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Rating: explicit 

Ship: bokuakakurotsuki

Words: 6754

Chapters: 1/2 

tw: disassociation, panic attacks


Bokuto is obsessive.

He knows this. He knows he’s loud, and clingy, and always in their faces.

He knows. But he can’t stop. He loves them, after all.

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H2OVanoss- 7  Minuets 

A slight nsfw inspired by watch-and-learn-kid and her amazingly beautiful 7 Minuets fic. 


H2OVanoss- "You know, we don’t have to actually do anything in here. It’s just a game.“"I know. But you know they’ll know we didn’t.“Evan shrugged and pulled the doors to with a small click. "Then we can just kiss. No big deal."Jonathan took a deep breath and cracked his knuckles, "Do you really want to? I mean, I’ve never even kissed a guy.” “I haven’t kiss a guy either. Not a legit kiss, anyway.” Evan rocked on his feet in the roomy closet.“Okay.” Jonathan laughed nervously. “I don’t know what to do."Evan smiled in the dark and moved a little closer. "Just be still.”

w/ shitty background and transparent 

I’m back! with some slight nsfw art and mhmm I’m sick so -0-! //Leaves this here and walks away to do more art//

For depornable ! Hope you like it. I hope it looks good? I am sick as ye know so I don’t know if it’s okay. Also and sorry Sam if this isn’t how you imagined your fic, I tried but not on the background tbh I didn’t know what to do on it. I tried. 

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Idk whether this has been talked about before (recent-ish follower here) but?? Get Out And Stay Out from 9 to 5 is LITERALLY the Trina Anthem we all deserve?


“Get out and stay out, I’ve finally had enough
Don’t kiss me on your way out, it wouldn’t move me much
You used me, abused me, you cheated and you lied
So get out and stay out, I’m taking back my life.”

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right?? ?? idk man fucking jamie just refuses to give russ any attention and it’s infuriating. i hope they read the comments on like insta and whatever because maybe then they’ll see how much everyone’s clamoring for russ and give him some more screen time in the next video; that’s the only way i could see them be willing to him a bit more of the spotlight unfortunately :/

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The best thing about the Harry Potter series is how real it is. JK Rowling knows that you don’t have to be an adult to deal with very adult problems. 

The reason Potter spoke to me as a child was that it didn’t coddle me the way the other books written for my age group did, and it didn’t need to be gritty or edgy to be scary or sad.

The pain of fighting with a friend, or not fitting in at school, or the death of a loved one… I know that pain, most readers do. 

People teasing me for reading and writing about a “children’s book”, but Potter helped me grow up and grow more as a person than any other story or influence in my life- and yet still, every time I revisit Potter and the grounds of Hogwarts, I feel like a kid again. 

It’s that duality of the magic and the reality that makes the series so powerful to so many people. It’s that duality that’s going to make this series last for a very long time.


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