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Week 11! My apologies if I missed a fic this week! I was getting multiple notifications when things were being reblogged from certain people and it really crowded my activity. So, if you don’t see a fic here, I’m so so sorry. If you’d like to me read it, send it to me via message and I will get it read and added to next weeks Read It Wednesday. Also, I decided against adding gif drabbles from smut day in here, just to save the space. 

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Communications Book // Park Chanyeol  x Reader Soulmate!AU

Hello, reader! This is my first time writing any kpop fanfiction and it’s my first time writing a soulmate!AU, so I apologize if it’s kinda awkward! Hope you enjoy!

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(Gif isn’t mine!)

Word Count: 2394

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Jeno as a Boyfriend~!

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Jeno as a Boyfriend~!:

-I know i’ve said this many times




-how ya meet ;3



-I see Jeno doing the cheesy cheese thing when meeting you





-yes he’d spill his ice cream on you and like

-“oh sh-i’m so sorry”

-polite Jeno comes out

-while you’re jacket is ruined

-you got a new number added to your phone (because he needs to text you when your jacket is back from the drycleaners :3)

-very bland, I know

-but I see Jeno as a boy who wouldn’t want to be like “omg guys i met the person of my dream like this blah blah”

-he’s more of a like “yeah we met it was gucci”



-Jeno would be the type of dude to wait and see if he truly likes you instead of rushing into something that he might regret


-ah Jenooo

-Jeno would be such an amazing boyfriend

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Here are some thoughts on the TLJ trailer and the panel that probably no one is going to care about anyway, but meh. 

I sure as heck didn’t expect to see an unmasked Kylo in the trailer or on a poster. I was bracing myself for Super Duper Evul Kylo, but we didn’t really get that (I mean, I guess it could be arguable, but that’s not the impression I got). But we’re at least going to avoid a whole lot of annoying af discourse, thank God. The scar isn’t too bad, but I didn’t expect it to be, and I honestly was never concerned about it either. (I admit it, I kind of rolled my eyes at people’s comments about them being worried about it being bigger than a paper cut, and that’s all due to me still believing TLJ is going to be Kylo Ren’s Pain Train) It is true Kylo seems pretty vulnerable and almost sad on the poster, compared to a much more sinister-looking Luke. Someone who hasn’t seen TFA could almost believe Kylo is a good guy and Luke a villain, lol.

- As for Kylo’s shattered mask (because it’s clearly Kylo’s with the metal strips and all, and not Vader’s)… if that isn’t huge, in your face foreshadowing of his redemption, then I don’t know what the heck it is. Well, you could say it’s hinting that he’s going to die, but for me, that’s a VERY unlikely possbility. Interesting we also hear Vader’s breathing in the background: it kind of reminds me of a theory going around that Vader and/or Kylo’s helmet are Dark Side artefacts that influence the person who possesses them to go Dark Side (Sith holocrons, anyone?).

- Yeah, totally a library in the tree. Whoever found out that the book a (gloved) hand is touching at some point is the Journal of the Whills had me squeeing out loud. Thank you, you made my day (among other things)!

- Straight after Rey says “Balance”, someone whispers “It’s so much bigger”. Who is the one saying that? Luke? Kylo? 

- I’ll just scream it with everyone else: GREY JEDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

- To me, Kylo is the one saying “I only know one truth”. It sounds more like Adam’s voice than Mark’s. I mean, the trailer just happens to coincidentially show Kylo’s face at the same time. As for that shot… I think it’s happening in the present, and it’s not a flashback of Whatever-Happened-At-The-Let’s-Not-Call-It-An-Academy? 

- I’ve seen a theory going around that whatever is burning behind Kylo is the Ahch-To tree, in which there’s the shelf of books seen in the trailer. My theory right now is that Kylo needs to find Luke’s hiding place because he needs to “retrieve” something from it (in TFA, he’s pretty dead set on finding the map, while Snoke and Hux are just “Aw, just destroy the thing, who cares), so that leaves me wondering: what if he burned the Force tree in order for whatever knowledge it has not to fall across the wrong hands? Especially with the shot of the Millennium Falcon getting chased by X-Wings and the possibility the FO might come to Ahch-To… JUST THEORIZING. 

- Also, if Kylo wants the end of the Jedi like Vader, why does Luke want that too, and why are they on separate sides? Or more generally, what is Kylo’s motivation? BECAUSE HONESTLY THE DUDE IS A WALKING MYSTERY BOX GAH


- Speaking of the panel itself: I squealed when Daisy talked about meeting your hero and them not being the way you expect them to be. Rey and Luke are not going to get along well. I called it.

- So according to an interview with John Boyega (can’t find the link) later today, Rose is a Finn fangirl?  It’s cute. But that pretty much debunks Rose betraying Finn according to what (false) leakers have been saying? But when John talked about choices Finn will have to make - either fighting for the Resistance and finding his place within it, or keep running from the First Order - that leads me to think: will Finn be forced to make a terrible decision? Potentially being a hero but falling in the hands of the FO? Or running away and leaving the Resistance helpless? Especially in front of Rose’s eyes? 

It could be interesting: Finn is, according to Maz, a man who wants to run. He finally stands up in the end of TFA by facing Kylo Ren, while being fully aware that he doesn’t stand a chance against him, but all that to give Rey an opportunity to run away to safety. Behind-the-scenes pictures imply that he has a confrontation with Phasma at some point in TLJ… so I think Finn will be forced to face his worst fears. And he’ll do the right thing, but that will throw him back into his worst nightmare. 

Now… considering Rian Johnson described Rose as a bit of an “everywoman” who gets thrown in the middle of an adventure she didn’t ask for, I wonder if after Finn getting captured, she’ll do anything to save him. THAT would be awesome. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but I might have other things to say later.

GOT7 reaction to their s/o being shy about their natural yaeba

Hi! May I get GOT7 reactions to their S/O being shy of her one natural yaeba (八重歯 in Japanese― Yes, English isn’t my mother language so I’m not sure how to say it in English, I’m so sorry😭) because whenever she smiles that one tooth will always pops out? Thanks🐰🐰

Don’t worry, anon! I understood! :3 

To those of you not familiar with what yaeba is. It’s when your teeth, usually your canine’s sort of stick out a little bit. Usually when you smile they’re really noticeable. It’s pretty adorable.They’re sort of like fangs in a way? Super cute man. If you watch anime you may have noticed some character may have prominent little like teeth? That’s basically yaeba. 


Originally posted by wangpxppy

JB would be super nonchalant about it to the point where he’d barely notice your little tooth sticking out whenever you smiled. However, when he noticed you getting shy he’d give you a little grin as he glanced down at you. “Why are you getting shy?” he’d ask, he totally didn’t understand what there was to be shy about. He’d lean forward, placing a kiss on your forward and a gentle pat on your head. “You’re cute, y/n.” 


Originally posted by tuanpumpkins

Mark found most things you did were pretty damn cute. Whenever you’d smile and your little tooth popped up Mark wouldn’t be able to stop grinning. He’d just sort of lean forward and poke at your cheek, moving down to your height and tilting his head to the side. “I love it when you get so shy whenever you smile, y/n,” he’d say, he thought you were adorable whenever you did that and thought your natural yaeba was really adorable. 


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“But, but why can you only do the cute thing, don’t I look cute too?” asked Jackson as he smiled over at you. He poked at his cheeks and tried to act adorable for you to make you feel less shy. As soon as you smiled you caught him off guard and he couldn’t help but squeal out at how cute you were. He smacked his cheek to wake himself up as he looked over at you. “I’m dreaming, why are you so cute, gah, y/n,” he said, being super dramatic. 


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Jinyoung would just smile whenever you got shy and he’d try to playfully tease you. “Aww, you’re blushing, y/n,” he’d say, before reaching his hand out to grab yours and giving you a genuine smile. He couldn’t help his reaction whenever you got shy, he just had to mess with you just a bit. “You shouldn’t be so shy when you smile, I think you look adorable whenever your tooth sticks out,” he said, nodding his head up and down. “It’s what makes you unique and special, y/n.” 


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Youngjae would just sort of squeal and yell out whenever you got all shy. He thought it was the cutest thing you could possibly due especially with your tooth sticking out adorably like it did. He’d clench his hands and wiggle them around as he looked over at you. “It’s illegal to be that cute! Stop, y/n. I can’t handle it,” he’d groan, hiding away from you. “This totally isn’t fair you could get me to do anything with that adorable smile.” 


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“Who’s got the cutest s/o in this world? This guy!” yelled out BamBam as he walked around you noticing how shy you were while you tried to hide your smile. He’d just grab your hand and tug it away, giving you a wide grin and squishing your cheeks together. “You’re like a cute little bunny, y/n. You shouldn’t be so shy about it, I love it,” he’d say, leaning in to give you a brief kiss as he went on to brag about how cute he thought you were. 


Originally posted by chattyang

Yugyeom would just start to laugh as soon as you got all shy and tried to hide away from him. He’d throw his arms around you and hug you tightly all the while smiling at your reaction. He kind of liked it when you got all shy because of your yaeba. “Noo, why are you getting shy and hiding away from me?” he’d ask, peering down towards you and pulling away just so he could see you. “Don’t be so shy about your smile, y/n. It’s one of the things I love about you.” 

Thanks for reading everyone and thanks for the request anon, it was fun and different to do <3 

✩ Indigo 

B.A.P Party World Tour Washington D.C. Boom

Hey everyone! I got to see B.A.P again yesterday in D.C. and I wanted to share some little snippets of what happened at the concert.

- They had so much fun using water guns and spraying the crowd with water

- YONGGUK IS A FREAKING CUTIE OH MY GAH. How can he be so cute and sexy at the same time?

- Yongguk’s chest tattoo is hella fine

-Yongguk blessed us by lifting his shirt up, revealing his abs. 

- Yongguk lost a lot of weight.

- Our leader looks so happy to be performing on stage


- During the hi-touch, Himchan looked deeply into each fans’ eyes. His eyes really conveyed that he is so thankful for all of BABYz coming to see them.

- Himchan really radiated “I love you. Thank you” vibes and my heart raced seeing him up close. He also seem to be in a really good condition. There was no hint of him being in pain or hurting from his rib fracture. 

- Daehyun borrowed the DJ’s headphones and pretended he was the DJ haha

- Daehyun lost so much weight. He has a really small face

- I bought the Photo Op package and I beelined towards Daehyun. He put his hands on my shoulder because I sorority squat down and I was afraid my flower crown would cover his face. He’s actually the perfect height for me. 5′10″ of handsome Daehyun. 


- After the photo op, I turned around and waved while saying “Thank you!”. He smiled, whispered back a thank you, and did a small wave while maintaing eye contact. he has this half eye smile face going on i’m so emotional right now.

- I can never forget this moment with Daehyun. Just being inches away from him and looking at him into his eyes. 

- Daehyun really has an amazing range of vocals. His high notes are no joke and he can belt them out really easily.

- Youngjae is a literally cutie. HE LOOKS SO SO SO SO DAMN GOOD

- Youngjae got soft hands

- Youngjae is just a silly bundle of cuteness. He knows how to hype the crowd up

-Youngjae also expressed his thanks to fans so many times. I can really feel his deep love and gratitude towards fans.

- Jongup’s body rolls saved me…and his hip thrust…and his dancing … and his singing


- Jongup received some roses from fans and he was happy and shy receiving them.

- Jongup literally exuded confidence at the high touch. I was smitten just looking at him. He even exuded so much confidence on stage that he grabbed my attention the entire night

- Zelo sang in English… and let me tell y’all, I am so proud of the maknae.

-Zelo is tall y’all. Very tall.

- Zelo was the member who got to pick a fan for this concert. HE PICKED THE FAN THAT SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME. HE EVEN LOOK DIRECTLY AT ME TO HELP HIM GET HER. (cause I have a huge flower crown on my head. I attracted a lot of their attention haha.)

-Zelo picked that fan because he really like her sleeve tattoos. The gift to the fan was him recording the both of them on a camcorder and he was calling her beautiful and interacting with her. 

- B.A.P are freaking trolls haha. They make it seem like the “last song” was really the last song and kept saying bye and thank you and i love you… and then three minutes later they would come back out on stage. I hate them lol. They did this twice. Fans were about to leave and then the fans ran back inside haha.

-I should have known they like doing this type of thing. They did the same thing when they were at the venue before.

-B.A.P also taught the fan’s a dance to dance along with them. They’re dorks.I love them.

I had the time of my life there and it’s still not to late to buy tickets to go to their concert. I really recommend buying the photo op package. Go do it guys!

part four

Note from Tornrose24: Trimaxion (who wrote this) over at fan fiction dot net wrote this out when we discussed a ‘what if’ AAU for ‘From fathoms below’ (as written under the name HolyMaiden24). The one shot she wrote where is whole thing started can be found here :

parts 1, 2, and 3 can be found on my page

Nodding, Edith slipped free and proceeded to remove the bracelet. She stopped, though, when she remembered just how naked she would be once she did, and that the cape would only cover so much.

“This is going to sound silly, but could you… could you let me get up there first?” She pointed towards the ledge where her dress lay, “So I can put that on right after? I wont have anything on but my bra when I change back and I… it’s just that…the capes wet and clinging to me now and….”

Krupp’s spine straightened immediately. The heat around his cheeks returned with a vengeance as he spun himself around, mostly to keep her from seeing his blush, and made agreeable noises.

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seapancake  asked:

hmmm I typed a previous ask but im,, , unsure if it sent LMAO but here's a prompt!!! klance (lightly) arguing about the correct ways to do things: tying shoelaces, cereal or milk poured first, wet toothbrushe or apply toothpaste, etc

I’ve never written Klance before :O I hope you like it! This was a cute and funny prompt :D


“You’re doing it wrong, you gotta pull one of the loopies out of the other.”

“What?” a kneeling Keith looked up at Lance.

“You know, the loopies! When you tie your shoe,” Lance made ovular motions with his fingers in the hair.

“Oh,” Keith looked back down at his shoe and finished tying it before standing up, “I just use a different kind of knot, it’s more secure.”

“Your loss,” Lance responded with a shrug.

~ * ~

“That’s disgusting,” Lance wrinkled his nose at Keith.

Keith looked up from his bowl of cereal.

“What is it now, Lance.”

“You put the milk in first! What kind of monster are you?”

Keith shot Pidge a glance but she only shrugged in response.

“He’s got a point.”

Keith frowned, “This is how I’ve always done it.”

“Well it’s wrong,” Lance responded. “Here, let me show you…”

Before he could demonstrate with his own bowl of cereal, Keith snatched his breakfast from the table and left the room.

“No thanks.”

Lance’s gasp was audible as Keith exited the room.

~ * ~

“What are you doing?”

Keith struggled to keep his voice steady.

“What is it, Lance?”

Lance plucked the butter knife out of Keith’s hand and stole his bread as well.

“You have to put peanut butter on both sides and then jelly on top. It doesn’t taste as good if you do one half peanut butter and the other half jelly.”

Keith groaned and stormed out of the room.

“What about your sandwich?” Lance yelled after him.

“Damn the sandwich,” Keith muttered.

~ * ~

“Keith, to your right!”

“I know how to fly my lion!” Keith roared. “And frankly I’m sick of you constantly correcting me. You need to-”

A blast from the green lion saved Keith from a head-on collision with an asteroid.

“You know what? That’s enough of this!” Pidge yelled over the intercoms.

“Pidge-” Shiro started.

“No! I am tired of listening to them. Lance, you need to learn how to flirt with boys. You’re doing it wrong.”

Keith felt his face heat up.

“And Keith, stop being an oblivious dolt!”

Neither paladin responded.

“Do you boys understand?” she questioned fiercely.

“Yes ma'am!” Both Keith and Lance shouted.

“Good. Now let’s finish this.”

~ * ~

Keith looked over his shoulder at Hunk who sighed and finally left the room. He returned his gaze to Lance.

“So…,” Lance started.

“That’s your idea of flirting?” Keith offered.

“Gah! Why would Pidge say that!” Lance covered his face with his palms.

Keith hesitated before stepping forward and gently prying Lance’s hands off of his beautiful face.

“Maybe she was right…”


Keith’s ears were hot, but the fact that Lance had a cute blush spread across his cheeks made him smile.

“If you can’t flirt than maybe I should…,” Keith said, “Hey baby are you from outer space?”

“Because my ass is out of this world?” Lance laughed.

Keith shook his head, “Because you light up my world like the sun.”

“That’s not how that goes,” Lance said softly.

“But did it work?” the butterflies in Keith’s stomach went wild.

Lance didn’t respond, at least not verbally. Instead, he leaned in to kiss Keith, and the kiss was wonderful.

Honest Mistake (Part 2) - Mercy76

I had so many requests that I write more and, well, I did. So thank you to everyone who requested more. As I like how this ends, I will not be continuing this one. But please subscribe and stayed tuned for more Mercy76 fics! I’ll be writing more!

Part 1:


She wasn’t sure why, but Fareeha insisted that Genji come along. She also hated that she was forced to sit upfront with Jesse. Why couldn’t she ride in the back with Jack and Fay? No, instead Fareeha thought it would be a grand idea to sit Genji in the middle and Jack directly behind Jesse. Doing this allowed Fay the opportunity to text Angela the entire drive.

Srsly, Jack? Of all people, Jack.

She glanced down at her phone and rolled her eyes. Picking it up, she texted back: Yes, Jack. I like Jack. He’s nice. Why don’t you approve?

Not a minute later, she had a return text: He’s so old! Old enough to be my dad! Ewww!

With a groan, she wrote back: He’s not that much older. And besides, I don’t care. If he makes me laugh and smile, isn’t that all that matters? He… he makes me feel complete.

A kick came to the back of her seat and then another text: Fine, fine. But the sex! I’m worried about the sex!

Angela blushed at that text: Do I even want to ask :scaredemoji:

She snorted: But he’ll need to take Viagra. There’s no way he can get it up and keep it up at that age. He’s, what… gotta be pushing 70?!

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Prom starters
  • Send one for my muses reaction to yours saying this to them or send a ❀ for me to randomly generate one for my muse to say to yours!
  • 1. “ you want to go to prom with me?”
  • 2. “Prom? Sure I’ll go with you!”
  • 3. “Sorry....Someone else...already asked me,”
  • 4. “Who wants to go to prom anyway? It’s stupid and a waste of money,”
  • 5. “We can go to prom as friends, It’ll be fun,”
  • 6. “So we can each buy our own ticket....How should we get there?”
  • 7. “Are you going to wear a dress?”
  • 8. “Are you going to wear a tuxedo?”
  • 9. “What all do you need for prom anyway? Gah this is so confusing!”
  • 10. “So who are you taking to prom? Anyone cute?”
  • 11. “Do you know what the theme for this years prom will be?”
  • 12. “Prom committee has been so much fun!”
  • 13. “School dances are always lame, why bother?”
  • 14. “Can’t we just stay at my place?We can watch movies or something.”
  • 15. “I’m not going to prom alone, It would be lame,”
  • 16. “This invitation says I have to wear a dress/tuxedo. This is stupid!”
  • 17. “What the fuck is a corsage?”
  • 18. “So...Whats our budget on this stuff again?”
  • 19. “You don’t have a date...I don’t have a date...So let’s just go together,”
  • 20. “Do I have to wear this tuxedo/dress?”