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Imagine Pietro Taking You To Bed When You Fall Asleep On The Couch

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Pietro was a living ball of energy, some people tended to forget.

That night, something was keeping him awake; something was bothering him and preventing him from sleeping. Upon investigation, he found the source of his problem. There was a small light on the dash of the electric panel on his floor letting him know his living room light was still on. Curiously, he sped off down the hall, skidding when he reached the plushy carpeting of the room. The TV and lights were all still on, and he let a tiny smile tug at his lips when he saw it.

You were huddled into your sweatshirt on his couch, right where he left you. You two had been watching a movie, and even though he was tired, you had wanted to finish it, so he allowed you to stay as long as you said you would shut everything off when you were done. This, however, was much cuter in his mind.

Pietro shut off the TV and lights, and then carefully took you up in his arms, being careful not to disturb you. He was just as gentle with your sleeping form as he brought you back to your own room, trying not to jostle you too much as he jetted up the two flights of stairs between your floors. Then, slower than he’d ever admit, he set you down on your bed and tucked the blankets up to your chin.

“Sweet dreams, Y/N,” he whispered, daring only a brief kiss to your forehead.

He was glad to hear the next morning that you did, in fact, sleep well.

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