Can we talk about how great the Fresh Off The Boat episode was though? Like
-the gay couple looking for a house
-the kid playing the Dora Lee game said something like “equal pay for equal work. you can have it all, women.”
-the white kids finally not bothering Eddie about his asian food

Clark & Lex Graphic per Episode - Metamorphosis 
Clark: Who told you?
Lana: Lex Luthor. Dropped some bread crumbs, and I followed the trail. I’m glad he did Clark. He was just being a good friend. You’re lucky. That’s rare.
Clark: Lex is definitely one of a kind.

just watched a let’s play where someone made fun of victoria, I didn’t realize (and am delightfully surprised) that if you made fun of victoria we find out max hasn’t posted the photo (yet?)

there’s only three save slots so i won’t go over the files i have now but it sounds like that could be an interesting decision path because more victoria/max conflict. when the five episodes are out and i’m finished with my files now i’ll probably go back and try that decision out (by that point I’ll probably learn the differences via internet but still) it’d be really cool

anonymous asked:

GAH! I LOVE Piccolo! I'm only about 40 episodes in, but i really melt every time Gohan tells Piccolo he's family, and when Piccolo saved Gohan and told him he was his first friend I about died (living a green dad appreciation life!) I also pretty much loved Vegeta immediately lol, he's such a tiny, bitter, unintentionally humorous character, I can't wait to see him start getting attached to everyone else and Bulma!

Oh you’re gonna love Vegeta later on then if you like him now. It’s so funny to see him trying to interact with the human world while still maintaining his bitter Saiyin attitude. And even though his relationship with his kids is more distant than Goku’s relationship with his family, there’s still tons of adorable moments and you can tell he really cares.

And oh my god Gohan and Piccolo. GOHAN AND PICCOLO. There’s a reason people call him Gohan’s green dad and it only gets better. Even after Gohan grows up he and Piccolo still have this awesome relationship and Piccolo constantly talks about how Gohan taught him how to love and it’s sooooo cute and heartwarming.