gahh i just have a lot of feels

baekbias replied to your post “So I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship this summer and I just…”

I get it! If you feel like you’re in a better place and more appreciated by the friends you have now then I totally get why you’d want to leave you’re other group. Friendships go two ways, if they’re not putting the effort in then it’ll never work!

Gahh thank you so much dear! The thing is right now, I think I’m just giving myself a break. I still care a lot and yes I agree, friendships go two ways. I just think that maybe our values of friendships are different, so I don’t want to be the selfish one needing things. A friend from the same group almost broke up the friendship this summer too. I think they show that they care differently and maybe it’s just maybe I told myself to believe that, I don’t know. But urgh, it’s just so dear you can’t let go so easily.