexy concepts. Don’t assume everything they do is for attention. Don’t declare war on them for looking at a male idol. GIRLS NEED TO SUPPORT GIRLS EVERYWHERE


We have lost so many groups because people don’t support them and sleep on their debuts and comebacks. These ladies are constantly releasing bops and have intense choreo and are immensely talented and yet people judge them as unworthy of their attention. Please support girl groups, whether that’s by voting for them, buying physical copies of their album or digital or even just streaming and sharing their MVs. I’m not talking about just the popular groups, I’m talking about severely underrated female idols who deserve respect. We need to make it a goal to give girls a chance and give them the support they need and that goes beyond just “oh I’m sorry they disbanded” we can do better.

Please Stan girl groups or at least support the the best you can. Please

After School doesn’t deserve this. f(x) doesn’t deserve this. SNSD doesn’t deserve this. Kara doesn’t deserve this. Rainbow doesn’t deserve this. Rania doesn’t deserve this. Spica doesn’t deserve this. Stellar doesn’t deserve this. T-ARA doesn’t deserve this. The Wonder Girls don’t deserve this. 2NE1 doesn’t deserve this. 4Minute doesn’t deserve this. 9Muses doesn’t deserve this.

Girl groups don’t deserve this.

“girlgroups always do the same concept” in every 7 seconds of this video there’s a different girlgroup doing a different concept


4Minute - Crazy                                      Girls Generation - I Got Boy

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake                  Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely  

WJSN - Secret                                         2NE1 - I’m The Best

T-ara - Sugar Free                                  I.O.I - Very Very Very

GFriend - Navillera                                  Dreamcatcher - Chase me

Fiestar - Mirror                                         MAMAMOO- 1cm (Taller than You)

AOA - Like a Cat                                      Exid - Up & Down

F(X) - Red Light                                       BlackPink - Playing With Fire

LABOUM - Journey To Atlantis                 Twice - TT

Oh My Girl - Closer  

Sistar - I Like That