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i think its fair to say most of the fandom have come to terms with the fact that bechloe ain’t ever gonna be canon but i s2g if they force another hetero romance with beca and some new guy after they’ve just ditched jesse it will be the biggest middle finger towards this fandom which for the most part doubles up as the fandom who are genuinely invested in the franchise

Hello! Sorry it took so long, but here’s your drawing. I had to the Tom one, especially since The Fall got renewed! It’s not perfect, but I hope you like it anyway. Here’s hoping you have lots of run-ins with Colin in London! :) Let me know if the image didn’t attach, I’m quite awful at this sort of thing.

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You thrive off making sure youre so different and Indie and not like the typical girl. You crave the attention from being different. "Instead of buying purses, I buy film." Gah shut up. You try way to hard. Seriously who does the fake freckles.

It’s so exhausting being myself.