gah this is so new to me

💣 Before, when Damian was new to the Manor, Bruce’s bedroom door was always locked. Damian told himself he did not care. He could get in other ways. 

He didn’t know why he checked the lock every day. 

Everything about caspars new video is amazing. Just like.. the fact that he had the opportunity to meet Robbie Williams and the fact that he wanted to share this opportunity with Joe?? Just makes me so happy?? And Joe was actually so sh00k it was hilarious??

Don’t even get me started on the way Caspar sat Joe down and just asked him how his day was, and they sounded so soft with each other?? The heart eyes were STRONG in this. Not gonna lie, i actually started crying at one point because this was such an adorable and nice prank? I love them so much. I’m glad they were able to do this.



Guys. That’s my crabby face today on the right. And the biggest reason I should not be crabby on the left. I’m wearing shorts in January. Thank you, Texas winter.

Here are other reasons I should not be crabby today:
1. I have a very promising job lead. One interview yesterday, and another one in the works.
2. I had a GREAT check in with Sab today. One of those where she sends me a photo from 8 weeks ago and I’m like - gah, I’ve made so much progress!
3. I bought edible glitter for the new cupcake recipe I’m making up tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what my taste testers think.
4. I’ve been running and I mostly feel good.
5. I’m going to Toronto next week for a few days, then meeting my parents, Tiff and Scott in Florida. Thanks to my current sabbatical from work for giving me time to see my long distance boyfriend and my friends/family all in one week and in two different places.
6. Yes, I did mention long distance relationship. More on that some time, maybe. He’s great, though.
7. Tacos. Because, always tacos.

Good things, y'all.

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Oh man oh man OH MAN I just read "The World Opened With You" from your latest list and now I'm freaking tearing up at work lol (don't worry, it's my break). That was so beautifully written and emotional and just GAH MY HEART.. Thanks so much for leading me to that fic!

No problem! I love that fic SOOOOO much, it’s one of my new all time favourites 💙💙💙

Currently watching classic beauty and the beast to prepare for tomorrow

And I have to say, the music in the new one is significantly more epic than in the old. Not to say I don’t love the music in the old, the new just makes me feel so much more, and it’s so much more expansive and beautiful and gah I’m so excited for tomorrow


Qs + Crossdressing

kyuchikos-scissors  asked:

gaH i love your art so much!! your new comic made me cry it's so beautiful ;; i would reblog if my blog had spoilers but since i can't, i'll send an ask to show my appreciation instead <33 beautiful work ~!

Thank you for the message!! ;v; hnn I may keep every art-related (encouraging and complimenting) asks I get, I am very grateful for those!! When I get a bit unsure about my drawings I feel I’d feel very happy from these! Must keepsake.

this drawing is also a bit spoiler-ish too, but seeing my kaede drawing from this morning getting good responses made me want to draw her again like this/// I hope you like it!!

Again, thank you for reading my comic!! ;v; I literally spent hours making it, and it makes me happy to hear you found it to your liking!! I am grateful for your appreciation and your ask, have a nice day!

For those of you who reblogged and tagged my drawings I love you all too;; please know that you all have my love I just can’t- reply back as well compared to when things are in an ask format ;v; but I appreciate appreciate good comments..!

Dating Chanyeol would be like...

just-another-fandomite said:Also, sorry these messages are so freakin long, but could I please request a kind of dark yoongi/agust d moodboard (his agust d hair has me forever deceased, but so does his new black and blue hair ahhHHHH) if that’s okay? And could I please also request a “what it would be like to date” bullet point imagine thing with Chanyeol? 💙

Yas boo, here’s your moodboard and here’s the imagine ^J^ 

  • when you’re with this dude
  • he’ll always be your sunshine and keep things light and happy
  • Him playing his guitar and singing you a lullaby
  • him wearing those dorky, nerdy glasses
  • gah my heart
  • being that 100% supportive bf
  • like he gets tickets to everything you do and is always enthusiastically cheering you on
  • if he cant come see you he’ll get someone to tape it and then send you a reaction of it
  • so relatable
  • having Baekhyun third wheel
  • sometimes you wonder if you’re really dating Chanyeol or Baekhyun
  • they’re like a package man, you get one and the other comes for free
  • you might have to save them from Suho’s wrath once in a while, just fyi
  • pool parties
  • like with the whole gang
  • y’all are just having fun splashing each other and playing games
  • Chanyeol in swim trunks tho 👀
  • Him texting you all the time
  • also skype sessions
  • and facetiming bc wow he missed you and your face and your voice
  • sleeping in on the weekend
  • Chan probably prefers being the big spoon
  • but once in a while you can be the big spoon and he’ll mentally squeal like a fangirl
  • he  a d o r e s  any kind of attention from you
  • cuddles, going on dates, just laughing together over something stupid
  • he loves it all
  • him composing music for you
  • Chan playing the drums and just kind of showing off when y’all go to the arcade
  • its cute when he shows off bc he gets a little nervous and really wants you to be proud
  • i think he might mom you a little
  • “did you eat” “are you hungry” “did you get enough sleep” “did you take your medication”
  • “^_^ Yay! I’m glad! <3333”
  • Being over zealous and using 5984615498198498 emojis in his texting
  • when he first meets you
  • wowowo he’ll be nervous
  • poor little puppy will be a trainwreck
  • bc wow youre so pretty??? and cute??? 
  • when he warms up to you 
  • you’ll find he’s mischievous but also so happy and excitable
  • you’ll be so lucky to score Park Chanyeol as a significant other
  • bc wow what a sweetheart omg



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Gah i read your rant and omg YES YES YES like i appreciate different people bringing different perspectives to the table, but it's so nice to see someone who has the same opinion as me that can communicate it so well. aaaaaaaaa thanks ❤❤ i honestly could go on a rant of my own about how much i loved your rant but there's only so many characters tumblr will allow me to use in one msg lol but basically, thank you ❤❤❤

Waaahhh, thank you so much!! I’m glad to know we share the same opinion in this area and that you thought I wrote about it well - that’s the part I was most worried about truth be told ^ ^

ON THE ROOF.      my stomach stopped killing me an hour ago and my emotions are finally on a manageable, level playing field so i’m here, and i owe so many replies, and i want to post a new permanent starter call tonight… gah. also, the biggest, nicest s/o to @tcnebrism and anyone else that let me ramble for just being wildly understanding and not kicking me aside when i needed to get things off my chest. i’m so grateful to anyone that lends an ear when i need one ❤️

owenselliot  asked:

gah your rhodes/reese fic gave me all the feels :))) can you please do another for them for #27?

Aaaw thanks so much ♥️♥️

Anyway, here’s your request :)

#23: “Okay so maybe we’re both lost. But at least we can look at the lights?”


So the ride there was fine, they assessed the patient and deemed him perfect for the heart back at med. The patient would be arriving by ambulance the following morning.

A young guy got a new heart and she got to spend an afternoon with none other than Dr Connor Rhodes.

A perfect outcome.


“Do you think we were meant to turn left there?” his voice interrupted her thoughts.

She signed, “Yes. Yes we were.”

“I’m sure we could just follow this road until it turns left again right?” she wasn’t looking at him, but she knew he sliding down his seat, the expression of a child caught with his hand in the sweet jar on his face.

She shook her head, deciding not to comment on her boyfriend’s decisions.

“See,” he said, “we’re right on tra- WATCH OUT.”

A tree in the middle of the road. Of course.

And of course, they crashed directly into it.

“Seriously Connor? Seriously?” his only response was to bang his head against the steering wheel.

“Okay,” she said, determined to not be the chick who can’t handle cars, “let’s see what the damage is.”

Reese only took one look at the car before picking up her phone, “That’s it. I’m calling Choi to come pick us up.”

Before Rhodes could respond Reese had already arranged it.

Now they just had to survive in some random off the beaten truck road for an hour or two until Choi (no doubt laughing) would arrive.

Rhodes walked over to Reese and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Look up,” he whispered.

She smiled when she did.


Littered over the skyline, no city light pollution to cover them.

“Wow,” she whispered as he nuzzled into her neck.

“Come on,” he said leading her to the car. They both say on the hood, leaning against each other.

“So maybe we’re both lost. But at least we can look at the lights?”

She smiled and nuzzled into him, “Sure.”

And that was how Choi found them roughly an hour later.

Staring up the stars, he couldn’t help but feel their heads were somewhere up there too.


Hope you liked it :)

If you would like a funny imagine with this prompt, just request again :) for some reason I felt like writing cheesy fluff for this one though…

Feel free to request, I have a prompt list or you could just send in a scenario with a character :)

I write for the Chicago Series, all D.C. CW shows and a bunch of bands and book series (a full list is somewhere on my page)

Thanks for reading :)

Are There Lesbians? Yes

What Happens?
A new, all-encompassing love story from the author of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Strange the Dreamer is first and foremost the story of a dreamer and a dream. Orphan Monk-turned-Librarian Lazlo Strange has spent his entire life dreaming of the fabled city of Weep. When his dreams turn to reality in the form of a man known as “Godslayer” and his cohort, Strange will begin to unravel mysteries many never even considered.

The Verdict:
What can I say about this book other than Laini Taylor has me hook line and sinker! It completely lives up to the rich world and characters that she has in her previous series - Daughter of Smoke and Bone. If anything, the novel is even better, embellished with the bright images of a dream world disconnected from our own universe.

A few spoilers below the cut, but nothing too telling!

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