gah too many people to tag

I kinda don’t get how people are happily (happily. Hah) part of so many fandoms at one time… like, I can’t watch any other shows without feeling guilty about my main fandom, as if I’m being disloyal or something and immediately have to rectify the situation by rewatching that show even as I’m trying to watch a new show… and gah I don’t even have time for all this like how do you guys manage it?!

anonymous asked:

can u recommend me any blogs of ereri authors

Hey there, anon! Sorry I’m just getting around to this now. And oh golly. There are so many brilliant writers, heh. Ummm where do I even start… okay, yeah, I know I’m definitely going to forget people, but I shall at least try to make a list. 

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Andddd… yeah I’m definitely forgetting people, gah, but hopefully that’s a good start. :) I’ve got a massive ‘Ereri’ tag, too. It tends to be more art than fic, but if you’re interested in wandering through, there’s lots of prettiness there, as well.