gah this was so hard


C: And you beat me when we do uh… what’s that called?

J: Head?  


“Where words fail, music speaks.” - H.C. Andersen

❄❄❄ Merry Christmas, @zerograviga​ !  ❄❄❄
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New resolution: get better at being on tumblr a little bit each day (like 30 mins) instead of for 6 hours one day and then neglect blogging for a week.

Seriously, it’s like my brain is like “ahhh I can’t get on tumblr because I don’t have hours to devote to creating posts, talking, everything!!” Idk. I guess I sort of get sucked into one activity or task and sometimes that’s good, but in the case of tumbling maybe not 😂


Roughing It
Nine x Rose Cottage AU for gallifreyslostson (happy birthday wife <3)

The Doctor takes Rose for a weekend getaway in the mountains.  What he thinks is a slightly rustic cottage in the secluded woods turns out to be a more of a drafty shack with no heat, electricity, or indoor plumbing.  They make the best of it with a marshmallow war, sunrise snuggles, breakfast in bed, and a whole lot of shagging.

cosmic-artz  asked:

The way u draw Matt makes me really happy and smile. Thank u for u and ur beautiful artwork 👌💙

GAH im so happy ive always had a hard time drawing matt his beautiful face made me struggle skjdbfjfj but gosh tysm!!!

ooc.  whEW so i’ve been trying super hard to emphasize that activity will be scarce because of school—-   & i dunno even tho i say that i still feel  guilty  for not being on??  i was actually way too active on this blog  &  my grades are actually falling…  so i will be spending my next upcoming break catching up  &  coming on only at night when i’ve been productive enough lol…

tl;dr  on hiatus b/c school,  until end of may at the latest.