gahhhh he did great for this

Rhaegar during the Great Meet-Up
  • *is off in GoT Heaven*
  • Rhaegar: Okay. Dany. Meeting Jaehaerys. Okay okay.
  • Rhaegar: oh fuck did she just ask him...
  • Rhaegar: He said NO?!?
  • Rhaegar: Dany I see those heart-eyes you know incest has not been a great thing for our family
  • Rhaegar: GAHHHH
  • Lyanna: Stop being a whiny little bitch, Rhae
Imagine Poe Coming Back From A Mission Just In Time To See Your Child Be Born

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“I’m here! I’m here!” Poe rushed into the med bay still in full flight gear, where you were already on the table, looking in excruciating pain and with a look on your face that could kill.

“Oh, now you decide to finally show up!” you yelled angrily. “You’d think the guy who did this to me in the first place would place a little more importance on- AHHHH!” Poe rushed to our side, instantly taking your hand as another contraction hit.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m here now. You’re doing great. Keep going, you’re doing great,” he said encouragingly. He still smiled as your gripped his hand hard enough to nearly break it.

“When this is over,” you glared at him, “I swear to God, I’ll kill you and we are never doing this ag- GAHHHH!”

“I know, I know,” he said, but he was so proud of you and so happy, he couldn’t stop smiling, “but you’re doing so good. I’m here now. I’m gonna be right here, okay?”

You nodded, though didn’t recant your promise to rip his manhood out later…probably.

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