gah too many people to tag

i was tagged by the lovely @jenniferjuni-per

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A - Age: 37

B - Birthplace: in the mountains of n. ca

C - Current Time: 2:03pm

D - Drink You Last Had: water

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: it’s not really easy for me to talk to many people, thanks to my crippling fear of rejection. probably @diegocassians, because it’s fun to start conversations with OKAY BUT CONSIDER THIS, or FOR MAXIMUM ANGST POTENTIAL

F - Favorite Song: gah, too many to name. I LOVE MUSIC, OKAY, I LOVE IT! i guess a song that i would consider a theme song that i always stop and listen to whenever it comes on is famous last words by my chemical romance.

G - Grossest Memory: mm, i don’t know that i have very many gross memories? 

H - Horror Yes or Horror No: nope, nope, nope. got traumatized at a young age because my mom made me watch scary movies, so i can’t do it anymore. horror is not my bag, baby.

I - In Love?: haaaaahahahahaha

J - Jealous of People?: oh yes

L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: only if you are diego luna lmao

M - Middle Name: michel - and that’s MICHAEL, not MICHELLE

N - Number of Siblings: that i count as family? two younger half-brothers

O - One Wish: to be happy

P - Person You Called Last: uh … 

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: noooo idea

R - Reason to Smile: haven’t found anything to make me smile today

S - Song You Sang Last: king of wishful thinking, which i listened to last night on an 80′s playlist on spotify

T - Time You Woke Up: 5:40am because i went to bed early and i woke up in pain. again at 6-something, and 7-something, and finally at 8:45 when my alarm went off.

U - Underwear Colour: pink and white with cupcakes all over them

V - Vacation Destination: literally no idea. i want to go everywhere.

W - Worst Habit: staying up later than I should

X - X-rays: yup. and ultrasounds, too

Y - Your favourite food: chocolate

Z - Zodiac Sign: cancer